By: Imorb

Your dad always told you that if you were nice that others would be nice in return. You weren't really sure if he was lying or that the world had just changed that much since he was a teenager. You also aren't sure which you'd prefer.

What teen society wanted and what adult society wanted seemed to always be conflicting. While you had grown up thinking that doing above average in school was a good thing, and that just because you were kind of scrawny people would accept you, and that someday those braces would pay off… no one else did.

For years you had been nearly friendless and the butt of everyone's jokes to boot. That was alright, you thought, you just smiled and read another book. You didn't go to anyone's birthday parties (you were sick of cake anyways) or any cool sleepovers (and you supposed anyone else would get sick of watching Con Air).

You never did anything to aggravate anyone on purpose, but it seemed like since the first day of high school a target was put on your back. The taunts started to get worse, things like "nerd" and "faggot", but also pushes that turned into shoves. Shoves that were really close to the stairs. Maybe sometimes those shoves turned into kicks and punches. Maybe sometimes they wouldn't let you go until you blacked out.

Why did people hate you? What had you done? Something must be wrong with you, so horribly wrong. You're certain that you must be the most disgusting human being alive right now, you even hope that you are, because it gives you hope that people really are good.

Your name is John Egbert and something is truly wrong with you. Something is wrong and you feel your eye swelling up.

AN: Let it be noted I'm bot truly off hiatus. :l I am only writing this cause my friend asked me to and... I'm starting to work on writing projects again, but they're small and stylized differently. Basically I'm saying don't get your hopes up about updating much. I am really sorry about this. I am a jerk and if all of you wish to unwatch all my stories, I'm totally cool with that.