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I poured the rice into two bowls and tipped the meat over it as well as the cooked squash. I'd never made the squash before but I'd read the directions. It didn't look that hard. Besides, when were vegetables ever truly that hard to cook?

Wait…did Charlie even like Squash? Footfalls were heard in the hallway, I was about to find out.

"Smells good Bells."

I walked over to the table and poured us both a glass of tea as I set the food down on the table. This was just like the way it used to be before all the drama. I sat down to the meal and picked up a food filled spoon.


"Mhmm." I popped the fork in my mouth, chewing noiselessly. Smacking always annoyed me. And even if you didn't smack, chewing with your mouth open was still disgusting.

"What's this yellow stuff?"

"Oh, that's cooked squash. You don't have to try it if you don't want to." But I hoped he would.


I reflected on my earlier musings of what Alice had said. She'd always had some degree of control over what I wore. But it was usually only on really big occasions. Like for instance, a party or what the weather was going to be that day. She'd make me wear a coat or a dress. But why would she suddenly want me to start wearing…lingerie? I gulped as visions of lacy thongs invaded my mind, causing me to flinch. That was exactly what I was trying not to think about.

"It's good."

I think I might have hurt my neck a little when my head snapped up to look at Charlie. "What?" I rubbed the back of my neck.

"The Squash. It's good."

"Oh. Thanks." I blushed, looking down at my food again. I was just as much embarressed at the compliment as I was at where my thoughts were at. Why was it my mind was always in the gutter these days? Oh right...Alice. I was just thankful Charlie didn't see my face when my head snapped up. That probably would have only raised more questions.

But I smiled none the less. I was happy that I was finally getting Charlie to eat like a human being.

We continued eating rice, meat and squash. I popped another piece of meat into my mouth along with the rice.

"Jacob called."

I swallowed noiselessly.

"What'd he say?"

"He wants to hang out. You should call him back. Tell him ok."

"Yeah, that'd be cool. I haven't seen Jacob in a while. Did you two talk at all?"

I took a sip of the sweet tea. Charlie scooped up some rice.

"Yeah, things are pretty ok. Billy's left leg is bothering him a bit but he'll be fine."

I nodded. "Glad to hear they're doing ok."


Forks scraped against the glass plates as we continued eating in silence. I knew there was something Charlie wanted to say but I wasn't sure what. I continued eating while my mind went over what he could possibly want to say to me.

"So how are things over at the Cullens?"

"Good," I answered. "Alice is still being Alice."

He chuckled a bit awkwardly. There was definitely something on his mind. "I like her. She's a good friend to you."

"She is." Now why don't you tell me what you really want to say Charlie?

"Bella, what do you think of Dr. Cullen?"

"He stitches me up when I fall flat on my face."

"Yeah that's true. But I didn't ask what he does for you. I asked how you…well, what you think about him."

I decided to spare poor Charlie. Men were never good with feelings. "I like him. He's a good man whose daughter is my closest friend and whose son is a ding a ling."

Charlie gave a small chuckle. Everyone who got close enough to the Cullens couldn't help but love Emmett.

"So, uh, did he help you at all?"

"We spent some time together. But mostly, I guess he helped me by getting me to "come out of my shell" as Emmet called it." Which led to a lot of jokes about me being crabby.

Charlie cracked a smile. "That's good."

"Yeah, it didn't feel like a psychiatrist appointment. It just felt like hanging with a good friend."

Charlie frowned at my use of the word friend. And chuckled a little too nervously. "So the good doctor didn't make any passes?"

I looked quizzically at Charlie. He didn't really want to talk about this, did he? I mean, it wasn't really like him to want to dissect my relationships. That was Alice's job.

"What are you trying to get at dad?"

He sighed, almost angrily. That was never a good sign. "I overheard Emmett talking to…what's the blond one's name?"

"Rosalie?" I was mystified. What could he have heard from Roslie and Emmett that got him so upset?

