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In front of Quinn and Blaine stood Santana Lopez. She was wearing an extremely tight fitting Dolce & Gabbana shocking red dress that finished just below the ass. On her feet were an expensive pair of Christian Dior stilettos, and her hair had its extensions in...as usual. To complete her outfit, she also had a clipboard in her hand and was wearing a headset. "Where have you to been?"

"Sorry Santana." Quinn started to apologize. "I had a slight emergency at home." But Santana wasn't paying attention she had already started to walk away, placing her hand to her headset and mumbling more instructions.

"I don't care, is Brit ready yet?" She said into the headset as Blaine and Quinn walked quickly to keep up with the Latina. "What do you mean she can't find her gloves? Tell her to check if they are on her hands." Santana waited for the person on the other end to respond, before smiling and nodding. "They were there, good. Get back to me in five." Santana stopped walking.

"So have things been hectic?" Blaine asked as Santana started to check her clipboard. They were standing outside a giant white marquee with white lights hanging on it's boarders. On top of the entrance was a sign hanging down.

Hummel Collections

Opening Launch

"Hectic does not cover it." Santana said casually not looking up from her clipboard. She ticked off two names and then walked into the tent. Quinn and Blaine followed and both of them couldn't help the "Wow!" that escaped their mouths. A long luminous white catwalk was at the back of the room with curtains at its end for the models to walk out from. Chairs surrounded the catwalk in a circular formation and wherever Quinn looked, their were waiters walking around with glasses of champaign. On certain wall spaces hung posters with models showing of the Hummel Collections. Then there were the people who had come to watch the show and support Kurt. Quinn noticed, that like her, they were all wearing designer clothes. She was encapsulated by a sea of Dior, Prada, DKNY, Louis Vuitton and many more. But she didn't expect anything less. It was custom to wear an appreciated label to events such as these. Santana had led them to the front row of the seats where three in the middle had place cards on them with the words 'RESERVED.'

"Ooh, we get the front row?" Quinn asked as she sat down with Blaine taking the seat on her right. Both of them crossed their left leg over their right.

"Well Q, you are hooked up." Santana informed, this time looking up from her clipboard and placing her hand on her hip. "Little perks are always available to people who have one friend in the show, another who is running the event, another who is the designer of the collection and another who is fucking said designer."

"SANTANA!" Blaine screamed in a whisper. He pulled at the Latina's wrist to get her to bend to his level while Quinn cupped her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. "Could we try to keep that on the down low!"

"Oh cool your jets Anderson." Santana said, pulling her hand away from her embarrassed friend. "You're sitting in a room full of designers, half of which, if not most, are dudes that are as bent as you." Blain paused for a moment as did his face while he comprehended Santana's contradiction.

"She's got a point." Quinn said, looking around the room at all the men in the room. "I can see a lot of guys wearing extremely tight pants."

"Of course I've got the point." Santana said as she looked down to her clipboard again. "I'ze be true in what I preach." Quinn laughed a little before she nearly fell out of her chair by Santana's sudden mood swing

"WHAT!" The brunette screamed, grabbing the attention of those in a 5 meter radius.

"Nothing." Quinn explained as she tried to think of a plausible reason for laughing, her voice shaking as she spoke.. "You know I...ah...always find it funny when...you...um-."

"Quinn shut up I wasn't yelling at you." Santana interjected as she placed her finger to her headset. "How did she get her hands on it? How much of it? Can she stand?" Santana questioned at such a fast pace that both Blaine and Quinn leant forward to better understand her. "Okay, put her in some flats and smack her across the face." There was a pause and Quinn could slightly hear someone reasoning with Santana on the other line. Big mistake. "I DON'T CARE IF IT LEAVES A MARK ON HER CHEEK, THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF MAKE-UP!" Santana roared into her headset. People around them started to edge away. "Once you've done that, go and find Kurt and be the one to explain to him why one of his models is now wearing ballet flats instead of the shoes he designed. And dear god take whatever is left over of what she had, he's gonna need it." Santana pressed the button on her headset to shut it off then let out an exasperated sigh. Blaine had stood up from his chair and had walked over to Santana during her rage.

"Is everything okay?" Blaine asked, noticing Santana was breathing quite heavily. She shook her head before holding it in both of her hands.

"Some stupid model got her hands on a couple bottles of Pinot Noir to help calm some pre-show jitters." Santana said before noticing the questioning look noticeable on Blaine's face. "And no, this stupid model was not Brittany." Santana explained, defending her best friend.

"Is there anything I can do?" Blaine asked with concern. He knew this Launch show was a major deal for Kurt, and he wanted to help in anyway he could. Santana began to shake her head in response before abruptly stopping.

"Actually, Kurt is probably pretty tense at the moment." Santana said as she looked at her schedule on her clipboard. "How about you go and comfort him? He has five minutes before the show starts." Blaine gave a little shrug in agreement. Santana grabbed his wrist and had taken one step before stopping and turning back to Blaine. "You are aware by comfort I mean sex, right?" she asked curiously. Blaine detached his hand immediately.

"What?. Santana are you insane?"

"Hey, your lover needs some loving?"

"And I was going to offer him a hug."

"Well offer it. Just with no clothes on."

"Santana! What is the matter with you?"

"Hey I know you gays. You can do it anytime of the day."

