Chapter 6-Break Time

Naruto arrived back in Konoha with Tsunade, Jiraiya, Shizune, and Hinata with the group having voted (much to Naruto's displeasure) to walk back to the village rather then have the Uzumaki Saiyan fly them back. Not that Naruto was complaining, but he preferred to get from point A to point B quickly, and yet the various people with him preferred their feet on the ground.

Incidentally, Jiraiya mumbled how he preferred his hair stay attached to his head.

"Its good to be home," remarked Naruto with a grin on his face while grinning at Hinata, who blushed at being so close to him with his tail wrapped around her waist, and seeing the rippling muscles behind his shirt.

Behind him, Tsunade was glaring daggers at him with anti-perverted eyes, and telling him to be keep his hands where she could see them while being mindful of his tail. While Naruto sensed this, he also sensed that was not the only reason she was glaring, and it was clear his spanking he gave to the woman shortly after their first meeting/fight was still fresh in the Sannin's mind.

"Take Hinata to the hospital. I need to head for the Hokage Tower to properly become the next Hokage and find out just how screwed up things are in the village," stated Tsunade with Naruto nodding before he walked away from the three older Shinobi to the hospital.

And ignoring the negative looks being sent their way.

"You would think bringing back their new Hokage and not blowing them all to Hell at a moments notice would make them realize I'm not the horrible monster they still believe I am," remarked Naruto while Hinata looked at him with sad eyes and leaned against him.

"I know you're not a horrible monster Naruto-kun," replied Hinata with Naruto smirking slightly at her comment.

"I know you don't think I'm a monster Hinata-chan. Its one of the many qualities I like about you," stated Naruto with Hinata blushing cherry red.

"R-Really?" asked Hinata while Naruto's smirk grew.

"Of course Hinata-chan! You can see what others can't and it has nothing to do with your bloodline. That makes you special!" exclaimed Naruto with Hinata's blush increasing.

As the two arrived at the hospital, Naruto frowned for a moment, remembering how the hospital staff, and Hiashi himself at the time had been less then...friendly towards him. The fact Hiashi didn't give two craps about his daughter made the situation worse since the man could easily bribe or influence the staff to do something when Naruto, Shizune, or Tsunade weren't checking up on the poor girl. From what Tsunade had explained to the traveling group heading when walking to Konoha, the surgery would be delicate, dangerous, and Hinata would be sedated heavily for a short time after it was over with plenty of time for someone under Hiashi's influence to do something. Naruto couldn't check up on her everyday, even though he wanted to do just that, and neither could Tsunade with her time spent with other patients when she wasn't being the Hokage. Shizune would be in the same boat with different duties in checking on other patients and being the Hokage's personal assistant.

Naruto knew many people hated him in Konoha, which meant Hiashi had a large line in the recruitment section, and could choose just about anyone in the "stick it to Naruto" army. Naruto was Hiashi's enemy. Almost all of Konoha was his enemy. Any friends he may possess were their enemies by association and it really sucked when the enemies outnumbered your friends.

"Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata, as she saw him frown at the hospital, and almost instantly the frown left before a smile came to his face.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan. Everything is fine. Just thinking many steps ahead as usual," answered Naruto with Hinata nodding though she was still worried about him while they walked into the hospital.

"What are you doing here filth!?" a receptionist asked while she glared at Naruto.

"Came to drop off a patient. She is in need of a room meant for future patients going into surgery," answered Naruto civilly though it was strained.

"Why? Come to abort that bastard demonic child she no doubt has inside her body from violating it multiple times?" questioned the receptionist with a sneer.

"After I kill you for your stupidity, do you want to be cremated? Or possibly have what little remains I leave behind buried in a matchbox?" countered Naruto darkly while the receptionist sneered further.

"You can't do anything to me brat! The Councils made some laws while you were away and made it illegal for you to harm anyone in this village," replied the woman with a sense of smug satisfaction on her face.

"Those motions can only become laws when the Hokage herself signs them. Since she is my Godmother...I highly doubt she will and until she does sign them...I can kick your ass all I want," countered Naruto with a bloodthirsty grin on his face.

"ANBU!" yelled the receptionist with two appearing instantly.

"What is it?" asked one with a falcon mask on his face.

"Forcibly remove this demonic thing from the hospital please. I have to arrange for this poor girl to be sent to the ER for removing the bastard child she carries," answered the receptionist while glaring heavily at Naruto.

