Summary: Dang nabbit! If Dad didn't stop taking her glasses she was going to become her own country again! Frick him…

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A girl, looking around 16 but in reality was much older than that, was walking with a purpose. And that purpose was to get her glasses back from her Dad.

"DAD!" She yelled, light blue eyes flashing dangerously, and the black cowgirl boots she was wearing making harsh clacks on the floor.

The man she had been looking for was currently cowering behind his desk, playing on a DS Lite. He had short blonde hair with a cowlick and playful blue eyes. Currently he was wearing casual attire, a simple black tank with grey sweats and socks. And her glasses.

Seeing them her glared at her father a figure, a man known to many as the charismatic Alfred F. Jones, and some as the United States of America.

That's right, the old U.S. of A was the girls Dad. Now who was she? That's simple, right now yelling at Alfred was Texas, or Kelsey as she preferred to be called.

"DAG NABBIT! I TOLD YOU NEXT TIME YOU TOOK THEM I'D SHOOT YOU WITH MAH SHOTGUN!" She yelled, an angry tick appearing on her forehead.

"Y-You're glasses are so cool though Bonnet!" her father whined, cowering into his chair.

Kelsey's face turned redder, either from irritation or embarrassment from the nickname. "I told you! I don't want to be called Bonnet!"

Alfred grinned, and fear he had disappearing in an instant. "But its cute! Plus it makes sence your state flower is the Bluebonnet."

Kelsey just blushed harder and gritted her teeth. "We'll talk about this later Dad. Just give me my glasses back. Now."

Alfred laughed and patted her light brown curls, making her become even more annoyed-if that was possible-considering she worked hard to put her hair in that pig-tailed style just RIGHT!

"Here yah go Bonnet!" he said cheerfully, putting her glasses back on her face, where they belonged dammit.

"Finally…" She muttered, adjusting them on her face.

"Come on, how bout I treat you to a burger?" Dad suggested, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and rambling on about robots and zombies before she could say no.

Kelsey rolled her eyes but smiled a little. Dad may get on her nerves a lot, but he was still pretty awesome.

But if he kept taking her glasses she was going to become a country again dangit!

The first in many of my Texas one-shots. Sorry if its short, but it is suppose to just be a one-shot so meh. *shrugs* If this were a chapter to a story I'd make it longer but...

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