"No the boy."

"Oh, Jasper."

A bad feeling settled in the pit of my stomach.

"I overheard Emmett talking to Jasper an isle over. Said something about Carlisle needing to "get a room". Would you possibly know anything about that Bells?"

"No. Nothing."

His voice was stern. "Are you with Carlisle, Bella?"

I remembered what Alice had said about Charlie's approval. I would have to tread carefully if I didn't want that revoked. But why was he even questioning me if I already had his approval?

"I like him."

"Stop avoiding the question Bella."

I resigned. "Yes, dad. Why?" I was suspiscious. What right did Charlie have to be questioning me?

"So being around the Cullen's isn't an excuse to see Edward?"

"Charlie! I thought you knew me better than that! I want nothing to do with Edward, I'm with Carlisle, and that's final."

Acid churned in my stomach and when I stood up from the table, I felt light headed and dizzy. Edward was a taboo subejct around me and everyone knew that, including Charlie.

I started cleaning the dishes angrily. I was about to leave when I heard Charlie mumble quietly.

"Bella, I'm not angry. Carlisle's a good man. A bit old, but not too old. What is he, twenty six?"

He mumbled low enough that I could always say that I didn't hear him. But I resigned myself to being mature.


"Not too much older considering your eighteen. Are you planning on, I don't know how the kids put it these days 'going together'?"

"I don't know. Why? Do you not approve?"

"It's not that. I like him. I was just wondering if you were, I don't know, considering?"

"Oh. Yeah." The unfortunate tell tale blush gave me away.

"Good." He seemed oddly relieved. "At least your with someone who can take care of you."

"When I fall flat on my face."

He chuckled a bit. "Just, uh...be careful Bella."

"Got it."

Charlie stood up from the table and went into the living room. "Hey Dad, do you wanna beer?"

"That's ok. I'll get it."


He smiled at me and I returned the grin. Argument over.

I grabbed the plates off the table and began scrubbing off the plates regularly at a much more normal pace.

Well, that could have hurt more. He knew that I didn't normally talk about it. And even if I did, it was noramlly around Carlisle where I had someone to protect me from the harsh reality that I wasn't good enough. I couldn't handle talking about it without Carlisle here.

But as far as the rest of the conversation went after we had stopped fighting, he really had scared me there for a few moments. I had almost thought he was going to lecture me about sex. Than again, I was glad that he understood that the phrase "get a room" meant making out and not actually thinking that it meant all but sleeping together. Although I was considering more…unsightly activities.

I went up to my room and didn't bother turning on the lights. I grabbed my towel and bag of toiletries, heading for the bathroom.

I stripped out of my shirt and jeans and something in the mirror caught my eye. A hair that had fallen out and landed on my bra. Maybe I was OCD. I'd always disagreed with the diagnosis. But…maybe they were right.

I plucked off the hair and threw it in the garbage. I stared longer in the mirror, staring at my figure.

I'd never done this before but surprisingly, it wasn't to bad. I wasn't fat. Wasn't skinny. And not really too curvy but at least I didn't look like a boy anymore. I had at least B size cups and a few curves on my waist. My eyes were drawn to my set of underwear. Surprisingly, it wasn't half bad. Or at least, I thought so. I'd always liked it. Modest and plain. But on the other hand, I could suddenly see why Alice had bought the lingerie. This didn't exactly spell sexy. But you also had to take into that Carlisle probably wouldn't ever get far enough to see anything.

And even if he did, I wasn't obvious and sexy like Rosalie or cute and fun sized like Alice. I had no vampire traits to attract a vampire and the only thing I had going for me was that I was his mate. In the end, that had to be enough. I had nothing else to give.

I was about to step into the shower when I remembered that Alice had specifically told me to wear lingerie tonight. I was really nervous about it because I wasn't used to showing that much skin. But if I was brave enough to date a vampire, I was brave enough to wear lingerie.

