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"If you are predisposed to hate me, might as well just kill me now and save me from this misery...If I can't earn your love, you don't need me at all, at all, at all! Bah." -Journal entry in Sakura's diary.

Sakura is appears as a normal 18 year old girl to everybody but she has many secrets as everyone sets out to rescue Cisna who was kidnapped by the Magi. Secrets that could put everyone with her at risk...


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"Sometimes people can be so cruel to someone who has done nothing to deserve it, just like destiny. Sometimes you can do nothing but bear the terrible pain you feel everyday. You try your best not to show it but it's there. Always haunting you. Agonizing. Eating away at you till there's nothing left. Can't even scream to show you how I feel because of that day nine years ago. My mother died and I became a special kind of mute. No hope, no real reason to live and I have come to accept my miserable life. I know that there's no escape out of this nightmare."

-Journal entry in Sakura's diary


I stumbled into my house, my auburn-brown hair hanged lifelessly over my weak shoulders. My chocolate brown eyes overflowed with tears. I fell to the floor shaking all over. The villagers, all of them, had once again beaten me mercilessly again. Just my normal day. Now I had even more cuts and burn marks to add to the numerous ones on my battered body already. I cried silently unable to speak. All of this was because of that terrible incident four years ago.


The day started out like any other day, nice and peaceful.


An eight year old Sakura ran into the house. "Mommy, I picked these for you." I held up a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. "Oh sweetie." Floraine took the flowers and placed them in a vase. "It's wonderful, lovely, beautiful." Floraine picked me up and swung me around.

"Just like you."

"Mommy, can we go for a walk?"

"Of course my little cherry blossom."

Floraine was the mayor of this little town, loved by all and highly respected. As we walked throught the town's fair and pleasant streets, I started to feel strange, so I tugged on my mother's arm. "Mommy, my... my chest feels weird..." My eyes closed as I fell forward. "Sakura? Sakura!" Floraine caught me before I could hit the ground and carefully opened my eyes. My eyes were glazed, blank, staring at nothing. "Oh no... This can only mean..."


I opened my eyes and found myself in a strange, dark place. I looked around and realized that I was in a castle, I spotted three figures in the room. Carefully, I made my way over and stood next to the closet one, who was a girl. The girl had blue eyes and brownish-blonde hair, she looked like she was eight and was the same height as me. She was wearing a formal pink dress, she kind of looked like myself but she had a frightened expression.

I followed her gaze and gasped. There was my mother get stabbed through the heart by a man in black armor. Floraine slumped to the floor dying. Me and the girl were petrified, trembling at the sight. The man got ready to kill us, he got behind us and swung his sword. It missed the girl but hit me on the neck, a small jagged mark, not a huge cut for me to die from blood loss but enough blood came out.

The doors to the room burst open and two men ran in. The man in the armor, forced to retreat, jumped out the window. I felt myself hit the floor, and slowly closed my eyes.

When I opened them again I saw the pained face of my mother. I sat up and saw the wound in my mother's chest, it was the same spot where the man hit her earlier. Floraine fell to her knees, blood gushing from the wound, struggling to take breaths. All of the townspeople who came a few minutes earlier to see what the commotion was about, and me watched in terror as her mother died.

"Please take care of Sakura...I wish for her to live."

That was my mother's dying words. I sobbed silently, covered in my mother's and my own blood, wishing for Floraine to come back.

"The-the mayor is dead!" a man cried out in shock.

"How did this happen?" a woman shrieked.

"What could have caused this?" another woman shouted.

"It was because of her!" a man pointed at me, "She's a curse! She killed Floraine!"

All the townspeople agreed that it was my fault and started to advance on me. After a few minutes they were all torturing me. One forced me to stand up, while most of the rest punched and kicked. Then one ugly, burly man came up with a bat and smirked evilly, he raised his bat and brought it down an my arm breaking it. They continued to do this, even holding my hands and arms over fire.

Soon everyone left except one woman, her name was Kila. She hated me but she heard my mother's last words, so she reluctantly promised to take care of me. Kila dragged me broken body to my house then wrapped up my body in bandages. After that day I was bedridden and unconscious for eight months.

~End Of Flashback~

I lifted my tired arm to touch my red and blue necklace that mother gave me and sighed. After a moment I felt around for the locket I had, it was a beautiful light blue color and helped me calm down a bit. It was a gift that I would forever treasure since it came from him.

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