"First off, Hinata-chan isn't pregnant. She needs heart surgery for the damage the stupid doctors here missed from being lazy bakas. Second, if you two don't want the ass kicking of a lifetime...turn around, and leave before I get violent," warned Naruto with the two ANBU looking at each other and then back at him.

"Well? Throw him out! The Councils made it explicitly clear this beast was to be arrested if it caused any trouble in the village," ordered the receptionist while seeing the ANBU were clearly conflicted on this matter.

"The Councils laws against my Godson are void," came the voice of Senju Tsunade, as she marched up to the group with Shizune right behind her, and was glaring at the now frightened woman.

"But he got this girl pregnant! He violated her and is making a scene!" exclaimed the receptionist with Tsunade looking at Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"Pregnant?" questioned Tsunade with Hinata letting out an "eep!" and blushing while Naruto letting out a sigh.

"What can I say? The woman is an airheaded baka. I clearly said Hinata-chan was here for heart surgery," answered Naruto with Tsunade smirking at him and then glaring at the woman sputtering at the Saiyan for his insult.

"Shut up you bigot! As of right now, I am the new Hokage of Konoha, meaning my word is law, and right now I'm ordering these two ANBU here to take you to Ibiki for a little much needed...reeducation. Take her away!" commanded Tsunade and watched with a great deal of satisfaction that the ANBU were listening to her and doing their job for once if what Jiraiya told her about their questionable actions being true.

"You just can't get good help theses days," remarked Naruto with a smirk on his face and Tsunade let out a small sigh followed by an equally small laugh.

"How very true. Come on Hinata! I need to get things setup for your surgery. The sooner you have it the better," replied Tsunade while escorting the girl away from Naruto.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan! I'll visit when I can!" Naruto called out with Hinata blushing at the idea.

'I'll get strong for Naruto-kun. He likes strong women so I will show I can become such a woman,' thought Hinata, as she considered how Tsunade's apprenticeship would do just that, and show how strong a woman she could be under the right teacher.

With Naruto's time done at the hospital, he took off for his home (via flying super fast), and landed at the front door before opening it. When he got inside, Naruto was greeted to the sight of the house being clean, new furniture, and the smell of food being cooked in the kitchen.

"KAMI DAMNIT! THIS SHIT IS PISSING ME THE FUCK OFF!" yelled the familiar voice of Tayuya being unhappy with something.

And of course the sound of swearing that came with it.

"Tayuya, you know if Naruto-sama hears you say those horrible words he's going to be very upset, and be forced to punish you," scolded Kin while neither girl was aware of him having entered the house and watching them from his position just outside the kitchen.

"How will he know if you don't tell him?" asked Tayuya before a throat like sound from behind the two was heard and they turned to see Naruto standing there with a smirk on his face.

"I'll know about your swearing Tayuya because I and possibly everyone in Iwa heard you yelling in anger," commented Naruto with Tayuya going pale in the face and Kin giving a small smirk in amusement.

"S-Sorry Naruto-sama. Its just has never been my strong suit," answered Tayuya with Naruto nodding since he could see that since Orochimaru no doubt had his forces "live off the land" rather then use the basic house necessities to make food.

Considering the now dead Sannin had spent a great deal of his finances on researching ways to achieve permanent eternal was no great surprise.

"Did I miss anything while I was away?" asked Naruto while seeing Tayuya relax in not being punished while Kin pouted.

"Not much. Kurenai and Anko came to visit to bring things over. They told us that some members of the Councils are searching for us so they had to come here discreetly to ensure no one else knows we're here," answered Kin with Naruto frowning since he didn't like how the Councils sniffing around for people around him that they can use for their own twisted purposes.

"I'll deal with them eventually. Until then, you two still need to keep a low profile, and that means staying here away from the public eye," stated Naruto with the girls nodding since they were pretty much considered scum in the eyes of Konoha and walking around in public right now was unwise at this point.

"Hey I just thought of something. You're an Uzumaki right?" questioned Tayuya with Naruto nodding.

"On my Mother's side. Why?" replied Naruto curiously.

"Because I know of a girl back in Rice Country who works for Orochimaru at one of the main bases there named Karin, and she is an Uzumaki too!" answered Tayuya and was surprised she didn't think of it sooner.

Damn was she fucking stupid!

"Really? Interesting. Distant family on my Mother's side are still alive. This is something that can't be ignored. Was she still at the base when you last saw her?" asked Naruto with Tayuya nodding.