I listened to make sure Charlie was still downstairs watching tv and when I remembered that he was, I wrapped a towel around my body and went into my room. I opened the door and sitting there on my bed was a set of non threatening silky blue panties. I grabbed them both up and was about to leave to the bathroom when a slip of paper slipped out of the bra.

I unfolded the piece, careful not to get a paper cut.

Don't bother with pajamas. Just wear the set. Trust me.
Oh, and shave the obvious too.
And don't worry, you won't cut yourself.

I reread the note. Shave the…what was she talking about? And than it hit me. Grrr. Stupid future meddling pixy. I thought for a minute about trying to wear a pajama set. Even a "sexy" one.

But I knew Alice would see if I tried to wear sweats and a tanktop at the last minute. So I walked out with only the set in hand and hooked the towel onto the rack. I could do this. I stepped into the shower and began shaving my legs. Once I was sure they were smooth, I also shaved what Alice called "the obvious".

It was awkward because I'd never really tried. I was always so afraid that because I was clutzy, I might make a wrong move hurt myself and ending up trying to explain to Charlie why I was there. I winced But luckily, there wasn't much to shave.

I poured some scented shampoo into my hand as I began washing my hair and soaping down my body. Now that my legs were shaved, I was embarrassed how much hair had been on the back of my legs. I was glad Alice had told me to get rid of it. And It's not like I didn't shave regularly. It's just that I saved it for days that were easy. Like an easy day at work or an uneventful weeks of school.

I happily grabbed the bottle of coconut body wash and shampoo. I'd always used strawberry because that's what he said he liked. But on the first night I had used it, the only reason I did was because they were out of coconut. Now that he was gone, I could switch back. And I was happy about it. After I'd washed my hair, soaped myself over twice, and hung the towel up, I turned to brush my hair and face my fear…or clothes. If you could even call them that. But at least they weren't made of lace.

I donned the underwear set without looking at it. The quicker I did it, the better. Kind of like ripping off a band-aid. But I was more scared of putting things on than ripping them off.

I walked into my room and froze when I saw the blond haired god standing by my window. He was wearing a blue button up shirt tucked into a pair of black dress pants. His coat hung over my chair.

"Ah, Bella! It's wonderful to see you again. I-" he stopped. He stopped and he stared.

I felt self conscious almost immediately. Did he not like it? Was I too naked? Was he angry that I wasn't wearing anything? He would have been...

Carlisle looked right into my eyes, and smiled. A truly heart warming smiled, touched with a slight amusement.

"Did you like the lingerie I bought you Bella?"

Wait…that wasn't Alice?

"You bought me lingerie?"

"I did."

I was confused. "I thought it was Alice."

Remind me to tell Alice sorry. I felt horrible for almost not wearing it. But Carlisle came from a different century. Maybe this was the wrong thing to wear even still. Had Alice steered me wrong?

"I'm not too naked?"

He sighed. "At first when I saw you, I thought this was your way of showing me you liked it. But let me guess, Alice didn't tell you I bought it."

I shook my head.

"And you wore it because she told you to?"

I nodded.

He smiled. "I know my daughter well Bella. I've lived with her for several years. But you don't seem as uncomfortable as you were before."

"Well I didn't like wearing it before I knew you bought it. I thought it was Alice trying to get me to be…I don't know…sexy?"

His eyes rolled. "I need to tell her to stop meddling. It's completely unfair to you."

But I was suddenly feeling much better about the scraps of lace in my top drawer. And I certainly wouldn't mind pirouetting in the raciest ones now that I knew she hadn't had a hand in buying them.

Carlisle caught my eye and I swore I could almost see the golden speck floating around in his venom coated eyes. He was so beautiful.

"Why are you so against Alice buying you clothes?"

"Because she really doesn't need to spend money on me."

