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Prelude To Tradgedy: Edwards POV

I should have known she would do such a little thing as get a papercut. It was so Bella. It was so human! Exactly what I wanted her to be. However, this was one little experience I wish she could have skipped out on altogether.

Because in a house of vampires, flowing blood, even just a little, was a toxin. It was a neon sign above your head that blazed lunch. And though non of us partook in human blood, it scared me because not all of us had perfect control. Least of all, Jasper. And that was when I heard it


And I watched with frozen eyes, fearing for Bella, as Jasper raced towards the source of the elixer, with fear gripping my heart tight. In the blink of an eye, I pushed her back against the wall as Jasper crashed into me. I shoved him off with all my might as he flew and crashed into the window.

But before I could think, once again, Jasper tried to go for me, with a grisly snarl deep in his chest. I refused to let him past me, even though he was snapping his teeth mere inches from my face. I growled right back. I had to save my Bella!

Than I saw Emmet, bless him, who grabbed Jasper from behind as Jasper still struggled, his wild eyes fixated on Bella. I tried to remind myself that he was my brother. I tried to think of the good in Jasper and not all the sudden reasons that I should kill him.

I finally took a deep calming breathe I didn't need only to freeze. There was much more blood than there had been when she'd received the paper cut. If my heart could beat, it would be working the blood through my veins double time. And than I looked at Bella and my face, which turned pale from the fight, went white. She was losing blood. Fast. Too fast. And I wanted nothing more than to press my lips to that wound and drink her dry.

No! Focus!

But the truth was that I COULDN'T focus. In fact, even if I'd wanted to attack Bella, I couldn't move. My mind raced on ahead while my body stood frozen, still trying to get over the shock. I wanted to drink her blood. I wanted to save her life. I wanted to sink my strong teeth into her skin like butter and I sheathed myself into her welcoming womb and-

No! You obey me! Not the other way around! We do as I say!

I delt with my internal panic as I kept my gaze frozen, trying not to make this any harder on her. And than everyone unfroze and the thoughts came.

Blood! Blood! Blood! Blood!

She needs help! I should get a towel! What can I do? Oh why oh why didn't I see this coming?

Jeeze, this is the best fight that Jaspers put up in a long time. Well, at least Bella doesn't smell THAT good. That way I can focus on this little punk. Maybe I can have Bella cut herself on purpose so Jasper will fight me like this all the time! Than I'll always win!

Ugh, if he messes up my hair, I am SO gonna KILL him! I mean, I didn't even want to come to this party. Than she has to go and cut herself and now I have to babysit a vampire throwing a fucking tempertantrum! This is NOT would I would have wanted to do with my night! Besides, Bella's blood is almost revolting. It's too sickly sweet. It makes me wanna puke. Oh no! My hair! I can feel it knotting! Jasper is so gonna pay!

Oh, the blood. It's...oh dear. It's beginning to become to much. But I MUST help my daughter. But will I be able to without placing her in danger? Oh my poor Bella, I'm so sorry.

The thoughts ran through my head like a buzzing. It was too loud! And I could swear I was about to get a vampire headache! In all this insanity, Carlisle was the only one who stayed calm. I guessed it was his experience from the emergency room that afforded him this quiet authoritative confidence. But that was a background thought to the one forefront in my mind. The one that said: Bella is bleeding.

It looks like she slashed a small vein deeply. But I don't think she hit an artery. All she needs are stitches and I am sure she will be fine. But I will have to pull all of that glass out of the wound first. And I have to make sure that I don't rupter any veins along the way. Oh, and Jasper...

"Emmett, Rose, get Jasper outside."

But after that statement was when I looked at the cut and realized, I'd only made it worse. I was the one who had inadvertantly attacker her. Once again, I'd failed Bella. But I'd not only failed Bella. I'd almost killed her! And now she was bleeding profusely and it was all my fault!

I didn't hear what Emmett said to Jasper. I didn't see Jasper struggle against Emmett. I already knew there was a chance he could slip. So like a moth to flame, I pushed myself closer to the wine, but resisted communion as I crouched in a low clearly defensive position in front of Bella. My love.

I took what was supposed to be a deep calming breath, but after a second of breathing in, it was too much and I held my breath, just as all the others did. I growled as they led Jasper out the back door, a warning the slipped through my clenched teeth. I saw Esme holding the door open, a soft cry on her face. She was ashamed that she had to leave Bella. She wanted to help her. But she couldn't when there was so much blood.

Rosalie's thought's switched and were now smug. Thinking about how she had never attacked anyone and how Jasper needed to learn to "grow up" like her. I breathed out an annoyed breath at Rosealie. I hated having to listen to her thoughts.