"Yeah. She was actually here for the Chuunin Exams disguised as a Grass Nin, but her team got killed by a bear, and she got disqualified later on since she didn't have any of the scrolls needed to pass. Karin should be back at the main base Orochimaru used in Rice Country to plot his invasion and watching over the different experiments there...with Kabuto," answered Tayuya with her making a face when mentioned the Medic Nin.

"Did Orochimaru or Kabuto know about her being an Uzumaki?" asked Naruto with Kin and Tayuya giving a shrug.

"I doubt it. Orochimaru was obsessed with finding a way to continue his life, even after he learned to leap from body to body, and wanted to extended it past the three year time frame. The Uzumaki Clan were known for living long lasting lives beyond the normal human lifespan and would have harvested it from her by this point. I think Karin didn't tell him anything for the sake of staying off the operating table. I only learned about it when we had a rare girl's night out and on impulse she wanted to have some sake. She's a bit of a lightweight in that regard," replied Tayuya since being the Sannin's bodyguard had its perks in knowing things that others didn't.

"Good. The sooner I get her away from Kabuto the better. I don't want the baka to take up Orochimaru's work and use her as a test subject for his own purposes. The only thing I can think that's worse then Orochimaru, is someone taking up his work, and surpassing him in it," stated Naruto with the girls nodding.

"You're not leaving now, are you Naruto-sama? You just got back!" exclaimed Kin with Naruto sighing and rubbing his forehead.

"I suppose I could wait a few days. At least let Tsunade know about Karin's existence and get the green light to go to Rice Country to extract her from that place," said Naruto and felt his stomach rumble violently.

"After your bottomless put of a stomach has been filled with food of course," remarked Tayuya with Naruto letting out a sheepish grin.

"Well...its a good thing Kin-chan make a lot of food then, isn't it?" questioned Naruto with Tayuya going red in the face with anger and Kin herself laughing at her friend's misfortune.

"HEY! JUST BECAUSE I'M NOT NATURALLY GIFTED IN THE KITCHEN LIKE SOME PEOPLE DOESN'T MAKE ME A BAD COOK!" yelled Tayuya before glaring at Kin currently whistling nonchalantly.

"Perhaps not. Still, I think from now on I'll have Kin-chan be the chef from now on," said Naruto with Tayuya grumbling with steam coming out of her ears.

"I'm not that bad a cook," mumbled Tayuya while Naruto looked behind her.

"The stew you were making is on fire," remarked Naruto with Tayuya looking behind her and sure enough...the stew she was making had somehow caught ablaze.

"Oh holy crap!" exclaimed Tayuya, as she worked to put the fire out, and Naruto just sighed while Kin was looking at the scene with curiosity.

"How did she make the stew catch on fire?" asked Kin with Naruto looking at her and then at the red head trying to put it out while swearing profanity after profanity at it.

"That a mystery only Kami can solve," remarked Naruto with Tayuya still trying and failing to put out the fire.

"Would it kill one of you to, oh I don't know...HELP ME!" exclaimed Tayuya while the fire seemed to grow and threaten to consume her.

Yep! No cooking for Tayuya for awhile.

(Hokage Tower-Several Days Later)

"Another Uzumaki?" questioned Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"Right under the late Orochimaru's nose. Whether or not his wannabe successor Kabuto knows of it is unknown. I'm not about to take that risk and have her be put on a slab to be dissected or experimented on," answered Naruto with Tsunade grimacing.

"Agreed. Still, from what you were told about her, this Karin was willingly serving my now dead teammate, and is most likely serving Kabuto now too," stated Tsunade with Naruto sighing.

"That's a distinct possibility. Even if she is, I'd rather go to Rice Country, and at least extend the invitation to being away from that kind of life," countered Naruto with his Godmother for a Hokage sighing.

"Can't argue with you there. Considering she's family, I won't risk her being corrupted even further by Kabuto, and give the girl a chance to live here in Konoha," said Tsunade with Naruto smiling since it would be nice to have another Uzumaki in the village.

"I'll leave tomorrow morning for the mission," stated Naruto with Tsunade nodding since it was late in the afternoon and tonight was a full moon.

She didn't need him going giant ape in the village, even if he could control, and use it with ease.

"Do you want backup?" asked Tsunade with Naruto thinking it over for a moment.

"No. This will be a simple smash and grab mission," answered Naruto with Tsunade nodding slightly before she remembered something.