I felt like face palming myself almost immediately and I looked away shyly. Why did thinking about Carlisle make my body turn to a puddle? I couldn't even talk right around him. I always just said the first thing that came to mind. Maybe I just needed to be a little less distracted. But with Carlisle around, that was hard to do.

Carlisle walked towards me slowly, slower than even a human's pace. I could see every muscle underneath his shirt as they rippled in a smooth strong tandem. When he reached me, he slowly buried his nose in my hair, and his sweet breath tickled my sensitive skin as I was bathed in his masculine scent. "Bella it's natural for us Cullen's to spoil our mates and friends rotten. We even spoil each other."

I was already spoiled by him being so close. I smirked in the darkness, positive his sensitive eye sight could see it. Spoiled...hmm..maybe that was why Rosalie was such a bitch? I laughed a bit to myself.

"What's funny?"

"I was about to tell the joke when I remembered he didn't like crude language. I shook my head.

"Tell me."

I shook my head again. "You wouldn't like it. It's more an Emmett type of joke."

He smiled. "Well, I'm not a fan of foul language. But you aren't normally one to curse. And Emmett's jokes are usually pretty funny."

I smiled. "They are."

I was embarrassed at how my voice shook. By the way my knees were weak. At how I was hyper aware of how closely he was pressed up against me. If I offered…would he want to? Well, I was in my house, in my bedroom, with my own father in the bedroom right next to mine. And to top it all off, Carlisle was from a true Victorian century. I wouldn't think he'd be comfortable with that, would he? I truly wished I could read his mind. That would make things so much easier.

But I had to admit that on some level, being with Carlisle like that and having the possibility of being walked in on was a huge turn on. The thrill of getting caught sent lust spiked adrenaline running through my blood. But I tried to quash it. I knew for a fact that nothing would happen tonight. I would simply sleep in Carlisle's strong arms, just as I had done in his room.

But we had done a lot more in his bedroom...

If only we could go back to earlier. A not so delicate shiver ran through me completely.

But I couldn't possibly imagine him ever thinking like that. And I wasn't too keen on telling him my dirty thoughts. The thought alone was enough to make my face go red because telling him was embarrassing.

"Bella, do you not like it when I spend money on you?" I turned around in his wrapped arms and buried my face into his chest. I was so guilty that I'd thought of even wearing anything other than what Carlisle had bought. Now he thought I didn't like his gift!

"Carlisle, please-"

"Don't feel guilty Bella. You've done nothing wrong. And I'm not hurt, just curious." His hands swept down the side of my cheek ever so gently like he was caressing the softest silk. My spine melted quickly against the heat overtaking me completely. I tried rubbing my thighs together to escape the sensation.

"I like your gifts. I really do. I just feel very guilty that I have nothing to give back to you. It's completely unfair."

He smiled, leaning in slightly to wash his cool sweet breath over mine. "Bella, our love, in and of itself, is a gift to me. You don't have to try to give me anything because you give me a gift just by being alive. Without you, I would never have found my mate, my love. And for that alone, I will owe you the rest of eternity my Bella."

His hand traveled over my ribcage, coming to rest on my hip. "I love you Bella."

His lips pressed against mine as his hand slowly dragged itself up my thigh and right inside. My breath hitched at the thought of relief. But he skipped than he skipped my upper thigh completely.


I knew we coudln't have sex in my room. But the least he could do was not tease me.

In zero seconds, I was on the bed, my body pressed flat against the sheet and a cool, yet insistent mouth on mind. And I felt those pale white smooth hard hands travel down my collar bone as his fingers worked his magic. I thought I would pass out.

My beautiful Bella. What did I ever do to deserve a creature such as you? So beautiful…like silk and chocolate, she is worth more than the finest wine.

As his lust ridden thoughts took over my mind, I lost myself in him. And the more I lost myself completely, the more I knew I wouldn't be able to come back. Suddenly, I was hit with a painful stab of lust. Ten times more powerful than anything I had ever been hit with. He needed me. My gods, he needed me. If I were him, I would have already been taken.


