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"You don't suddenly find love. Once you have it, you realize it's been with you all along."


He was right where he always was when he was upset. In the Art room.

"Hey you," Cammie said, as she walked toward him. "Why so blue?"

He looked up, and showed what he had been sketching with charcoal. An old man sitting alongside a lake, by himself. "That's me. All alone by myself, forever."

She raised her eyebrows. "Why so pessimistic?"

He sighed softly. "Look around, Cammie. There's couples everywhere! Sometimes it just feels..." he trailed off.

"You're not the only single one, Zach. Look at me! Besides, I'll be right beside you. I'm your best friend."

He chuckled softly. "Yeah. I guess that's enough for now."

"For now? Are you saying I'm not awesome enough?" she replied in a mocking tone.

"No! Never! Who else would help you with your History?" he replied with a smirk.

Cammie smiled, glad that he was out of his former state. "Glad my poor perception of the past amuses you."

He shrugged. "The past is important. If we don't learn from it, the same mistakes could be made, causing the same catastrophes."

"Catastrophe sounds an awful lot like castrate, which may happen to you if you continue with this life lesson."

"Alright alright," he said, raising his hands, palms forward, surrendering. "We better hurry, or else we might be late for History," he finished with a smirk. Emphasizing History.

"Come on then," she replied, rolling her eyes and grabbing his wrist, dragging him out of the Art room.

"Wait! Let me put this away first."

"You're seriously keeping that?" Cammie asked incredulously. "It looks so depressing."

"I'll try to make it more cheerful later," he answered, placing it carefully on a shelf, so as not to bend it or curl the edges. He hated it when that happened, because then he had to put paper weight on the corners, making it harder to finish, and making unnecessary smudges.

"Come on Blackthorne boy! We're going to be late!" She called him that because they had met at an art camp when they were eight and were split up into separate groups, his being called Blackthorne, and hers was Gallagher. The only reason she attended was because her mother was busy that summer with her business, and her grandparents couldn't have her over that particular summer. Needless to say, she was glad for it, because she never would have spoken to Zach otherwise, even though they went to the same school.

"Alright, Gallagher Girl. Be there in a minute."

When he finally finished, they only had about three minutes to climb up to the second floor, go across the hallway to the other building, and up another flight of stairs. They arrived just as the bell rang, saving them 5% of their grade that semester.

First period, here I come, they thought simultaneously, but it's not like they knew.

"Hey," Macey whispered to Grant as Cammie and Zach came into the room. "They look cozy, don't they," she said.

"They've been best friends since they were eight. What else would you expect?"

"For them to be dating already," she stated bluntly. Macey couldn't wait until her brother finally started dating. He always told her he was waiting for the right one every time she asked Zach why he didn't have a girlfriend. Likewise, every time she would say, You're just trying to find the guts to ask Cammie out. He would simply ignore her.

Grant raised an eyebrow. A trait he had inherited from his and Cammie's father, unlike Cammie. "We'll see." He already knew it would happened eventually.

Macey rolled her eyes in response.

"Hey Liz." Bex nudged her tiny, southern, blond haired genius of a friend. "Jonas is looking at you."

"Don't be ridiculous," she scoffed. Liz wouldn't even look, despite Bex's prompting.

"Fine, but don't blame me if you end up alone."

Liz rolled her eyes. "That's highly improbable."

"It's still possible," Bex persisted.

"Fine. I'll look." She turned, and saw Jonas speaking with a pretty red head. "See? He's not looking at me."

Unknown to her, a split second before she said she would look, the girl had asked Jonas for help on the Math question. Him, being the nice guy he is, stopped looking at the blond beauty, as he called her in his mind, and began to explain the equation.

"Hey babe," Grant said as Bex sat beside him at lunch, while pecking the corner of her mouth.

"Hey Grant," she replied, giving him a slight shove on the shoulder for the unnecessary PDA.

"PDA alert," Macey said as she came into view. "So anything interesting happen today?"

"Well," Bex started. "I saw Jonas staring at Liz, but when she turned, he had started talking to some red head."

"What a shame," Macey replied.

"Hey Macey," Nick said as he arrived at their table, putting his arm around her waist as he sat down.

"Hey," she said.

"So what's up with Zach?" Nick asked. "During Art 2nd period, he was acting weird."

"Cammie," Macey answered, which was all she needed to say for him to understand.

"Oh," he started mock sympathetically. "Is it that time of month for him?"

Bex kicked him from under the table. "Don't make jokes about that. They hurt like hell."

"Not me," Macey replied. "For some weird reason, I never feel them when I have it, but I get cramps after it's over." (LOL. This is probably weird, but that's me right there d:)

"That is weird," Bex agreed.

"Ummm, no girl talk please," Grant said.

"Oh shut up. You have a twin sister, I'm sure you already know all about this," Bex scoffed.

Grant had nothing to say to that, as he did know more than he thought healthy. Nick had smartly kept his mouth shut, seeing as he had mentioned it first.

"Hey," Zach said as he sat down. "What happened?"

"Something weird, I'm guessing," Cammie replied as she walked over to sit beside Zach."It always is at lunch, and I actually want to eat today, not gag."

It was better that way, Nick reasoned. He wouldn't get hit by Bex and she hits hard. Real hard.

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