Code Sonic

Chapter 1:

The Mysterious Jewel

Hey everyone! I am new to fanfiction. This will be my first story ever. Let me tell you about it. This is a crossover between Code Geass and Sonic the hedgehog. I don't own Code Geass, Lelouch, Shirley, Sonic the hedgehog, or other sonic characters. Enjoy! P.S. For my Code Geass stories, they won't have the war at all like the TV show. I don't like that war. It's too heartbreaking for me to write. P.S.S. Italics show the character's thought bubble.

It was a normal day at the Ashford Academy. Everyone was excused from classes just for a little while. Both Lelouch Lamperouge and Shirley Fenette decided to go outside and take a nice stroll around. Shirley had a crush with Lelouch but was afraid that he wouldn't be. But Lelouch also had a crush on her so they both had a small relationship with each other. While they were walking around, Shirley spotted something shiny on the grass far ahead.

"Hey Lulu," Shirley asked. "What's that over there in the grass?" She pointed towards the patch of grass that was shining. "Hmmm. I'm not sure, Shirley." Lelouch said while shrugging. "Hey, I'll race you there!" Shirley teased. She started to run ahead and leave him behind. "Wait! Hold on!" he yelled. He started to jog after her but couldn't catch up. "That's not fair. She knows I can't run fast like her since I ditch gym class a lot." he grumbled in his mind. "But you know, she's cute when she teases like that." He smirked. When he caught up with Shirley, she was examining the object on the grass.

He stared at the object on the grass before him. Lelouch never saw an object like this before. On the grass, was a…jewel? No, it wasn't like a regular jewel. It was a really big jewel that was the shape of a diamond and was dark red. It seemed to glow even brighter when they got closer to it. Shirley started to reach out her hand to touch it, to see if it was real. Lelouch suddenly felt weird, like something bad was going to happen. "Shirley, wait!" he cried out. It was too late. She touched the jewel and suddenly, the ground seemed to have disappeared and both dropped into what was like a portal. "Ahhhhhh!" they screamed. Then, everything went dark.

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