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Summary: Lore is filled with Heroes who live for Adventure, Quests and Glory... and one who wants anything but.


Zhoom was glad that the Oath-Breaking Lich that called himself Sek-Duat was gone, and would never wish him back (the bastard hadn't even planned to pay him, after all), but he had to admit that things had been a lot more interesting when he was still around.

The rebels he had been contracted to hunt down had posed a much better challenge to fight, what with a network and a cause to aid them, and put up a bigger fight when he caught them. The petty bandits and runaways that he had been reduced to finding these days had a depressing tendency to surrender as soon as they saw him, rarely bothered to hide their camps or tracks, and were worth so little gold that Zhoom often left them to the would-be Heroes who occasionally showed up.

Quietly following the Heroes and watching them flounder about trying (and often failing) to hunt their quarry was far more entertaining, anyway.

During the Sandsea War, before the Lich's true plans had been revealed, a Hero had attempted to make Zhoom break a contract by offering him gold. Zhoom had refused, his personal code of honour making the violation of a promise unthinkable, but had kept the idea of working in Falconreach in mind.

The main problem with that was the fact that being half Sand-Elf affected more than just the shape of Zhoom's ears.

Much like Sea-Elves lived underwater or, very occasionally, on ships, and Ice-Elves were bound to the frozen North, or how Wood-Elves had to be physically dragged out of their beloved forests, so Zhoom's maternal heritage meant that he was never really comfortable away from the desert. He could leave, but he could never bring himself to stay away.

Sand-Elves needed the dry heat and the ever-changing sands of the desert, the relative solitude that came with roaming the dunes while no other race could thrive away from an oasis for any long period of time, and Zhoom was no exception.

It didn't stop the Heroes who wanted to train as a Ranger from hounding him day and night, however.

They weren't always very polite about it, either, and many were annoying enough that Zhoom didn't even feel guilty about sending them to be flattened by Tomb-Traps, or to clear out ruins followed by one of Zeri's hours-long lectures on archaeological discoveries.

And all of them seemed to think it could be done in a day, at which point they could move on to some other quest in a more hospitable area of Lore!

Zhoom took a certain amount of pleasure in teaching them the bare essentials and letting them go to be beaten up by desert monsters that had experience fighting those with ranger skills (Zhoom had certainly encountered them enough times that they had become used to him).

But even that got repetitive after a while, and it wasn't until he encountered the Hero Who Didn't Want To Be, that things finally became interesting again.





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