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One day in a box-canyon in the middle of nowhere known as Blood Gulch. Three soldiers stood around a standard issue jeep called M12-LRV or Warthog. One wore standard issue red armor this man, was Sarge, leader of this branch of the Red Army sworn to forever oppose the Blue Army, of which there was a small detachment on the other side of the canyon.

The next soldier wears standard armor but it was colored gold his name was Pvt. Dexter Grif.

The other, in armor identical but at the same time different in color this time maroon, to the first two was Pvt. Richard 'Dick' Simmons.

What they were discussing was the name of the vehicle they were currently standing next to as well as the new recruit they would be receiving in a few days.

"So tell me again Sir, why are we getting a new guy?" Simmons asked looking at Sarge.

"It's simple Simmons; the new recruit, well he's not really a new recruit he saw combat with aliens on Reach so he has actually seen about as much if not more combat than you or me and he is being sent here to recover from injuries sustained there while still being able to keep his skills sharp by being in a combat zone."

"So we're getting an injured guy? Great what good will he do us." Grif said making his opinion known.

"Shut it dirt-bag. This brave red has probably seen and done more for the Red Army than anyone in this canyon aside from myself. So you will show the Lt. some respect when he arrives."

"Great. Another officer." Grif muttered under his breath.

-Meanwhile somewhere classified-

"How's he doing Noble 3?" Asked the blue clad leader of Noble Team who went by the name of Carter-A259 or Noble 1.

"From what they've told me about as well as can be expected. After all that elite nearly sliced his arm off and left him there to die while they glassed the planet. According to them we're lucky those wrist blades are plasma because if they weren't he would have bled out" Noble 3 or Jun-A266 looked up from the sniper rifle he had, almost religiously, been cleaning and inspecting for damage.

Cathirine-B320, Noble 2 or just Kat to her team, walked over to the observation window and looked down at the team of surgeons readying the newest edition to Noble Team for the cybernetic prosthetic arm they would be attaching to replace the limb he left on Reach. She shivered as she recalled her own time under those knives, back when she lost her own arm.

Emile-A239, or Noble 4 as he was called when Carter was making a point, glanced out of the window at his newest comrade. But Emile being the blunt-as-a-brick-to-the-face individual he was voiced the thoughts he had under his skull-scratched EVA helmet. "He looks like shit..."

"Well I'm sure he's sorry Emile, but most of us don't survive a month and a half stranded alone on a half glassed planet with no backup or fresh supplies and walk away looking like we just came back from a day spa." Jun said sending a rather harsh look to the black armored Spartan.

"I was just saying."

"Well stop saying."

Carter decided this was the time to end the fight. "Shut it. That's an order." With that both Spartans stopped talking.

"I'm going to see what Six did after he saved the Pillar of Autumn." Kat said standing from the chair she had been sitting in, she walked over lifting the Air Assault mk. VI variant with a jet black visor six had worn the day they'd met and every time he'd been seen afterwards in fact now that she thought about it, 'None of us have seen his face have we' She pushed those thoughts away for now as she activated her TACPAD and wirelessly link her helmet to the helmet of mysterious Noble 6.

Kat had been expecting many things, maybe a few glimpses of the mission before he joined Noble team but she didn't expect the first thing she saw to be her mysterious comrade's face.

Dark brown hair that fell to just behind his ears with two strands lightly framing a face that was younger than she expecting which made sense given the time stamp stating the recording was several years old. She could also see the armor he was wearing, standard issue mk. V jet black primary color with a dark green secondary in all the time she had known him his armor was heavily customized so that surprised her.

Only she was looking up at him as he was firing rounds off in from what she could see was a firing range, then she saw a hand encased in black armor with yellow trim reach over a grab his shoulder.

"What do you want Washington?" Six asked the armored man behind him as he methodically reloaded the pistol he had just fired the last bullets from.

"Just came to see how you were doing... and why you insist on wearing that helmet I mean come on..." Her view shifted as the helmet was lifted and she was visor to recorded visor with a standard mk. V helmet. Her view shifted and spun as the helmet was thrown over Washington's shoulder back to Six who caught it and put it on after putting the pistol on the counter.

Six then jogged to catch up to Washington. He caught up as they entered a large room with about a dozen others in similar armor with a few difference from each individual to the next. When one of them saw the two enter she given the person's body shape stood and walked over to the two.

"Oregon" she said to Six in greeting. "So you found him. So where was he Wash?"

"Hiding in the firing range."

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here, at least wait until I am not standing here, and I wasn't hiding. By the way it's good to see you to C.T."

You could hear the smirk in her voice before it suddenly gained a somber tone "Good to see you too. By the way I wanted to talk about the accident. Look Oregon I know you feel responsible but it wasn't your fault, Alaska had defective equipment…" Only to be interrupted by the suddenly angry Six.

"Yes it was C.T.; she offered to trade my Phase-Shifter for her Power-Booster. If I'd just agreed then she'd still be here…" He looked down in a depressed and defeated manner at this announcement.

"Yes, then you wouldn't and she'd be the one beating herself up over it. But you didn't and there's nothing you can do now." Washington chimed in.

"I know that Wash, I just have to go blow off some steam"

Washington turned from Oregon his hand on the chin of his helmet "Well Wyoming and Maine are having a rematch against Texas in training room 3. You might be able to get in on that..."


"Yeah?" He asked turning back.

"He left after you said 'training room 3'"

Everything turned to static after that and Kat severed the connection. She looked at the helmet in surprise; nowhere in Six's file did it say he was a part of Project Freelancer. She looked up at her squad and said four words that severely made them begin to rethink what they thought they knew of Six "He was a Freelancer."

Well wacha' think? And yes I will rewrite my old stories... eventually

I just thought the story concept was kinda cool and yes I am taking a lot of liberties with Six's past.