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Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.
-Khalil Gibran

"So you feeling better?" Cammie asked.

Zach shrugged. "I guess."

All of their friends had already left, and as usual, Zach stayed behind in the Art room.

"I'm curious," Cammie started. "Why do you like art so much?"

"Now that," he said, darkening the shadows with smudged charcoal. "Is complicated."

She rolled her eyes. "You might as well tell me. Shouldn't I know everything about you?" Contrary to popular belief, Cammie did NOT know everything about Zach, despite their being best friends for over ten years.

He stopped for a moment, and looked at her with a grin. "Now where's the fun in that?"

"Whatever. I'll find out eventually, you know. I always do."

"Not always," he responded so quietly, that Cammie wasn't sure if he had meant for her to hear, but she did anyway.

"Remember when we first spoke at camp?" Zach asked, even though he already knew the answer. They were walking home, and Zach had his drawing in a folder. He held it firmly, yet gently enough that he wouldn't damage it, in his left hand.

"Yeah. I spilled paint on you," she replied, amused. "It was blue."

"Yeah, and you were stuttering," he started, grinning slightly, but Cammie interrupted before he could continue.

"But you just smiled," she said, her eyes lighting up at the memory of when everything was so much more simple.

He grinned. "Then I said that it was okay. Now my shirt matched your eyes."

"You were so weird," she stated. "No. Scratch that. You are weird."

Zach shrugged. "I'm fine with that."

She bumped her left hip against his right, playfully. He just bumped right back, his hand coming dangerously close to hers.

"Here you are, milady," he said, once they had arrived at her house. "Your knight in shining armor has escorted you safely home to the castle after slaying the dragon. Be thankful."

"Don't you mean knight in shining Armani?" she smirked, looking pointedly at his shirt. She couldn't help but notice how good he looked, but mentally shook her head, and continued. "You didn't pass the test to become a knight with armor, so you just bought Armani." She glanced at him. "Besides, Dragons are awesome. They don't deserve to be killed. It's just the haters being haters."

"Sometimes you don't make sense," he replied, laughing slightly. "I would too make it. I'm just awesome like that. I think you've been reading Tamora Pierce again."

"How did you know?" she gasped, mock dramatically. "It's my guilty pleasure. I mean, the girl becomes a knight with awesome powers. Even better, she ends up with the guy I wanted her with from the beginning. He's so awesome."

"So it's like your own fairytale, except the girl kicks butt, and marries the King of Thieves instead of the prince?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

When Zach arrived home, he didn't start on his homework immediately. Instead, he took out one of his scrapbooks, sat on his bed, and looked through it, searching his mind for the hidden memories he tended to bury. Since they had first met at eight, they were inseparable. Although every once in a while, he would become exasperated, and wondered what would happen if he just came out and said it already. Then he would remember that a dent in their friendship might occur if he did, and quickly withdrew from that notion.

On each page was a portrait of Cammie. No, he was not a stalker or a creeper. The first one, he hadn't even intended on drawing, but the camp instructor had told them to get into partners and draw each other, using the methods they had learned that month.

Zach still cringed whenever he saw it. Compared to most of his work now, it was awful. It was still the Cammie he had first met, however. Out of pure child-like curiosity, he had begun drawing one every year, seeing how much his style would change, along with Cammie.

From eight to twelve, she looked basically the same, except for minor changes, such as hair cuts. However, from thirteen to sixteen, the change had been quite dramatic. Each entry different, until only a tiny splinter of the little girl he had first met was still there, once he had gotten to the one at the age of sixteen. Physically, that is. Personality wise, she was still the same, except she had gotten more mature. Meaning they didn't take baths together, or sleep in the same bed, and so on.

He sighed wistfully, then laid down on his bed, the sheets of paper crumpling slightly under his weight. Sometimes he wished he could control his life, like he did with a pencil on paper. Though he always felt that he wasn't the one actually drawing. Rather, it was the paper that decided, as each one was different, even if no one could tell.

Each one had a different story. Some had ridges, others were as smooth as you could possibly get. Each one would be different. No two could be exactly the same, like snowflakes, no matter how hard someone tried. The strokes were never the same. The passion was never the same. Maybe it was made while tears were shed, and that was what made it the masterpiece everyone knew.

Enough of this, Zach thought.

He shook his head slightly, to clear his mind of its crazy rantings. "Anymore of these speeches from my mind, and I'm going to admit that I'm going crazy," he muttered, closing his eyes, then drowned in blue.

"Sup?" Grant asked from the living room, as Cammie walked through the door.

"Nothing much," she shrugged.

"Uh huh," he replied doubtfully.

Cammie rolled her eyes and went upstairs in her room. Once she had gotten inside, Cammie turned her iPod dock on shuffle, and let the music surround her, letting go of everything, and absentmindedly singing along to Vanilla Twilight by Owl City. It was one of her favorites.

The next one that came up was Black and Yellow by Wiz Kahalifa. Cammie blinked. She was not expecting that to come on. Just goes to show that not only is life random, but so are inanimate objects. Although wasn't that the point of the shuffle option?

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