"Oh! Before I forget, I've decided to promote you to Chuunin rank, and make this mission to retrieve Uzumaki Karin your first mission with that rank," stated Tsunade before she tossed him a Chuunin vest and he caught it with a raise eyebrow.

"I thought the Councils and the late Sandaime Hokage before you were against any form of promotion," questioned Naruto with Tsunade scoffing.

"They were. But my sensei is dead and the Councils can bitch all they want, you're still getting promoted regardless," answered Tsunade with Naruto smirking and it made the woman fight not to blush.

Honestly what the Hell was wrong with her body?

"Awesome," was Naruto's only reply before he left the room.

(Konoha's Streets)

"Naruto!" called out Tenten running towards the Saiyan.

"What is it Tenten?" asked Naruto with the girl panting slightly from running since she had been doing it for awhile in trying to find him.

"I just wanted to thank you for bringing Tsunade-sama back to the village to be the next Hokage," replied Tenten with Naruto smirking.

"Your welcome Tenten. The world needs stronger women and not those weak fan girls the Academy has been producing in waves," stated Naruto with Tenten nodding since the Academy did do a lot of that.

"You won't get any arguments from me on that. Also, Tsunade-sama is going to work on Lee's back, and says he has a chance to recover though the chances are nearly 50/50 in terms of success," said Tenten with her eyes showing her sadness at the idea of her ever energetic teammate being crippled for life.

"I have faith in my Godmother, as should you Tenten, and believe that Lee will walk again from this ordeal," replied Naruto with Tenten looking at him in surprise and her determination returned.

"You're right! Tsunade-sama is the best Medic Nin in all of the Elemental Countries! If anyone can heal Lee, its her!" exclaimed Tenten with fire in her eyes that strangely resembled Gai and Lee during one of their...extra energetic days.

It seemed Tenten's sensei was rubbing off on her after all.

"Now you only need is green spandex, a bowel shaped haircut, and leg weights to be a female clone of Gai. Though you in tight fitting spandex wouldn't really be a bad thing," stated Naruto with Tenten looking at him with an angry look and he quickly took to the air laughing with the girl chasing after him with weapons in hands shouting curses.

Who knew she would take his words so personally?

After flying around the village towards the training grounds, Naruto smirked at seeing an out of breath, glaring at him for that earlier statement, and began throwing weapons at him. He easily dodged them, his smile never leaving, and it was clear that each miss on her part was driving the weapons user slowly insane.

"Stand still and take your hits like a man!" exclaimed Tenten, as she unleashed more of her weapons, and Naruto let out a laugh that only made the girl angrier.

"How!" mocked Naruto before laughing further at Tenten's angry face.

"Oh you are so dead!" exclaimed Tenten, as she threw more, and more weapons at him with Naruto wondering how she had so many on hand.

That and where she stored them all on her person.

Naruto was so caught up in his musings that almost got hit with a weapon, but while it wouldn't hurt his skin, the sharp short sword had torn into his new Chuunin vest, and that was upsetting. Narrowing his eyes, he turned from the damaged vest, and turned to the now smirking Tenten before seeing the smirk fade when seeing the slightly peeved look on his face.

"This vest was just given to me by Tsunade. I was hoping to wear it tomorrow for a very important mission and break it in there!" stated Naruto angrily with Tenten going pale in the face and saw him get a sinister twinkle in his eyes.

The kind of look that was similar to a certain sadistic for a Special Jounin kunoichi who liked to hurt people for fun and got paid for it.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I thought you would dodge it!" exclaimed Tenten while backing away from the now slowly descending Uzumaki for a Saiyan.

"An error on your part. Something that you should be punished for Ten-chan!" stated Naruto with Tenten now sweating in fear.

"Go on Naruto-kun. Give her the Tsunade treatment," remarked Kyuubi in his head and giggle perversely.

"Come here Ten-chan," commanded Naruto playfully with Tenten backing up further with her hands waving defensively to possibly have him reconsider.

"Uh...I just remembered that I have to do some last minute work at my family's weapon shop," stated Tenten before turning to run away.

Only to be caught at the waist by Naruto and held like a sack of potatoes with her feet off the ground trying to run.

"And you spent all that time chasing me. Naughty girl. Naughty girls need to be punished accordingly," remarked Naruto in a mischievous tone.

"Knock it off Naruto! Its not funny." cried Tenten with a bit of panic in her voice since she had seen his pranks manifest themselves in ways that were designed to humiliate his targets.

"Punishments never are Ten-chan," countered Naruto with his grin not leaving him and he quickly flew off deeper into the trees of the training ground they were on.

