'Missing Pieces'

Dead Like Me

Authors Note: I know I am horrible for making all of you wait so long for the next chapter. I am in the process of working on two fan fic's… feel free to check all my stories out. In the mean time hope you like the new chapter and how things start to get a little more crazy for George and Mason.

Chapter: 9 ' New events arising'

I watched as the ferry boat just exploded, from what it looked out of no where. I could feel the heat on my skin and my eyes started to water as smoke started to drift in. I looked over at Rube, and he looked to be un affected. How was it that these kind of situations didn't get to him? Was he just used to it? The rest of us looked as speechless as we were. Soon enough The spirits from the bodies on the boat started to make their way from the water to shore, wandering around like they were lost. We tried to collect the souls as best as we can. All of the souls were scared, panicked ,and some were even in denial.

" We need to collect our souls immediately or they will have trouble moving on." Rube yelled through the crowed. I rolled my eyes, of course we would be rushed.

" How are we supposed to figure out who is who?" Mason asked hoping the answer would just fall into his lap.

All of a sudden Roxie blew her cop whistle and everyone seemed to stop what they were doing, and looked at her.

" Listen up! Everyone who was just on the boat that exploded ,line up in a single file line, and everything will be explained to you." Everyone seemed to feel a sense of relief and listen to her. Soon everyone stated to form a straight line. All of us Reapers were at the front of the line identifying all of the lost souls, making sure to reap them quickly.

I looked at my watch when we had finished ,and all of the souls had moved on; 7:00am. I sighed and started to walk away. I needed to get to Happy Time before I was late…again.

" Georgia wait!" I looked behind me to see Daisy and Mason running up to me.

" I have to go to work Daisy if you two want a ride, lets go!" Daisy just smiled and they made their way into my car. Daisy sat in the passengers seat, while Mason opted to sit in the back, to not cause attention to us. I started to wonder if it was obvious that I felt something for him stronger than friendship. I drove in silence most of the way back. After I dropped Mason off at his apartment the atmosphere in the car took a turn. I noticed daisy looking at me from the corner of her eye and It was starting to annoy me.

" Why are you staring at me?" I could see her smirk and play with a strand of her hair.

" Georgia, do you think that Mason is attractive?" I was so startled by her question that I swerved into the opposing traffic, nearly causing an accident.

" OH My God!" I couldn't breathe, my heart was going so fast. Did she know? Oh no I thought now it was going to be over I'd never hear the end of it from her.

" Georgia watch where your going!" she grabbed her chest.

" What?" I just wanted to hurry up and get to our apartment so I could drop her off.

" Well" She smiled and started to blush. " Is it crazy to say that after everything Mason seems to be more attractive. Maybe I'm just finally seeing what has been in front of me for so long. I don't know is that crazy?" Ok, so she didn't know that I had feelings for him, but she was admitting her own feelings for him, after leading him on for so long. This was not fair. Why is she paying attention to him now? It reminded me of this time when I was alive. I had to be about 10, and my mom had bought me a Malibu Barbie Dream house. It wasn't quite my thing, so I ignored it, and never played with. That is until I found Reggie trying to steal it, then it became my favorite childhood toy. In this situation Maybe Daisy was me in the situation of not wanting Mason, and then realized that I wanted him and that is when she saw something in him, worth seeing. I knew this wasn't going to end well for me. Mason had always wanted Daisy, and now she wants him too.

" Um" I pulled in front of the apartment. We had arrived and Daisy just sat there. " Were here." Still didn't budge just stayed there staring at me, waiting for my answer. I couldn't take it any more. " Daisy I … I have to go" She looked at me with a disconcerting glare, and nodded her head. I knew this conversation wasn't over whether I liked it or not.

Well I was relieved when I finally walked into Happy Time. I didn't have mixed emotions thinking about Mason, and now the situation that Daisy had made , wanting after all this time of humiliating him, and constantly rejecting him.

" Millie" I looked up to see Dolores coming toward me with a stack of papers. This couldn't be good I thought. I could see the cheesy grin that she wore, hoping that paper work wasn't for me to finish.

" Good Morning Dolores" I grinned. She leaned over my cubicle, like she was going to tell me something personal.

" Millie I have to tell you something that can not get out to any one." I perked up a little. I could use something else in my head to mull over for a while.

" What is it?"

" Murry isn't doing so well he needs to have surgery" Of course she was worried about her cat. At least she had a companion that she cared about. I tried to look sad. " I told everyone that it was me that had to have the surgery, and needed to be out for a while." She sighed and looked over at the floor. " You cant tell any one Millie or I wont get paid time off" I nodded

" Of course I wont say anything, If you need anything…"

" Thank you, but now that you mention it" Me and my big mouth I thought, but kept my smile on. " I need some one to fill in for me while I am gone. I cant think of any one better than you." I tried really hard to keep the smile on my face ,but I think my face was going from comforting and accepting to terrified. She handed me to stack of papers that she had been carrying . I knew it, I knew some how they would end u being for me.

" Sure Delores, I'd be happy to fill in while your gone" Was this me answering , I felt like some one had taken over my body. She seemed to perk up quite a bit, then walked away with a peppier step then usual.

Great I thought now I get to do twice as much work, but I might like the power of being Delores. This was defiantly going be an interesting turn of events.