Yes, in my headcanon, Lavender and Seamus got together during seventh year. I ship it. Deal with it.

"Seamus, stop it! Really now." Lavender giggled.

The Irish boy only smiled a bigger smile and wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's waist. The Room of Requirement, now being used as the base for Dumbledore's Army, was about the only place where they could be together, now that the Carrows had basically taken over the school. With their new rules and discipline, the days of snogging in an abandoned classroom or common room were long gone. However, the couple liked to think hiding out like this was quite romantic, Lavender more so.

The girl's curly hair bounced as she laughed, god, she was beautiful, "You know, it's our last year at Hogwarts, and here we are…"

Seamus a chuckled and pointed out jokingly, "I reckon it's not quite what you thought seventh year'd be like."

The afternoon sun was shining through the multi-paneled windows, lighting up large patches of the floor and filling the entire room with radiating warmth. The coloured hammocks were hanging lazily from the wall, the ceiling, mid-air even. This was the only wonderful part of the school left; and how wonderful it was.

Lavender gently lifted up her hand and ruffled the seventeen-year-old boy's hair, "You, Mr. Finnigan, are the best person I've ever met."

"Ah, glad you've realized it." Seamus answered, causing the blonde to shake her head.

Lavender wrapped her thin arms around his neck, pressing her forehead to his. The teenage boy's arms tightened around her hips. Seamus softly pressed his lips to hers; her mouth was warm and sweet. Lavender leaned deeper into the kiss; caressing his lips with hers. Seamus heard a door open, and thought Lavender heard it too.

"…Oh. I'll just… er… this is awkward."

It was Neville. He always was able to enter at the most awkward of times. The couple slowly and hesitantly separated.

Seamus looked at Lavender, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Meh. I don't know how I feel about this one. Opinions?

EDIT: I fixed it, thank you for pointing out that Dean shouldn't be there :) Now it's Neville.