WOW Grapple. It's a good thing Sam knows exactly how to deal with a hypothermic brother. Dean, however, is really not impressed.

Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just borrow them occasionally for fun and frolics.


Grappling with the shivering figure in the bed beside him, Sam pulled his squirming brother into a hug, gasping as Dean's freezing back pressed against his bare chest; "Sorry man, but if you're gonna go fallin' into frozen lakes ..."

"g-gedd-dof-m-me;" Dean stammered, barely coherent.

"Sorry," Sam explained, "skin on skin, best way to exchange body heat."

"S'n-not jus' one o'your p-pervy fan-fantasies?"

Sam sighed; "trust me, none of my pervy fantasies involve you."

Still wriggling sluggishly, Dean was reeled further into the powerful embrace.

"Sucks…" he yawned.

Sam smiled as the body in his arms stilled; "yeah, whatever; tell me about it tomorrow."