And ignoring Tenten's pleas for mercy that followed long after the echoing of slaps of a hand to her rear end were heard.

(Omake-Time with the Mizukage)

Terumi Mei let out a sigh in her office while thinking of Naruto and how she wished the three years would flyby and he would come see her again. Some would question whether her interest in Naruto was a bit...odd considering his age, but in a few short years, Mei knew he would be more manly, and very desirable by those around his age at that point. Mei saw power, strength, conviction, and hunger in Naruto's eyes with some of those things aimed at the female bodies he saw around him.

Her body included.

"Just a few more years. Just a few more years and we can be together," remarked Mei with a sigh and made a mental note to take her anger out on Ao if he came into the room.

"We don't have to wait if you don't to wait Mei-chan," stated Naruto after appearing via the window and shocked the female Mizukage.

"Naruto-kun!" exclaimed Mei, as she leaped from her chair, and glomped onto the Saiyan with his head now buried in her breasts.

"I've missed you too Mei-chan," was Naruto's muffled response while his face was buried in her valley of soft flesh of pillow like goodness.

"What are you doing here?" asked Mei with the Mizukage taking his head out of her valley and saw the lust filled look in his eyes.

"Isn't it obvious? I came to see you. I've missed you. I wanted to see you again after the Chuunin Exams ended in disaster," answered Naruto with his tail sneaking up behind her and caressing the woman's butt.

"Yes I uh...agree with you Naruto-kun an-ND I think we s-s-should spend more TIME together!" exclaimed Mei while loving the way Naruto was using his tail now sliding up her dress and rubbing all the right places.

"Then let us do just that. Right here. Right...NOW!" stated Naruto before he began to kiss the woman passionately on the lips with the woman moaning from the dominating way he was taking control.

"Naruto-kun," moaned Mei, as she felt his tail removing her panties down to her ankles, and his hand soon grabbed her ass in a strong possessive manner that told the Mizukage that it like herself belonged to him.

"That's Naruto-sama to you my red haired vixen. Put up the Silencing Seals this office has before your annoying assistant Ao comes in here to investigate and ruins the mood," commanded Naruto with Mei doing that though it was a bit difficult with his hand on her ass moving between her legs.

"Done! Take me you hunky stud," whispered Mei into his ear while feeling his erection poking her and wanted him so damn much.

Screw the age gap! He was physically fit and ready for this type of thing so why deny him?

"As you wish my red haired and super hot Mizukage-hime," whispered Naruto with Mei moaning and crying out in pleasure that soon followed with the discarding of clothing from both sides.

"Mizukage-sama! Mizukage-sama!" came Ao's voice suddenly.

"Huh? What?" asked Mei, as she opened her eyes, and saw she was in her office alone.

"Mizukage-sama, I need you to look at these forms and...," said Ao, but stopped when he saw Mei giving him the death glare to end all death glares, and wondered what he had done to offend her.

"Ao," replied Mei in sweet tone that made instantly put the man on edge.

"Y-Yes Mizukage-sama?" said Ao fearfully.

"Get out of my office or I'll kill you...slowly!" commanded Mei while Ao did just that with an outline of his body being the only thing left before it too vanished.

"I wish that wasn't a dream. It was just getting good and that damn moron ruined it with his voice. I should have killed him," remarked Mei, as she got out of her chair, and to her surprise felt like her legs were made of jelly.

And it was during that time that Mei now felt a cool draft between her legs from where her underwear should have been.

Shocked by this strange, yet wonderful revelation, Mei felt where the fabric that was her panties should have been, and felt a hint of wetness there before she noticed a piece of paper on the floor. Reaching for it with her other hand, the Mizukage saw it was from Naruto, and reading the contents nearly made the woman squeal in delight.

Had a great time Mei-chan. No it wasn't a dream. You blacked out. I don't hold it against you. It was an intense and pleasurable memory for me too. As for your missing panties, I've decided to hold onto them so I can remind myself of our time together in your office, and yes I did redress you so no one would know of our intimacy. I'm the only male who gets the to see that stunning hot body of yours and if any other guy (like Ao) sees it...I'll kill them...slowly!.

Hope to see you again soon when time allows it. Stay sexy!


(With Naruto)

"Another woman conquered. One might think you were a womanizer Naruto-kun," remarked Kyuubi in her humanoid form while Naruto mentally smirked.

