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Koni licked the six new little cubs that were nursing from her. All had little tuffs on their heads. Two were male. One male had a black tuff and had Koni's birthmark while the other one had a dark brown tuff like Vitvu and didn't have Koni's birthmark. Both male cubs were brown like Koni and had black noses that were shaped like Koni's. There were two pale females; one with Koni's birthmark under both eyes and black nose just like Vitvu, the other one had Koni's pink nose, shape and color. Another one of the female cubs was a dark brown like Koni, and had a pink nose that was the shape of Vitvu's. The last one, also a female, was black, yet her stomach, chest, and muzzle were dark brown. This female's nose was just like Koni's.

Nala gazed at her new goddaughters and godsons. "Oh, Koni. They're so adorable! What are their names?" The pale lioness nuzzled each of the cubs, happy to see that all of them were healthy and strong.

The darker lioness smiled. "The male with the black tuff is Matumaini, hope. The female with black fur is Usiku, night. The dark brown female is Sheba. The pale female with the birthmarks will be called Twiga, giraffe. The last two, the other pale female and the only other male. They'll be Kovu and Vitani. Vit from Vitani will come from Vitvu, the vu will go to the last part of Kovu," she said.

"And Ko is from Ko in Koni, Ni will go to the last part of Vitani," Nala said, nuzzling the cubs. She already knew of their father. The blue-eyed lioness then looked with concern. "What if Nuka sees?"

Koni was quiet for a moment.

"Nala, I would advise you to get out now before I send for the Hyenas."

The lionesses looked to see Nuka, Zira, and Scar heading towards them. Nala walked past them. "Two males, four females. I congratulate you Nuka," she said, hissing the words.

Zira gazed at the cubs the same way Nala did. "Oh, Scar. Can you believe all of this! All of them are so healthy and strong! Now we can't possibly throw any of them out!" she said as the male lions walked over. Nuka smiled, not taking notice of the difference between some of them compared to him.

"Which was born first?" Scar asked, his eyes focused on the male cubs.

Koni smirked. "The male with the black tuff, Matumaini. The male with the brown tuff was born last, Kovu," she said, looking at all of the cubs. Zira looked at the pale cubs, and tilted her head. "What order?"

"Matumaini, then Usiku, the black female, then Twiga, the one with the birthmarks on both sides, then Vitani, the one with no birthmark, then Sheba, the dark brown female, and then Kovu."

Zira nodded, but she saw the difference. She kept it to herself though. Scar smiled. "Well then. We'll have Matumaini as Nuka's heir then," he said, walking out of the cave. "I'll go get Rafiki."

Nuka left with his father, his head held high. Zira stayed and stared at Koni. "They're not my grandchildren, are they?" Koni looked away, only to shake her head no.

"And Why?"

"You've seen the way Nuka through his own children out, that and I meant a lion, strong, handsome, and a good heart to go with all of that. I fell for him as he and his friends cared for me, and well, I though by now Nuka didn't care that I was gone. The rest, well, I think you pretty much know."

Zira nodded, and when Koni looked back at her, she was surprise not to see any anger in the elder lioness. "I understand. Does anyone else know?"

"Nala. Just Nala."

"Koni, listen to me. I understand why you did all of this. And I respect it. Who ever this lion was, he's a really lucky guy."

Zira left the cave, leaving Koni and her cubs behind. The new mother smiled, glad that her mother-in-law was going to keep her secret.

Two months later….

Vitvu looked at the dead Pridelands. He had traveled to visit Koni, for he couldn't stand it of not seeing her anymore. Seeing an elderly lioness by a dry waterhole, the pale male lion ran over. "Excuse me! Can you tell me where a dark brown lioness named Koni is?"

Zira lifted her head to see a pale lion with a dark brown mane and blue eyes running towards her. "I do, she's married to my son Nuka. I'm guessing you're the real father of her cubs? It's easy to see it."

Vitvu nodded. "That names Vitvu."

"Zira. Come on, follow me."

When they got to the cave of Pride rock, Nuka looked at his mother as she and another male lion walked over to them. "Nuka, Scar, this is Vitvu. He's the friend that helped Koni." Zira introduced the males to each other and lay down besides Koni. The cub's eyes were near to opening, and only then would anyone see if any of them had red or green eyes. Zira, Nala, and Koni knew there would be no red, and they hoped all had green.

Vitvu bowed his head to the past King and the New King. Nuka could swear that there was something that was familiar to him about Vitvu.

Two weeks later he got his answer when the cubs' eyes opened. Vitani's, Matumaini's, and Usiku's eyes were blue while Kovu's, Sheba's, and Twiga's eyes were green. Nuka saw the likeness between the pale cubs and Vitvu, and the other traits as well.

Two days later, hyenas killed Vitvu, and Nuka killed Matumaini and Sheba. Zira took Kovu and Vitani away to safety just in time and Nala hid Twiga. Koni was found out by Scar and Nuka, and was killed by the hyenas too.

Her last thought was simple.

'I'm coming Vitvu.'

Prologue…(what happened to the surviving cubs)…

When Shenzi found and was to kill Usiku, the female hyena couldn't find the heart in her to do it, and instead decided to take to black cub away, leaving her to be founded by the same male cubs that Koni had played with back in the Earthlands.

Other Earthlanders had also joined them and remade the Earthlander pride. Usiku grew up to become the Princess.

Nala, Sarabi, and Sarafina kept Twiga safe from the others, and never found the other cubs of Koni and Vitvu. Twiga later grew up in the pride and after Simba took rule, he and Nala took her in like their own daughter. When Kiara was born, Twiga didn't mind that the true daughter was to be the next queen and in fact tried to help with her teachings. She grew up to be a very close member of the pride to Kiara. When the outlanders rejoined the Pridelands, Twiga found out about Kovu and Vitani being her long lost brother and sister, and greeted them with warm and family love.

Kovu and Vitani…. Well, we already know that story. Being trained to kill by the same lioness that tried to help them escape from the one who she was trying to avenge. Kovu fell in love with Kiara, and the two were reunited with Twiga. We all know that story.

Shenzi later was found in the Pridelands near the same area she had found little Usiku. When she told of what had happen to the black female lion cub…. Well, that's another story to tell.

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