Missing Pieces

( Dead Like me)

Authors Note: I do not own Dead Like Me , if I did it would not have gone of the air…I realize many people may not read this because the show is not a more popular one , but I encourage ratings please to let me know people are reading this . Enjoy!

Chapter 1 : Un- Happy Anniversary

When I was alive I never felt like my life was really going any where. I was a collage drop out, never could keep a job, lived at home with my parents being forced to work at a miserable temp agency until I figured out where my life was going. That's when I was killed by a toilet seat from outer space; now my life really wasn't going any where. Ironically enough I became a Grim Reaper, unable to move on in death. Then to add another twist to fate I ended up working at the same temp agency ' Happy Time' , for an overly peppy Dolores Herbig ;Like Her Big brown eyes. I have felt like a part of me was always missing even when I was alive, and now that I'm dead… well un dead the void just keeps getting bigger, even though I had been dead for 5 years now.

It was the anniversary of my death. At first, I felt sad about being dead, like I still couldn't believe it , but as time goes on I start to feel more an more alone. Even though I have my dysfunctional Reaper family. Rube, always had something to say, like he could read everyone. He reminded me of my father. There was Roxie, who was a hard ass, and she was always trying to reprimand Mason or my self. I guess you could say she was like our mother figure. There was Mason, who was always drunk or high on some drug ,and he almost always managed to screw things up. Everyone was always on his case and I felt bad. Mason was like an older brother to me , he always had been. Over time he also became my best friend I found that we were both screwed up enough that we understood each other. Then there was Daisy. I guess you could say that she was like my annoying older sister who cared more about material things and what [people thought of her than people around her.

I stood at my grave, while it was still dark out, so that no one would see me. I stared out into the cold dark sky as a light breeze blew through my hair. I tried to think back to the memories of when I was alive, and it started to get to me emotionally. That's when I started wishing. Wishing I'd been nicer to my younger sister Reggie who looked up to me so much, wishing I'd have understood my mom more, wishing I hadn't of had that falling out with my dad. I had always been a daddy's girl, we did everything together. I know it tore him up inside when I said I didn't need him any more, and now it just tares me up inside. I wished I would have finished collage and not of dropped out. Then I started wishing that maybe if I would have been more friendly that maybe I would have had friends, and maybe I wouldn't have been so sarcastic and mean. If I had friends at Happy Time my first day maybe I wouldn't have been out wondering the streets around lunch time. Then I wouldn't have gotten hit by that toilet seat ,and I'd still be alive. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about it as tears started to stream down my face. I just stood there staring at the tomb stone of who I used to be, and I stayed there until the sun started to come up.

I then made my way over the 'Der Waffle Haus', where it had been our gathering place for my dysfunctional family of reapers. We had our designated booth that we always sat. We always had that table no matter what. We would come eat, get our Reaps and leave… or not depending on your situation. When I got there I walked over to our booth. I noticed rube was already there, the others had not yet arrived. I scooted in and sat across from him. He had ordered extra crispy bacon , eggs and coffee. I could tell immediately that he knew something was wrong with me. Rube could always tell that about me, and I hated it. He gave me a concerned stare, and I tried to ignore him so I opened up my menu. I've never really opened my menu up before, I usually just know what I want because I always order the same thing.

" Morning Peanut" He said to me calmly still staring at me through my menu trying to break the silence.

" Uh Huh" I replied , again trying not to look at him, and avoid any kind of interrogation. Just then Kiffany our regular waitress came over.

" What can I get you hun?" I sighed putting down my menu, and dropping my head to the table.

" Just my usual oat meal and orange juice" She too gave me a concerned look, and walked away. I took that chance to look over at Rube who was still giving me that concerning stare. I had to admit it wasn't comforting at all but starting to piss me off. Roxie walked in with Daisy, and they seemed to be in a heated argument. Roxie had been annoyed with daisy for about a couple weeks now. She insisted she needed to find a man, or in daisy's case get laid.

"All I'm saying is if you cared more about your appearance.." Daisy smiled at Roxie, until she cut her off.

" NO! I told you to just drop it Daisy!"

" But" Roxie put her hand up so that Daisy would stop talking and thankfully this time she took the hint. Roxie sat down next to me and daisy sat down next to Rube. They too seemed to sense I was in a darker mood than usual. They looked at each other to decide whether or not they should say something. They just watched Rube and I stare at each other.

" Ok, what is up with you two?" Roxie finally broke the silence.

" You visited your grave today didn't you Peanut?" He keep his stare on me, making me not only annoyed but nervous.

" So that would explain why Georgia wasn't at home when I got up." Daisy said as if I wasn't even in the same room.

" I'm sitting right here Daisy, and what does it matter if I visited my grave?"

" George it's a big anniversary for you , I'm just concerned about how your taking it." Rube remained calm ,and I just rolled my eyes. I wanted to avoid all of the ' Poor George', ' Are you ok George', and all of the sadness directed at me. Roxie looked shocked and then she turned to me.

" That's right it's been 5 years George. If that why your so upset?" Kiffany cane back with my oatmeal, before I had time to interject. Roxie ordered coffee ,and daisy ordered pouched eggs and tea. I tried to eat and keep to my self in hopes that it would drown them out. I looked up and noticed Daisy smiling at me, which made me un easy and annoyed.

" Georgia I think you should blow off work today, we will have a ' girls day' Spa, Facials, mani-pedi the works! What do you say?" SHe looked at me with anticipation.

" I'm not blowing off work Daisy." I said trying mot to sound annoyed.

" peanut I you need to talk…" That was it. I slammed my spoon down on the table, making a loud shattering noise. This caused Kiffany to look over here in hopes she didn't have to clean up a big mess.

" I DON'T! I don't need to talk, or have a girls day, or talk about how I'm dealing with my 5 year anniversary! So everyone just leave me alone!" I was shouting ,and I realized that I was attraction attention so I pulled out a $10 dollar bill and left it on the table for my food and tip, and stormed out of the dinner. I needed to clear my head and think. I didn't want everyone coming at me at once. I was walking to my car when I heard my name. I stopped and slowly turned around.

" Georgie wait!"

" What so you want Mason?" I was too exhausted to fight him too.

" your not leaving are you? I was hoping you'd let me borrow some money for food. I'm starving and I already owe Roxie money." I sighed in relief. Thank god mason was.. Well mason, oblivious to the world.

" George?" I didn't realize that I had been off on a tangent in my mind that I was staring. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a $20 bill, and handed it to Mason. As he took it from my hand I started to cry subconsciously. I apparently startled him because I wasn't normal one to show a lot of emotion. I didn't understand why the longer I am dead the more it affects me. It didn't seem to happen to any one else , or did it? As I stood there crying mason grabbed my arm and pulled me off the side by my car. At that moment I just wrapped my arms around him and be began to console me. He didn't ask me what was wrong , or nag me about what today was. I actually felt at ease for the first time since I had gotten up this morning, I felt comfort in Masons arms.