'Perhaps they would Kyu, but you know me better then that, and I love all the women I've been with in such an intimate manner,' thought Naruto while putting Mei's panties in the drawer holding them.

"Well don't expect to get any from me after our rutting," commented Kyu with a huff and Naruto smirking again.

'Who said we would rut?' thought Naruto with Kyu glaring at him.

"Don't say that! We both know its going to happen one day and its going to be world shaking!" exclaimed Kyu with Naruto still smirking at her.

'Then entice me. That is...IF you can,' thought Naruto with Kyu narrowing her eyes at the challenge.

Oh it was on.

(End Omake)

(Omake #2-Taming of the Yoshino)

Nara Yoshino was a strong woman, who ruled the Nara Clan home like a (competent) Kage runs a Shinobi village, and made her displeasures known to her husband in many ways. From a frying pan the side of her husband's face or at night when they "coupled" without a safety word that usually put the man in the hospital under an assumed name shortly after it ended.

Now however, she was at a crossroads in her life she never expected to happen, and it was unsettling on so many levels. What was it exactly?

She was having unhealthy feelings for another man.

No. Not another man. A boy. A boy her son's age!

Yoshino had seen him fight during the Chuunin Exams, seen him dominate Hyuuga Neji, seen him become a symbol of absolute male power, and dominance that no one could escape if they tried. His transformation into a giant ape, fighting the one-tailed Biju, and Orochimaru's giant three headed snake summons while still having more then enough gas in his tank to fight.

To Yoshino, he was the pinnacle of male supremacy, and a part of her mind (the feminist part of her to be exact) kept telling the woman that she should get close to Naruto. To be nice, sweet to gain his confidence, and then when he was least expecting it? BAM! Break his male pride and be any woman's submissive bitch long after marriage. Part of Yoshino even wanted to break the boy in just to make him her personal toy to lash out on due to her husband starting to get a little sluggish in recovering.

Maybe it seemed wrong to many (mostly men), but damn it Yoshino was a strong woman, and as such she had strong feminist needs that required a strong man be broken by her hands. Uzumaki Naruto would become the symbol of male masculinity in a few years time and if she didn't break him soon...women everywhere might not be able to keep their invisible iron fisted grip on men in general.

So with that in mind, Nara Yoshino made her way to Naruto real home, after getting the information out of Anko, and Kurenai through various...means of persuasion that would make a certain Toad Sannin blush. When she rang the door bell, Yoshino waited for a few moments before it opened, and revealed a sweaty shirtless Naruto with a small towel around his neck.

"Can I help you?" asked Naruto with Yoshino smiling at him.

"Yes. I'm Nara Yoshino. Shikamaru's Mother," stated Yoshino with Naruto nodding.

"Oh yeah! I heard about you. Shikamaru is terrified of you for some reason. I don't see it," replied Naruto with Yoshino holding back the tick mark that wanted to appear on her face.

"Really? Imagine that!" exclaimed Yoshino with a small friendly laugh.

"What can I do for you Yoshino-san?" asked Naruto with the woman's smile increasing slightly.

"Well, if its not too much of a bother, I was wondering if I could come inside, and discuss some things about my son," answered Yoshino with Naruto raising an eyebrow.

"About Shikamaru? In what way?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Its in regards to motivation. My son is so lazy just like his Father. All my usual methods in motivating him seem to be having less of an effect on him each day and I need new ideas to keep both lazy deadbeats on their feet rather then on their backs looking at clouds all day. Since you are creative in doing things in an 'outside the box' manner, I was kind of hoping to run things by you, and come up with new ways to...motivate them into being better Shinobi," answered Yoshino with Naruto smirking since it was clearly something he would enjoy discussing.

"Come on in. I'm sure we can work something out," said Naruto with him letting the woman in and saw Yoshino's smile turn slightly evil.

'Yes. Yes we will and very soon,' thought Yoshino while cackling evilly inside her head.

"Be careful Naruto-kun. I sense a feminist plot against you with this woman," warned Kyuubi with the Uzumaki for a Saiyan smirking at her.

'I know. I sensed it during our conversation. Still, I'm not about to fold simply because a woman with a desire to break men has her sights set on me, and my manhood,' thought Naruto before shutting the door.

"I don't expect you to fold. I expect you to break the woman's pussy and conquer her instead," replied Kyuubi with Naruto smirking further at the sight of Nara Yoshino's well formed rear swaying slightly when she walked into his home.

'That is the plan,' thought Naruto with his smile increasing.

