A/N: This story is just going to be a few chapters long. I've always wanted to write something in that matter and finally came up with a good storyline.

It's, like the description already says, based on Friedrich Schiller's "Bürgschaft". I found as English expression "Hostage" - though it's not really the same, but it fits the plot, so be it.

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Jack and Fabrizio stood outside the big house in Philadelphia. It was two stories high. Both looked at it in amazement.

Fabrizio couldn't believe that his friend had actually won the heart of a girl living in such conditions. He stared in awe, wondering, if it wasn't possible better to just turn around and forget about the plan.

Jack on the other hand, was eager to go inside.

He couldn't wait to hold his Rose into his arms again, getting her away from that horrible life and family…making her happy. Fabrizio and he had spent their last remaining dollars on trains tickets from New York to Philadelphia.

Finally they had made it.

"Maybe that's stupid idea, Jack," Fabrizio choked out.

But Jack wasn't listening. He simply drew further to the house. Rose had to be inside there somewhere. He wouldn't leave her on the Titanic and he surely wouldn't leave her now.

Fabrizio was watched as Jack was hiding behind the bushes, mentioning for him to join.

"We've spent everything we had to get here. I'm not going to give up now," Jack simply answered looking at the door, trying to make out the best way to get inside.

His friend knew that he couldn't stop him. At least he needed to help him. And it was true; everything would've been useless, if they just left now.

"Quiet," Jack whispered as the leaves were making noises. "That must be her room," Jack pointed to a window with lilac curtains. Rose had told him on Titanic how it was one of her favourite colours.

They had found out her address through a newspaper and were sure that since they hadn't been able to find her on the Titanic, she must be here. It couldn't be that she was dead. Even though the papers were writing about her death, Jack refused to believe it. Surely, Hockley had just spread that rumor, to make him move away. He should think that she was dead.

Fabrizio had warned Jack, but of course he wouldn't listen.

"Hockley has got her under his spell. I've got save her," Jack had told Fabrizio.

His friend had placed a hand on his shoulder and without thinking of the consequences offered to go with him. Poor Miss Rosa needed to be together with Jack.

"By the way, I hear Philly is quite nice around this season," Fabrizio had joked, wondering how Jack would react, if they didn't find her.

A few people moved out of the house before them, Jack could make out Ruth Dewitt Bukater. She looked horrible, but still composed.

"That's her mother."

Fabrizio just nodded looking over to the window.

Should they climb up now or wait until it was dark?

Jack must've been thinking the same as he shot Fabrizio a knowing look.

They decided to postpone their intention. Both sat down, talking quietly, waiting for the sun to go down.

At last the sun had been replaced by the moon. No sound could be heard from inside the house.

Quietly Jack started to climb up, while Fabrizio was holding his breath, hoping that nothing would go wrong.

The window was only half open, but Jack held onto the ledge pushing it open. Through the darkness he didn't notice that the room was empty and simply fumbled around trying to locate the bed and Rose supposedly sleeping inside.

"Rose," he started, but felt nothing.

Truly the bed must've unused for weeks.

Jack finally understood. She wasn't here. His eyes fall, as he slowly reminded himself what this meant. She had indeed died.

But then again he had no time to mourn her now. He had to get out of here, before anyone discovered him. He sighed once more, remembering Rose's face laughing at him, while they had danced in steerage and the horror in her eyes, when the Titanic had went down.

No time now…

Just as he was about to start climbing back, the lights went on and a shrill loud voice rang out behind him.

"Now, if this isn't our lovely Mr. Dawson," it said.

Jack frowned, Cal.

The voice couldn't be mistaken.

"About to save your Rose, I presume? Well I'm sorry to say that but Poseidon already took her," he mocked him.

He wasn't the least bit sad.

Jack wasn't quite sure, what to expect next. Would Hockley now kill him? He knew that he was capable of everything.

"I was just about to leave," Jack finally said deciding to give it a try.

If Rose was dead, really there was no need to prolong this. In fact he wanted to cry, shed tears over her death, but he wouldn't give Hockley that satisfaction.

"Not so fast," Cal told him, grabbing his arm. "You break in here, Dawson; you got to face the consequences. Got it? I won't be made a fool," he hissed.

Jack was about to return something, when suddenly Fabrizio's voice rang out.

"Let my friend go," he said towards Cal.

Cal turned to Fabrizio.

"Another rat, I assume?"

"Fabri…get out of here, before it's too late. This is my thing."

Fabrizio just shook his head.

"I'm your best friend and I'm going to stand with you whatever happens," he simply said standing up in front of Cal.

"Now, two foolish scoundrels to be put into their place…be it…I just don't like my hands dirty…"

Jack, who was still being held by Cal, and Fabrizio exchanged glances. There had to be a way out. Fabrizio wanted to lung at Cal, but the latter moved out a gun pointing it at Jack's head.

"I wouldn't do that. Or would you want to pick up the leavings of your friend from the floor?" he laughed that evil laugh of his.

"It's no use, if we both have to pay for this. Really, Hockley, it's me you want. Let him go," Jack said. "Surely he won't tell anyone."

"Not very likely…in fact yes…you're the one person I hate more than anyone else in the world, but…you see, Jack, there're other important things as well."

Jack wondered what this would be, surely money.

"Maybe we could make an arrangement then. Whatever you want I'll help you get it and you'll let my friend here go," Jack suggested.

Cal was about to hit him for his stupidity, when he gave it a second thought. Indeed that wasn't a bad idea.

There was something he wanted to have back. It wasn't Rose though.

"You surprise me, Dawson…you're no gentleman and still you seem to have brains on your own."

Jack wasn't so sure, if this was meant as a compliment.

"Now what should I do for you?"

Cal smiled. He wouldn't just let the other one go. He had a much better idea.

"You remember the diamond, Jack? The one, you drew my fiancée naked with?" his grip tightened on him as he spoke the last words.

Jack nodded. He wouldn't be able to forget.

"Well then I want it back," Cal added still holding onto Jack, but now aiming the gun at Fabrizio. "Bring it to me within a week and your friend will live."

Jack was shocked.

"I've no idea, where to look for it. What if it went down with the ship?"

In fact Jack was sure that it had.

"That's your problem not mine," Cal laughed evilly once more. "Now what do you say? This is your only chance. Either you go or you'll both be dead within a few minutes."

Jack understood that he wasn't making his threats lightly.

"Go, Jack and find the diamond…," Fabrizio reassured him. "Don't worry about me."

Jack looked at his friend and then at Cal, whose eyes didn't show any emotion. Cal had by now released him and instead was holding Fabrizio at gunpoint.

"Who tells me that I can rely on your word? That you won't betray me once you've your diamond back?"

Cal looked at him for a second.

"You have my word as a gentleman, Dawson," he said moving his hand out for Jack to shake it. "Bring me the diamond and your friend will live."

Jack was sure that Cal was lying, but for now, he had no other choice.

"Alright, I accept your conditions," he finally stated shaking Cal's hand.

Just where should he start to look for it?