Thank you so so much to everyone who has read and moreso to those who have reviewed this story. I have immensely enjoyed writing it and trying out some scenes I've rarely/never written before. Also, thank you to those who reviewed most recently and reminded me to post this epilogue! Computer issues, coupled with employment issues and God-knows-what-else-issues meant it was delayed just a slight. Apologies!

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"Mac!" Stella called, trotting up the last few steps into the lab floor.

"How was court?" he asked, turning on his heel and falling into step with her.

"All twenty six sentenced to between sixteen and life. The guy that stabbed Graeme is getting the needle."


"Press was crazy outside the courtroom. Think some followed me back, might need to warn everyone."

Mac nodded as they turned into her office, opening the door for her. "How are you?"

"I'm very good now," she smiled lightly, hanging her suit jacket on the hook and rubbing his arm as she passed to the desk. "Did I miss anything?" she picked up a pile of messages and flicked through them sitting on the corner.

"Flack's brought someone in on the Melendez case, and Adam-"

Mac was interrupted by the man himself, swinging through the door.

"- has groundbreaking information."

"Come in, Adam…" Stella smirked.

"Oh, right, sorry," he looked back at the door and flicked between Mac and Stella, bouncing on his toes like an excited puppy. "But this really is groundbreaking. Like, Nobel winning. Like looking at moldy bread and thinking 'Oh, hey, bet if I eat that it'd stop my stomach ache'-"


"Right, sorry. Look," he passed a manilla file to Mac.

Adam dug his hands in his pockets, still bouncing on his toes as his eyes flickered over Stella's desk. "Who's the kid?"

Stella followed his gaze to the framed photograph. "Goddaughter."

Mac flicked up a page of results, his eyes going wide before passing the folder to Stella.

"What is it?" she asked, taking the file and flipping it open, scanning the results. "But…that's indigenous to South America."

"Specifically Bogotá," Adam announced with a pointed finger.

"And who do we know who recently took a trip to Columbia…?"

"Oh, only the guy Flack's questioning right now down in PD…"

She shut the file and passed it back to Adam, saying "Run."

"On it!" he shouted, already out the door.

They watched as he spun around a lab tech in the hall but came up against another and mirrored each other's steps. Eventually, Adam faked right and ran left, spinning around him in a move he must have learned from Sunday night football before running down the hall.

Mac and Stella laughed as she crossed her arms over her chest, the pink paper messages rustling in her hand.

"Good job."

She smirked, "Thank you."

To anyone else, it was a friendly compliment on a case broken and justice served, but the shared smile when he left and passed by her window belied a lot more.

Her smile faded as she crossed to behind her desk, flipping open the folder to an as-yet unsolved case and hoped for a transference of luck. Her eyes, however, travelled up to the silver picture frame showcasing an eight week old little girl, fresh from a bath in a robe with little ears on the hood and warm, pink cheeks. Grace Alexis Finn.

Graeme Kinsella had brought her a new Goddaughter into her life and though he would always be her first love, thanks to him, he wouldn't be her last.