And than I heard the thoughts of Carlisle.

There was nothing wrong with them, per se. But there was an undercurrent to them. An undercurrent that held such a strong emotion that just listening to his thoughts almost knocked me off my feet. And I was shocked, as I often was, that he didn't try to steal my mate. But than again, Carlisle was too truthful and honest for something like that.

And plus, being able to read his thoughts, I couldn't be angry. Because it was no crush or addiction, what he felt for her. It was simply a strong urge to protect her. One that was just as strong as mine, if not stronger. I never had understood it or why he felt it and I honestly envied him of it. What he felt for her was so much like what I felt for her. Yet so much healthier.

To me, Bella was a drug. A needle to a junkie. Heroin to an addict. Meth to a drug user. She was undoubtedly my perfect drug. She reeled my senses everytime I was near her and literally set me on fire! And I burned lustfully in the flame. Yet Carlisle,...

If I was an wild and uncontrolled, than Carlisle was freedom, peace. He was the calm, they eye of the storm. His thoughts were peaceful towards her, with an undercurrent of such a healthy love that it felt like I was standing in the sun. I could see that it wouldn't be as hard for them...to be together. There would be no fighting. No stress. Hardly any disagreements. He wasn't like me. No. He would know how to save Bella, yet give her the space she needed to breathe. He wouldn't even have to smother her. He would simply ask and she would do.

It was so different! And certainly better for Bella's health. But could I really give her up? I couldn't think about myself, I had to think about Bella.

I'd come close to attacking Bella many times over. And now I'd actually attacked her! Even though it was inadvertantly. It wasn't safe for her in our world! Carlisle knew that. I knew that. And now I was protecting her from my own family? No. Something had to give. And if it was my own relationship with Bella, so be it.

Besides, Carlisle was able to truly give her what she needed. Whether that be to her a comfort or friendship or a father or even just a shoulder to cry on. And in all cases, he was there. She didn't have to be his "mate". She just had to be something to him. She had to include him in her life somehow. And he would be whatever she needed him to be. That was the true definition of a mate. And that was when I realized, I was in love with Bella. BUt she wasn't my true mate.

And doubt seeped into me from every pore. Surely Carlisle and Bella would have realized their potential relationship by now? I wasn't even sure if Bella kept me around because she loved me, or because she was in love with Carlisle. The thought made my insides boil with rage. But lucky for me, Carlisle was in love with Esme. I just had to find out if Bella loved Carlisle as well. But I couldn't read her mind. Did she love him?

"Let me by Edward."

I knew my father had no lustful intentions towards my Bella...not yet at least. And in that moment I decided I would make sure there never would be. I moved out of his way, anxious to have him heal Bella. I was anxious to have him heal her, so I could destroy her. Oh the irony. But I knew she would get over the pain, she was strong.

I didn't dwell on that any longer as. Things were progressing rather quickly out side my mind.

Alice wanted to help so she offered a towel to Carlisle who refused it, saying something about "too much glass in the wound." I didn't care. I just wanted her to stop bleeding.

I helped heft Bella to a chair by the kitchen table while Carlisle kept a steady pressure on her arm. Alice already had the bag.

Carlisle asked her how she was doing and I was angered when she said she was fine. She was bleeding from a vertical gash down her arm that only barely missed her artery and she said she was "fine"? My own brother nearly ripped her to pieces and I was the one to cause her this pain and she said she was fine?

I sat Bella gently in the chair as Carlisle went to work at once. I would stay here and help bella, despite my thirst. I would control it. I would save Bella. As I'd said to her before, mind over matter.

"You don't need to be a Hero. Carlisle can fix me up without your help. Get some fresh air."

She winced in pain and it took everything within me not to rush to her side and embrace her.

"I'll stay."

I came to stand protectively over Bella, looking for anyway Jasper could get in here. And that was when I heard her speak again. Or more like mumble.

"Why are you so masochistic?"

I was about to respond when Carlisle interjected. "Edward, you may as well go find Jasper before he gets too far. I'm sure he's upset with himself, and I doubt he'll listen to anyone but you."

Bell's eyes brightened eagerly. "Yes, go find Jasper."

"You might as well do something useful," Alice interjected.

I could feel my eyes narrowing as a deep seated anger started knawing at my stomach. She wanted me out of here so she could spend her precious time with Carlisle uninterrupted. Well, I could give her that. I could give her all the time she needed. My brain started working overtime as I nodded once and sprinted smoothly through the kitchen's back door. I had something to plan. Even if it was something I knew I wouldn't like, it had to be done.

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