Spoilers for 5.08 Changing Channels ...

WOW: Grapple. "we have to play our roles..." Dean's not self-conscious; not self conscious at all!

The Universal Wrestling Federation is proud to bring you a battle of barbarians; a duel of daredevils, a contest of conquerors; Ladieeeeez and Gentlemen, hold onto your seats for 'Dean the Dominator' versus 'Sam the Savage' in a no-holds-barred, without-mercy Bout of Champions …

a/n I have exactly zero knowledge and even less interest of wrestling of any sort so any inaccuracies are entirely down to any duff intel I gleaned from Mr Dizzo.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, in fact my minimal chances of ever doing so have probably completely evaporated after this little effort ...


Irritably extricating his blushing face from his brother's armpit, Dean gasped; "The Trickster is so friggin' dead; I've never been so goddamned humiliated."

Sam snorted, flipping Dean onto his back, and planting a knee on his chest; "tell me about it."

Dean panted, trying to writhe out of Sam's grip; "We're wearing spandex Sam. In front of millions of viewers; It's practically freakin' obscene!"

"So I see;" Sam grimaced at the revolting sight squirming beneath him as the referee counted down, "an' by the way, Mr Dominator, next time you want to stuff a pair of socks down the front of your leotard; use your own!"