I wanted another kiss. But more importantly, I wanted what we'd had earlier. And just like earlier, I hooked my legs around him, much to my consternation because I still couldn't hit the right angle that I needed. But just like earlier, his hands grabbed my hips and when he thrust, my hips bucked. That was the spot I needed.

And I made the mistake of looking into those beautiful eyes. Or maybe it wasn't a mistake. I didn't know anymore. Because finally, after so long, I could stare into his golden lust filled eyes, and see how beautiful they actually were. I didn't have to look away. I didn't have to be distracted. I didn't have to be anything other than focused on him. I was pulled further into that reverie with a powerful thrust of his hips, as mine responded in kind.

But it wasn't fast enough. It wasn't hard enough. I needed more.

"Carlisle." More.

I thrust my hips up again, trying to get closer to where my body really wanted to be. And when he placed himself directly between my legs, I lost it. I wasn't aware how fast my hips were moving. I wasn't aware that every stroke of my overheated body was bringing Carlisle closer to the edge. Or maybe I was.

Maybe that all consuming fire was where his lust and mine mixed. Yes. Ice is great, and will suffice.

"Bella, stop."

I moaned in agony when he slowed. I grabbed his hips, desperate. "No, please."


But I couldn't. I needed him desperately. And so my hips not only kept their tempo, I sped up.

"Bella, wouldn't you rather be closer to me?"

"Mmmhmm, closer." The thought was a heated brand upon my brain screaming like a neon sign. Closer. Closer. Closer.


His hands left me and his lips carressed my neck. I felt him reach for his buckle and suddenly felt annoyed. "No more belts." It would make it easier for his pants to come off.

I was answered with a growl and a bruising kiss as I felt those tight slacks loosen. Yes! Finally!

I shivered delicately as his lips traveled over my collar bone and than to the jugular of my neck. The way he pulled at the skin almost felt like he was sucking my neck…or drinking my blood. Mmm. Even becoming a vampire sounded erotic right now. I shook my head of all thoughts as he began that same gentle sucking motion with more insistence.

Than he kissed his way, almost desperately, up to my lips. His cool ones gently but incessantly moved against mine as his hands roamed ever so slowly down my body. By the time he'd pulled back, he was already at my breasts, tweaking the pebbled nubs between his hands ever so softly. He lowered his mouth and took one soft swipe of a delicate peak, causing my hips to buck, just like they had earlier. Except this time, I moved over an expanse of freed, hard, muscular, naked skin. And I was desperate. I tried closing my legs around his hips but he unhooked my legs and held them down as he continued to swipe that peak as he ran his tongue over it.

I whimpered. Big mistake.

He began licking harder. My gods! Would I last through this?

The material concealing me from him only a minor annoyance. But he was touching me. And I could feel the extra friction the layer provided. My hips bucked as he began running his tongue harder against me. But all I wanted was to get out of my panties.

And I was already shimmying them down my legs, or at least trying valiently to. But Carlisle was pressing me harder into the mattress, trying to stop that from happening. My only question, why?



The smirk in his voice would be enough to annoy me at any other time. But right now? I. Did. Not. Care.


"Please what Bella?"

"Please," my breath left me in harsh pants. "touch me."

"Am I not already touching you Bella?"

He licked again and again until I was crying out against a pillow.


He smiled devilishly. "As you wish."

And he unhooked the bra as his tongue resumed it's cool work. I shivered.

"Too cold?"


Not even close.

I pulled his head further to my chest, happy that he liked what he saw but needing him to move on. Just hurry up! Please, hurry.

I grinded myself into thin air yet again as my hips bucked. I was becoming more sensitive by the moment as his tongue teased each taut peak, driving me to the brink of absolute madness. And a chant began inside my head. So close...so close...so close.

So close to where the beating of his frenzied heart should be as my pulse roared inside my own ears. So close to screaming out as my voice was caught inside my throat. So very close to falling off the brink to the edge of oblivion. Just let me cum.

