This all starts when Simba is with Timon and Pumbaa in the jungles.

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Nala woke up another day in the dead Pridelands. Ever since Scar took over, the herds moved away, or died, and hunting was harder than ever. Finding her mother out on a hunt again, the pale colored cub sighed and walked out of the cave where all the hyenas were sleeping along with Scar and Zira. Nala really didn't understand where the new lioness Scar had for a wife came from, but she was just as mean as him. As Nala walked over to a dry waterhole, the cub wondered if there was any hope.

Just then, a rustle came from some dry bushes near her. Nala perked her ears and turned around quickly. A brown cub came out from the bushes, her green eyes looking at Nala curiously.

"Hello," the new cub said, running up to Nala. Nala smiled, glad that she wasn't alone. "Hi, I'm Nala."

"I'm Koni," the young brown female playfully tackled Nala, smiling. Nala noticed that Koni's nose was pink like her own, yet shaped like Scar and that she had a tuff that was on her forehead just stopping at the top of her green eyes. Nala glanced at the dark brown that her new playmate had. It was darker than Scar's, making it a perfect dark brown that if it was night time, Koni would look like she had black fur. Under one of her eyes was a black arrow. Nala pinned Koni down and smiled, as she tilted her head.

"So where are you from?" she asked, curious of why Koni was here. Koni shrugged. "The Earth lands. But ever since the Fire landers took over, my mother and I have been on the run," Koni got up and looked at the peach colored cub nervously now. Nala was confused. "Earth lands? Fire landers? Where are that and who are those?"

"The Earth lands are really far from here, and Fire landers are lions who respect and learn the ways of fire. As a Earth lander, I respect and learn the ways of the earth," Koni explained, hoping Nala would understand. "My mother went to that big pointy rock there, seeing if there's a pride that can take us in."

Nala smiled and sat besides Koni. "Yeah, sorry if the Pridelands isn't you're exact dream home," the cub apologized. Koni shrugged.

"It's better than what the Fire landers did to the Earth lands."

Koni and Nala looked at each other and started play again. Koni blew her fur tuff from her eyes, and followed when Sarafina and a lioness that looked a lot like Koni called for the two.

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