By: Imorb

It goes from intense to awkward after what seems a split second. Dave turns his eyes down at his victim (is that the right word in this situation) who was making a loud groaning noise. The blond narrows his eyes almost completely, his lips twitching slightly in what looked like disgust.

Everyone said that Dave's brother trained him in the art of fighting, but you hadn't ever actually seen it before. It was pretty scary to witness. He's whispering to Ben, and you aren't sure what he's saying, but he doesn't make a peep afterwards.

"Come on John, let's get out of here."

You're being tugged down the hall feeling like you were running away from a murder scene and your guide refuses to look up from the ground.

"Holy shit, Dave," you breath, "you're going to get suspended or-"

He promptly cuts you off as you wind a corner, "We're goin' to the nurse, ok?"

You're both silent again. You get a nasty look from the hall monitor, but other than that nothing happens. You hope the two of you don't get reported, that would suck.

Mrs. G, as Dave calls her (which is odd because you're sure her last name is Evans), looks up from her desk with a mix of horror and and annoyance.

"David you know your prescription is expensive! Your brother's going to flip when you get home." she tutted, looking into his scarlet eyes.

The blond grimaced as he was instructed to not blink. "Can I just get my spare and make like roadrunner?"

Prescription? You guess you knew how Dave got away with the sunglasses now. It made sense with his unusual eyes. It's a shame you think, they look really cool. Or was exotic a better word? Exquisite?

The woman made a move behind her desk and brought out a pair of very pointy looking shades and hands them over to the other boy. He slides the glasses over his eyes, relaxing as they start to adjust.

"We're chilling here until the bell," Dave informs the nurse. She's definitely annoyed, but doesn't do anything when he says he's going to go tell your teacher where you are. Instead she busies herself with checking to see how your eye has been fairing. You're fine you assure, better than usual. The sympathetic look she gives you makes you want to throw up.

When Dave comes back, he's holding your binder and some extra papers that is assumable homework.

"Teach says their real sorry to hear about your incident, 'whatever it was'," the blond drawls out boredly.

"What now?" you ask anxiously, your eyes darting between the clock and the phone. Is Dave really not going to get yelled at? (You suppose it's not that weird- no one got yelled at for beating on you.)

"The back room," he says as he rifles through the fridge and pulls out a few drinks. (It's Apple and Eve- apple juice, his favorite brand.) With that, the two of you deposit yourself onto one of the beds in the adjoined room.

He's so casual you'd question if something was wrong. How can he do that? How can he just offer you juice and granola like nothing happened? How can this guy possibly be ok with you when you must be filthy?

"Ya'know that kid who voiced Bambi? I heard this thing the other day- no idea if it's true, but that part were Bambi's calling for him Mama? Yeah, they told the kid they couldn't find his mom and recorded him freaking out. Kind of sick isn't it? I'm not a big kids person but geesh."

He's so relaxed, leaning against the white washed walls and posters telling you to wash your hands. He'll talk to you about anything just to hear something. Just give him a little push and the rest is all him.

"You're crazy," you breath out finally, "like I think you're honestly mad."

He stiffens, his jaw going tense. It's painfully silent for what feels like a bit longer than forever.

"Is that ok?" he questions evenly.

You bite your lip, "Yeah, I think it really is."

You're suddenly laughing, but there's nothing funny, not really. He assures you it's not a joke. Not with his words, just by leaning against you, not the wall, your feet kicking together like kindergartners.

AN: No I'm not happy with this. I'm totally out of it, but I rewrote this three times already. :/