The Power of the Wind and Amy's Fury

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Sonic passed the finish line they were using and turned around, creating a gust of wind. When Jet passed the finish line, he accidently flew into the wind, causing him to fly off his board. "Even without wings, I can still fly! Right?" Sonic said, smiling. He turned around just as Jet landed onto the ground face first. Jet looked up at Sonic while hitting the ground in frustration. "Sonic!" a voice called out. Sonic turned toward the voice and spotted Shirley, Lelouch, Tails, and Knuckles hovering towards him on their boards. "Hey guys!" Sonic called out to them, waving.

"We've been looking for you! You've got to hurry and stop Eggman!" Shirley explained while having a worried look on her face. "Oh yeah. Let's go guys! Follow me!" Sonic ordered while speeding away. The rest of the group followed him to where the Babylon treasure was which was where Eggman was too. "Where are you, Eggman?" Sonic yelled, looking around. Then, he spotted Eggman over at some big doors. He was trying to open them with the blue cube filled with Chaos energy but stopped when he heard Sonic's voice.

He turned around and saw Sonic stopping in front of him and walking towards him. "Ha, ha. Look before you move!" Eggman said, grinning. He pushed his hand into one of the bushes near the doors and pulled out Amy by the collar of her dress. "Darn!" Sonic shouted while stopping. "Grrr…that's not fair!" Shirley cried out, shaking a fist. Everyone else frowned because they didn't know what to do. While everyone was preoccupied, Jet appeared behind them, watching to see what would happen. "Hohohohoho! Now then…just be a good hedgehog and stay still…" Eggman told Sonic while inching towards the door. He began grinning when he saw Sonic obeying and turned his attention towards the door. "Now!" Sonic yelled out. While Eggman was distracted, he started gaining air into his extreme gear.

When the extreme gear was stored with enough air, Sonic let it release and flew into the air, creating a whirlwind. Eggman noticed the noise and looked back just when Sonic let go of the air in his gear. The wind was so fierce that Eggman had to cover his eyes. "Can you catch the wind?" Sonic teased. When Eggman uncovered his eyes, he gasped. "What!" he screamed. Sonic had disappeared! "Where are you?" he asked while moving his head back and forth. "I'm here!" Sonic yelled in the sky. Eggman looked up into the sky and saw Sonic speeding towards him.

Sonic collided with Eggman and made him and Amy fly away into the air with the tornado he created. "Arrgh!" Eggman cried out before he was swept away. The blue cube that was in his hand flew out. Sonic grabbed it before landing onto the ground. "Hey, catch!" Sonic called out. He threw the cube towards Jet. "W-What?" Jet stammered while catching it. Sonic and the rest of the gang walked towards Jet and stopped. "Hmph! I lost. So don't play games with me! I don't want your pity, nor do I need it!" Jet told them, trying to hand back the cube.

"Wha-? Are you crazy?" a voice screamed. Everyone turned around and saw Wave and Storm. "If they don't want it, then let's take it." Wave explained to Jet. She took the cube away from Jet and walked away. "Treasure is treasure!" she yelled at him. Jet was surprised for only a second. He frowned and walked away with his team to the doors. Everyone looked at him retreating, confused. Sonic just shrugged and smiled.

"Ah, I think it's time to leave now." Sonic told the others. "Tails?" he asked. "Yeah." Tails agreed. Everyone turned around and began to walk away. "You know, I feel like we're forgetting something." Lelouch told Shirley. "Me too. What did we forget?" Shirley agreed, scratching her head. She then realized what it was and her eyes widened. "I think I know what you guys forgot. You forgot…" she said, about to tell them when suddenly, a very loud and shill voice was heard.

"Sooonic!" it screamed. Everyone screeched to a halt and Sonic's eyes began to widen. "Amy?" Sonic realized, stuttering. "Yeah." Shirley muttered. He turned around and spotted a very, very angry Amy. She was looking at the ground, trying to hold her anger. "How could you dive into Eggman knowing I was there?" Amy asked, her eyebrows twitching. "Well, Amy…I thought…it'd be…okay…with you, and, um…" Sonic stuttered, trying to find the right words. He looked at Amy's face just as she looked up. Amy's eyes were blazing with fire! He got scared and knew what was going to happen next. He started to make a break for it.

"Sooonic! Come back here. Waaaahhh!" Amy shouted, streaking after him. In her hand was her Piko Piko Hammer, ready to pound Sonic. Everyone looked at them and sweat dropped. Sonic kept on dashing away, hoping that he wouldn't get hit. But Amy was persistent and kept going. "Sonic! I won't forgive you this time!" Amy shrieked, hitting him once on the head. They started to circle around the others. Lelouch stared at them, annoyed. "Wow. Amy's got a huge temper. She's so hot-headed." he murmured to himself. Unfortunately, Amy heard what Lelouch said about her and stopped.

"What did you say?" Amy yelled, facing him. "Oops! She heard me!" Lelouch cried out in his mind. He looked at Amy and gulped. "Ummm…I didn't say anything!" he exclaimed, trying to make her believe him. But Amy didn't and began to get even angrier. A throbbing vein appeared on her head. Sonic zipped over to Lelouch and whispered to him to run before zipping away again. Lelouch didn't waste any time. He escaped and ran away with Sonic. "You two better get back here!" Amy shrieked loudly. She started to dash after them again.

Everyone sighed as Amy chased the two. Shirley just face palmed. "Oh Lelouch. You shouldn't have had done that." she muttered. Everyone stood there and watched as Amy bonked them, one by one with her hammer.

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