Mount Sutton


December 6th

4:30 PM

A white veil of powder fanned out from under Cheshire Locke as she leaned back into a stop. The petite 15 teen year old bent down to unclasp the hot pink snowboard that was currently attached to her boots. Slipping the board under her arm, Cheshire strode over to were her twin brother sat, quietly nursing a cup of hot chocolate and reading a slim tablet.

"Oh hi Chess, how were the slopes?"

The girl's chocolate hued curls rose as she shrugged, "Good. Whatcha reading"

"Nothing." The abrupt answer was all Cheshire needed to confirm her suspicions. Reaching over the table, she grabbed at the tablet. A short brother-sister battle commenced.

"Come on Hatter. Let me see. Pleeeeaaase."

"NO. Chess, let go. Really, people are staring. LET GO."

"Really what is it that you wouldn't let me see. Your own flesh and blood Hatter. Flesh and blood!"

"My 'own flesh and blood' shouldn't be trying to steal my tablet."

"Hatter, just show me. Please it can't be that bad, it's not like it's porn or anything. Wait! It is porn. I KNEW IT! Let me see, it's not like I haven't seen porn before."


With that last comment both twins turned to face it's speaker. Before them, hands on her hips, stood the last person they wanted to see. Alice Locke, their older sister.

"Really Cheshire, I don't know where to start with you. And Hatter, I expect better of you. Looking at pornography is wrong."

"Yah, Hatter. Looking at pornography is wrong." Cheshire was copying Alice's reprimanding expression.

"Quiet Cheshire. I haven't forgotten about you, but Hatter. Really. Pornography."

"IT ITSN"T PORN!" Hatter exclaimed, flinging down the tablet.

Both sisters leaned over and examined it. Onscreen a video was silently playing. It showed a girl's volleyball game, were a redhead was currently showing off a wicked serve. Cheshire picked up the device, wasn't the redhead Angelina de la Grandtaine. Ice blue eyes staring closer at the small screen to make sure, the girl was distracted as the game cut to a commercial. The familiar Brazille Enterprises symbol came appeared, and Angeline Dubois's voice drifted out of the speakers. As she talked, a new logo come into view. It was a gold circle with the letters AA in the middle and the word NEO inscribed on the top. Eyes wide, the Cheshire stared as she processes the information. AA was the Alpha Academy abbreviation, and neo meant 'new'? Was it possible that Angeline was opening the a new year at Alpha Academy.

Gold script appeared on the screen, accompanied by Angeline's voice. As she talked it became apparent that she was opening a new year at Alpha Academy, but there was a catch. No 'household names' or 'popular talents' like singing or dancing. By this time, Alice had finished her 'you should speak up more' lecture with Hatter, and was staring at the screen.

"You two should apply." Were the first words out her mouth once the advertisement was over, "Look at you guys. Hatter, your restaurant got THREE Michelin stars. THREE! Also your art has been praised by everyone. Cheshire, just look around. I think there is a kid eating a Wonderland Sugar candy bar over there. Both of you are perfect for this. Perfect."

New Orleans

Brazille Enterprise's US Headquarters

December 6th


Violet Westmount was annoyed. Angeline was berating her about getting the plans, and Ms. Brazille was constantly adding new things or changing things.

"Mrs. Brazille!" Violet knocked furiously on the door, "MRS. BRAZILLE! CHARILE! OPEN THE DARN DOOR!"

"What?" The silver door slide opened to revel a pretty women, her dark brown hair swept into a chignon. In her hands she held a gold tablet and she was dressed in a loose, white jumpsuit. "Oh, it's you Vi. How are you. Here the plans for the academy, I'll see you later." With that, Charlie Brazille handed Violet the tablet and closed the door.

"I...I..."Violet stared at the door, holding the golden computer in her hands. Shaking her head she muttered, "Geniuses."

Walking briskly through the silver plated hallways, heels clicking loudly against the brushed metal floor, Violet examined the tablet given to her by Charlie. At last she reached a large gold door embossed with a single A. Violet stepped inside taking in the metallic, modern room with expressionless glance. Her eyes swept across the large glass windows, and pale gold walls before reaching the woman. Angeline Dubois was struck and imposing figure, tall with olive skin and long black waves. Her almond shaped green eyes were currently staring at Violet. Angeline opened her blood red mouth to ask the question that Violet knew she would.

"Do you have the plans?"

Smiling, Violet nodded. She pressed a button on the tablet and began her speech, her soft southern drawl creeping into her words.

"Here we have the basic uniform, which is based off the uniform for the last Academy." A faceless hologram spun slowly. Showing off a pleated gold miniskirt and vest and brushed platinum puff sleeve shirt. The figures feet were encased in a gladiator wedges.

As Violet talked, another hologram appeared. This one of a circular island, shaped like a 20 pointed star. "The Neo-Alpha Island will travel around the Mediterranean sea, occasionally stopping to allow the girls a chance to see the mainland.

The hologram zoomed in on one of the points. One it stood a elegant glass building, zooming inside it showed a state of the art kitchen and lounge downstairs and large 5 bed bedroom up stairs. "What you see here is a representation of the Pieces dorm. Each of the dorms is named after a constellation or celestial body. For example the boy's dorm is called Jupiter. Speaking of the boys, I've found five of our six students. We have Wally Martin, a fifteen year old from Texas. He does extreme sports. Alexander Riley, he's an inventor and stuntman from Ireland. Pietro Olivera and Luke Calitiri are a circus performer from Brazil and a Astronomer-Soccer Player from Rome respectively. Last we have Hatter Locke, we're also considering his sister, he is a Chef-Artist from Canada"

Finished with her presentation, Violet stood at attention. Angeline turned to face the sweeping windows behind her, silently processing the information. The Alpha opened her mouth at last.