This is the spectrobes prank guide. How you read this is: name of prank: and how it works

Today, Rallen and Jeena have invited me to their hotel room. First I'm going to prank Jeena. Here's what I did.

The "bed diving" prank. This one works with a spare remote, a bed, and a piece of paper. When she goes to the bathroom, put a note on the pillow. Make sure it's believable or it won't work. Now, with the spare remote get under the bed. When she comes back, she'll think that's what you're doing. While Jeena is watching TV, mess around and do what you want. When you're done, make noise and get out from under there. When she looks, use the remote and watch TV. Whatever you want will do, when she stops looking, Jeena will see the joke. Boy that one had her good!

The "missed" prank. All you need is some yellow food coloring. Put some on the toilet seat and you're ready to go. When Jeena gets mad at Rallen about peeing on the seat, he's confused and she thinks he's playing dumb. It's a funny sight!

Bloody mascara prank. This one I got from kipkay with some of my own twists. He did the bloody stapler. Red food coloring is all. Sprinkle some on a plate then microwave it. Scrape the powder off the plate and into her mascara. Next time she opens it, it will be a murder scene. But it is easy to clean up.

Fake murder prank. All you need to do is knock Rallen out. Until she realizes he's unconscious, it's funny