(Sometime Later)

Nara Yoshino walked out of the Namikaze Estates, her clothing ruffled, disorganized, the usually well kept hair was out of place, and had the woman been more mindful of her own attire...she would have realized her panties were missing. Yoshino couldn't believe she lost against the boy her son's age and had the hand print on her ass to prove it. One moment, the woman is talking to him about Shikamaru, then she moves in close, a smile here, a soft chuckle there, and just when Yoshino thought his guard was down? She struck! Fiercely too! Like a predator having caught her prey, Yoshino moved to force him into submission, kissing the boy passionately, moving her hands over his exposed torso, trying to get his motor running while keeping him unaware of her true intentions right before bringing out the cuffs, the restraints, and all her usually favorite dominating toys that made her husband know better then to not say no when she wanted something.

When she tried to move in for the kill though...that was when things backfired.

She underestimated him. Underestimated his power, his strength, his sexual hunger, and the most important part of all.

He was a dominant like she had been.

Yoshino could tell he was into the idea of them kissing, making out, and going at it like horny teenagers (she still had an amazing figure despite giving birth to Shikamaru) in his house. What she didn't know was that Naruto was onto her, didn't like how she planned to restrain, and ultimately break him for the good of the female gender. He took offense to that and his Saiyan blood felt the same way too since Yoshino could almost hear it within him roaring with fury since trying to restrain a Saiyan for any reason (from what he told her) was blasphemy in the eyes of the entire race.

She tried to counter. Tried to get free from his grip. But his blue eyes were sharp, intense, piercing, and intimidating with a hint of red forming to show he was seconds away from unleashing some form of Kyuubi's power if the need arose.

The punishment for trying to dominate a Saiyan?

Getting dominated.

Hence the hours they spent on that couch, clothing discarded, the feeling of him between her legs with his mighty masculine thing screwing her senseless. Him in control, the one thing she had never let happen to her before now, and what shocked the Hell out of the most arguably feminist woman in all of Konoha...was she actually liked it! Liked it! Her of all people liked being taken like a submissive whore and moaning like one the entire time.

As for Naruto himself? He didn't care she was married. Why should he? The boy-no man she had just got dominated sexually by had done nothing wrong. She had come to him, she had planned to seduce, and break him in her unique way. No one could say what happened in his home was Uzumaki Naruto's fault because Yoshino had been the one to approach him and Yamanaka Inoichi could easily dive into her head to learn the truth.

'I can't believe that just happened. I've been tamed. Me! Tamed!' thought Yoshino, as she made her way home, and saw her husband looking at her with a worried expression on his face.

"Yoshino-chan, are you all right?" asked Shikaku seeing his wife in her haggard stated and didn't know what to make of it.

Normally that was him after one of their "nightly sessions" together and it was weird seeing the woman in this state.

"We're getting a divorce. I'm leaving you," was her only response with Shikaku looking at his son, who was spitting out cereal in a stream before looking at his Father, and then at his Mother's form heading upstairs.

"Did Mom just say what I think she just said?" asked Shikamaru with his Father nodding.

"Yes. Yes she did," replied Shikaku before looking at his son.

"We! We are finally free!" stated Shikamaru before taking is Father's hand and the two left their house before walking off into the rising sun in the distance.

And ignoring the people staring at them with raised eyebrows.

(With Naruto)

"Another one bites the dust! And another one gone. And another one gone. Another bits the dust!" said Naruto in a sing song like voice while he put Yoshino's panties in the special drawer that held all his conquests.

"I never doubted you for a second Naruto-kun," said Kyuubi with Naruto chuckling.

'Suure you did,' thought Naruto since he sensed the vixen had wiped sweat off her brow after he finished sexually dominating Yoshino.

(End Omake)

(Omake #3-Naruto's Merry X-Mas)

A 16 year old Naruto came home, his good deeds for the day that helped in protecting Konoha from its enemies being completed, and was ready to relax. He wanted a warm meal, a nice bath, and maybe find a woman for the intense amount of pleasure that would happen as a result of it. So when Naruto came home for the holidays that was Christmas, it was snowing heavily, and was a wonderful Christmas Day when he woke up that morning.

During that time, the kids opened their presents, thanked Naruto, his wives that were their Mothers, or their Aunts for the gifts they received before they spent the entire day having fun together. By nightfall, the dinner had been served, and Naruto along with his children ate enough to make the Akimichi Clan bow in submission to their mighty stomachs. Some time later after that point, the kids were in their rooms tucked away, and got kisses goodnight by their parents before sleeping happily.