"Even so, five minutes is so tasteless and unromantic."

"Well the sooner Kurt is relaxed, the sooner you can go home and do it again in privacy."

Blaine paused for a moment. Santana continued to stare at him.

"I can do it in three."

"That a boy." Santana said as she re-grabbed Blaine's arm and pulled him backstage to his boyfriend. As they went Blaine called out to Quinn from afar, an obvious smirk noticeable across his face.

"Be right back Quinn, save our seats." He informed before he was about to disappear behind a curtain. Quinn gave him a wave to show that she had heard him and watched as Santana yanked him behind the parting material. She suddenly realized how thirsty she was and decided she should get a drink. She got up from her seat and placed the 'RESERVED' signs back in their original positions. She looked around for the nearest waiter, and the closest on was standing next to a bar loading his tray with more classes of champagne. Quinn made her way over to him and tapped him on the back.

"Excuse me, could I possible take-." But Quinn suddenly stopped, for she had just recognized the waiter. He was tall and skinny, had jet black hair and was now gleaming a big smile as he too recognized Quinn.

"Quinn Fabray. Well what are the odds? It is still Fabray isn't it?

"One in a million I would say and of course it is." Quinn replied as she gave the waiter a friendly hug. She felt, even though it looked like he had none, the muscles under his black vest and white collared shirt. "How are you Mike?"

"I'm okay. Same as I've always been." Mike Chang answered as he went to pick up the tray that was now full with glasses of champagne. Quinn nodded at his answer, still smiling.

"I thought you were out in the west coast?" Quinn said as she walked with Mike while he began to serve his glasses. "Didn't you get married?"

Mike nodded but the look on his face was not one Quinn was expecting. "Um yeah." He said as he avoided making eye contact with Quinn. "That didn't really goes as planned."

"Oh, I'm so sorry." Quinn said as she gave his back a rub with her hand. But she didn't do anymore. She could tell Mike was uncomfortable talking about the situation.

"Yeah, thanks." Mike responded. They had stopped walking so some people could take a glass of Mike's tray. "After the divorce, I moved back east and she stayed in California. But it's all good. New York is where I belong. If I wanna dance, this is the place to make it happen."

"Couldn't agree more." Quinn said as the couple took off walking again.

"So what do you do now?" Mike asked, not looking at Quinn. Not out of rudeness but to keep himself from running into someone and spilling alcohol over them. Quinn knew they probably wouldn't mind. Most of the people in the marquee had more booze in them than blood anyway.

"Interior designing." Quinn answered as she snapped out of her own thoughts. Mike nodded at this revelation.

"Do you enjoy it?"

"Love it." Quinn said as she exposed her perfect teeth through a grin. "I've just opened my own company after leaving my last position of three years. I know it's ambitious." She defended as Mike emitted a low whistle. "But it looks like its going good. I'm in talks to design Donald Trump's new office for his reality show and who could ask for better exposure then that? Sorry, I'm rambling." Quinn finished as she noticed Mike's shocked look.

"No, no it's fine. It's great that you're aiming high." Mike said reassuringly. "Because you can achieve even higher goals."

"Or risk falling even faster." Quinn said, not really knowing herself if she was kidding or was actually worried. Mike went to speak again but was interrupted by Santana's voice over the sound system. She seemed much more calm as she spoke.

"If everyone would like to take a seat, the show is about to begin. Please enjoy as we reveal to you, for the first time, the Kurt Hummel Collection." She switched off her microphone as her welcome was met with an applause and the movement of guests.

"Am I wrong, or was that Santana?" Mike asked, leaning into Quinn. "What is she doing on the sound system?

"She's an event manager, she's running everything inside and outside this large tent." Quinn informed as she grabbed the last two glasses of champagne off Mike's tray. "Oh shoot, I should have taken you to her to see. And Blaine as well, he's here...somewhere." Quinn avoided the awkwardness of telling Mike that Blaine was off having sex with his boyfriend. "They would have loved to've seen you." Quinn paused. "Well I know Blaine would've, you can never tell with Santana." Mike gave a little chuckle.

"Hey don't worry about it." Mike said as he started to head back towards the bar to gather more drinks. "I'm gonna see you all again next weekanyway, right?"

"Yeah." Quinn said as she walked away before comprehending what Mike had just said. "Wait what?" She turned around but Mike had already disappeared into the crowd. "Why would I be seeing him next week?" Quinn thought to herself. But she was quickly snapped back to reality by someone pulling her arm.

"Quinn, come on, it's about to start." Blaine said as he pulled the blonde through the crowd. Quinn noticed his before slicked hair was a mess, his clothes were ruffled and he seemed to be perspiring slightly.

"So, hows Kurt?" Quinn asked as she sat down in her chair while Blaine tidied himself up.

"He's fine." Blaine answered before smiling at Quinn. "Now." And he gave her a sly wink.

"Well, thats good." Quinn said as Blaine took his seat to watch the show that was soon to commence. "But Blaine, there is one more thing you may want to do."


"Pull you fly up." Quinn answered. Blaine looked down. He then quickly shot up, zipped his fly closed and sat straight back down. The two looked at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter. They ceased as the room became dimmer and a single spotlight feel on Santana in the centre of the catwalk, who was now headset and clipboard free.

"Good evening and welcome to the launch show...of Hummel Collections."

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