"Not so fast."

I almost scared myself with the vampire like growl that was elicted from my throat by this gorgeous man. Just the thought of what he could make me do drove me crazy and my panties hadn't even come off yet!

All I wanted was for the torture to stop. I wanted him to lick me. Mmm. Now. Even the thought, normally so embarrassing to me, was so sexy when I felt like I was burning up. I needed more.

I felt hands carress themselves down my sides and up my back gently and unhook the bra behind my back as his lips sucked gently. I ran a clawed hand through his hair, desperate. All I wanted was more.

"What do you want Bella?"

I hesitated. "It's embarrassing."

"Bella, please tell me."

"I want your mouth on me."

He lips met mine.


He sucked lightly at my neck.


He sucked at a hard peak again but I shook my head. "Lower."

He looked almost desperate now. This game was fun.

He licked a line across my skin, between my breasts down my belly swooping into my navel and he kissed the hem of my panty line.

"Please take them off, Carlisle."

His cold long gentle fingers hooked inside the panties and pulled them down my thighs, across my calves and off. He was finally kissing me.

I let out a long, shaky heated breath, hoping he would give into my demands. "Lick me." I almost was tempted to cross my fingers and finally, he was touching what I had needed attention to for the last hour, or at least it felt like an hour.

As his tongue worked magic, I ran my hands through his hair. The friction felt so good! I had no idea it could possibly be like this. I was glad I'd never done this with anyone but Carlisle.

I felt more wetness seap from me, which earned a moan from Carlisle making me moan in return.

"Delicious Bella."

I pulled his head back to me. I didn't want him to be done just yet. I was really enjoying that. And obediently, his tongue went back to work. Slipping in between my inner lips. Snaking inwards to find my G-spot. Repeatedly flicking over the nub of my desire. It was all too much. And I began to feel that gentle pulling coming from inside again. I wanted more.

Carlisle seemed to realize it too. His clothes were gone in an instant, and he was hovering over me, letting me taste myself on his lips. I'd always thought that would be disgusting. But now I found it erotic.

"Bella, I have to warn you, this will hurt."

I didn't even blink. "I don't care. Please Carlisle. I need this."

And with that, he came inside me inch by agonizing inch. Moving forward ever so slightly, so slowly. And I felt completely full. It truly was a beautiful feeling.

And than, I felt him hit a thin barrier and flinched. But I wanted it gone. "Take me."

He pushed himself in the rest of the way. But oddly enough, I didn't feel much pain. When he came inside me, I felt full. So completely and totally full. I wanted more than he was giving me. I moved my hips to show him I was ready and I hissed in pleasure at the sensation of him moving within me.

He sat on his calves, knees spread, and pulled my legs around his hips, entering me. And he quickly began moving his hips. I could hear the sounds of him slapping against me and I felt the bitter sweet sting that accompanied. It only heightened the sensation.

I pulled him down to me and we lay front to front on our sides with my leg hitched up around his hip. He'd never stopped moving, he'd never slowed down. If anything, he was going slightly faster. His hand kept itself on my thigh to steady me and he moved into me quicker, shaking the bed. I hoped we didn't wake up Charlie.

I felt my head spinning wildly and I closed my eyes. Against the onslaught of emotion and feelings, I just couldn't keep them open. It was too much. Far too much. And yet I needed more.

"Faster. Harder."

My breath came in short pants but I couldn't seem to catch my breath. If anything, it was even harder to breath. But who needed breathing when you had such bliss?

"Carlisle..." I trailed off as spiderwebs trailed across the surface of my vision. I could feel every muscle in my body and every taught and tight sinew of his. This was paradise.

As I came down from my high, I felt a gentle hand rubbing across my back and that was the moment I realized Carlisle loved me. I cuddled into his naked chest as I blissfully fell asleep.

"Thank you Carlisle."

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