As for Naruto, he was the last one to finish kissing his children goodnight, and knew that things were pretty good right now with everything that was happening in his life. And it was going to get even better because when he entered the Living Room area, he came to see a sight that a certain Super Pervert no doubt would have wished for many times over.

And would always be denied because Santa had put Jiraiya on the Naughty List every year for his perversity.

As for Naruto, in the bedroom, wearing skimpy tight red bikinis, with Christmas caps, gloves, and shoes on was every single sexy kunoichi he had ever met. Each of them was by the Christmas Tree, looking lovely, sexy, and it was clear by the looks in their eyes they were feeling...hungry for something that wasn't a Christmas feast.

"Well look who woke up. Merry Christmas Naruto-kun," said Anko with a sultry wink and Naruto smirked.

"Merry Christmas to you too Anko-chan! And of course a Merry Christmas to Kurenai-chan, Shizune-chan, Hana-chan, Tsume-chan, Ten-chan, Kin-chan, Tayuya-chan, Hinata-chan, Temari-chan, Mei-chan, Tsunade-chan, Kyu-chan, and Yoshino-chan!" exclaimed Naruto while seeing the sexy beauties before him.

"Wait! I understand Hana-chan and even Tsume-chan, but how did you get Tsunade-sama, and Nara Yoshino into this harem of yours?" asked Tenten since she just saw Naruto smirking while the two mentioned women shifted nervously while secretly clenching their butts.

"Well...let's just say I had to give each of them a good kick or rather a smack to their asses so they know who is the boss in our relationship. I did the same to you if I recall correctly Ten-chan," stated Naruto while seeing Tenten, Tsunade, and Yoshino blush red since they knew what he was talking about.

"That aside Naruto, we are here to give you a nice Christmas gift that you can treasure forever," said Tsunade, as she stepped forward, and leaned forward to give Naruto a perfect view of her chest that was barely restrained by the bikini top she was wearing.

"And what lovely gifts you have given me. I almost don't know which present to open first since I hate play favorites," remarked Naruto while looking at his choices on who to claim first in this holiday...feast fit for any male Saiyan.

And one that also happened to be an Uzumaki!

"Surely you can think of some way to have us all at once?!" challenged Kyu with Naruto looking at her and he smirked in an almost evil fashion.

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" exclaimed Naruto, as he made an army of copies of himself that filled the rest of the room, and saw the women in his life light up with joy seeing so many of him.

"Best...Christmas present...EVER!" exclaimed Anko happily while the Narutos around her smiled lustfully.

"Come on ladies. Sit on Santa's lap. I've got a present for each of you that I know you will all love unwrapping," said Naruto with each of his Shadow Clones making a "come get me" hand motion.

They didn't need to be told twice.

(The Next Morning)

Naruto hummed happily while he was sipping some coffee when some of his kids came downstairs, yawning, mumbling, and greeting their Father tiredly.

"Did you have a good Christmas Father?" asked Minato, who looked like Naruto, but had red hair, and was Sabaku no Temari's son.

"Yep! Did you?" asked Naruto with his son nodding.

"We did. Where are our Mommies and Aunties?" asked Kushina, who was the daughter of Naruto, and Terumi Mei with this one having wild spiky blonde reddish hair.

"Your Mommies and Aunties? Oh they are sleeping in," answered Naruto while smirking behind his cup.

"Why? Are they tired because of us running around yesterday?" asked Hizashi, who was the son of Naruto, and Hinata with the boy having the Byakugan like his Mother while having the Father's love for sparring.

"No. No. Nothing like that. After you went to sleep last night, your Mothers, Aunties, and I spent the night together opening special presents only adults get," answered Naruto with his three children among many looked at him oddly.

"Special presents?" asked Minato with Naruto nodding.

"Yep! But its for adults only. They each gave me special presents last night too in return and we were up all night expressing how much we loved our...exchanges," answered Naruto while seeing his children still not understanding some of what he was explaining to them.

"Then why aren't you sleeping in like they are Daddy?" asked Kushina with Naruto just smiling at his precious angel.

"That is a very special secret I will tell you when you and your other sibling are all old enough to understand everything," answered Naruto with the children whining and it made the Saiyan chuckle slightly before humming a Christmas song in his head.

They would eventually learn the secret, but when they did...they wouldn't like the image it projected into their heads when they figured it out.

(End Omake)

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