Team Anko

Someone To Guide Him.

Konohagakure … the village hidden in the leaves. One of the five most powerful hidden villages in all of the elemental nations. The only Hidden village to have survived several wars without tasting the bitterness of defeat. Currently the Hokage, leader and strongest of all the ninja of Konoha was holding a meeting in his office …

"It would seem that young Naruto was driven from the village again last night …. he's seven years old for Kami's sake and he couldn't have ended up in a worse place in the entire village" spoke Hiruzen Sarutobi, the sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no sato. His office was full of his top level Jounin, ANBU and even a few clan heads.

"Where is it the boy has hidden himself Hokage-sama?" asked a concerned ANBU.

"The boy has taken up residence in training ground forty-four" Hiruzen replied, his eyes closed in deep thought.

"But that's-"

"The forest of death … I know … clearly the horrors within are easier to put up with than the village people" spoke the aged Hokage sadly.

"That kid must have no fear if he's willing to venture in there on his own, let alone sleep in there" spoke a light purple haired Jounin. She wore a mesh body suite and tan skirt along with a ankle-length tan trench coat. She was currently smirking to herself as most of the other Jounin gave her a wide berth.

"from what I have observed he is quite adept in finding adequate shelter and food for himself … and as much as I know how dangerous it is out there, I am very happy to let him stay there … but … I need someone to teach him real survival skills so that he may survive on his own out there" spoke the Hokage as he watched a few Jounin look at him as if he were going senile. Sarutobi understood their looks, it was the forest of death … most Jounin didnt venture in there unless it was absolutely necessary.

It was at this moment that an ANBU spoke "Hokage-sama, is it wise to leave the boy in that kind of environment? The way I see it is that he'd be much better off living with someone to teach him everything he needs to know to function as a proper human being should, if he were to start becoming even slightly feral then he would only face more ridicule from the villagers upon his return"

"You raise a good argument Inu-san … however Naruto dislikes being in the village, staying in the forest is what's best for him at the moment and he seems to be adapting to his new environment quicker than most seasoned veteran shinobi could in this situation" the Hokage explained with a small amount of pride in his voice for the young boy.

After a long uncomfortable silence someone spoke up. It just so happened to be someone who was least expected to help the boy. A woman, known by everyone in the village, civilian and shinobi alike.

"I will teach the boy … I live at the central tower in the forest and I know the forest like the back of my hand, so I am best suited to teach him the skills he needs to survive" the same purple haired Jounin who spoke earlier stepped up to the Hokage's desk, arms crossed over her chest with a small smirk.

"Thank you Anko, is there anything you will be needing to help teach the boy?" asked Hiruzen as he dismissed the the rest of the rooms occupants, some decided to stay but those who were clearly disinterested left.

"Only one thing Hokage-sama … I request the Shodaimes contract for the boy as he may find himself in a situation where he needs reinforcements when I am not around" spoke Anko.

The rooms remaining occupants all stiffened … the Shodaime Hokage's summoning contract was among one of the most powerful and feared of the worlds known contracts …

"Anko …that contract hasn't been continued for a reason … If people found out it was still here we could be in serious trouble ..." spoke Hiruzen sternly as he gave Anko a hard look, making the Jounin flinch slightly.

"I know its a dangerous contract but what is the point of keeping it locked up, if Naruto became the new contract holder then he could have it left with the summons themselves to protect … besides we all know that despite the child's complete lack of current skill that he will surpass Shodaime in power … possibly even the Yondaime" reasoned Anko.

"And what if we do loose the contract … we only have the toad, dog, turtle, ape and Shodaime's contracts left … the serpent contract was lost with Orochimaru and Tsunade took the slug contract with her when she left the village" Hiruzen sighed, rubbing his temples in an attempt to rid of his growing headache.

There was a silence in the room until the old Hokage sighed in defeat, he had to admit that the logic bend Anko's argument was solid and more.

"Okay … he can have the contract … on one condition!" Hiruzen stated firmly, giving the purple haired Jounin a hard stare.

"What is it?" she asked flatly.

"You teach him everything he needs to know to become Genin … he will not be attending the academy, this means he will be apprenticed to you for the next few years … and when the time comes if you and he so wish you may take him as part of a three member Genin cell with yourself as the Jounin instructor … that is my offer, take it or leave it!" Hiruzen demanded as he took his pipe in his mouth and lit it with his fingertips, breathing in the rich tobacco before blowing the smoke out in front of him.

"I accept! Ill be starting straight away!" said Anko with an evil smirk and determination, she put her palms flat on the Hokage's desk and gave him a feral grin.

"Good! … you'll be paid an academy instructors wage weekly … you wont get many missions with an apprentice … but ill allow you both to do d-ranks" the Hokage smirked happily.

"Good … I'll be back for the contract when I know using Kuchiyose wont kill him" said Anko before she left out of the window and towards the forest of death to find her new play thing.

Only the Hokage, Inu, Hyate and several of the clan heads remained in the room once Anko had left.

"Hokage-sama … is it wise to let Anko teach the boy?" asked Hiashi, the Hyuga clan patriarch, his face showed a calm of almost inhuman proportions.

"I didnt hear anyone else jump to help the boy … besides I think he will be good for her … and on the plus side … with her teaching him along with how strong he will get, i would bet this hat that it will be Naruto who eventually defeats Orochimaru and rips his rotting heart from his chest … after all … he is his son … and he will one day inherit the same power, if not more" Spoke Sarutobi as he tapped the symbolic hat with his thumb.

"What if you're wrong?" asked Shikaku Nara, the Nara clan head.

"Naruto may hate the villagers … but he would never harm any of them … he's totally devoted to this village … its his dream to take this hat from me so the village will acknowledge his existence" Sarutobi explained with a laugh.

Training ground 44

a small blonde boy was sat in a tree, panting heavily as he stared down at the enraged wild boar that was currently attacking the very tree he had scrambled up to escape from it. He gripped his makeshift spear … crafted from a broken tree branch with a rusty kunai tied together by frayed and weak rope.

The boy took a deep breath before he steeled his nerves and jumped from the tree with the spear aimed for the boar.

The boy landed awkwardly as his spear landed on the boars back, barely breaking the thick furry skin on its back, seeing this, Naruto backed away as quick as he could, the boar charging at him. Time stood still for a single moment before the boar smashed into the ground head first, skidding to a stop with half a dozen long and thin double edged knives embedded deeply into the boars throat and body.

"So the little Hunter became the hunted" spoke a woman's voice with an amused tone from up in the tree that Naruto had backed himself up against.

Naruto quickly turned and backed away from the tree "Who are you? What do you want?" demanded the seven year old as he grabbed his spear and held it up defensively in front of him.

The woman dropped out of the tree and simply smiled sadistically "My name is Mitirashi Anko … and you're in my forest brat!"

"I don't see your name on it!" retorted the blonde, glaring at the woman before him, pointing the spear at her.

"Ha … There's a tower at the centre of the forest … I live there, that makes the entire area that is fenced off around it my property … and you're trespassing" Anko said with a sadistic smirk.

Naruto began to panic, he didn't want to leave the forest and go back to the apartment where villagers could find him.

Seeing the panic in the boys eyes, Anko laughed "Don't worry kid … I'm here to train you to survive on your own out here, but you'll be staying at the tower with me for the meantime" Anko explained.

"Why?" Naruto asked blankly.

"What?" asked Anko curiously.

"Why would you help me … no one else would why would you care? ... why would anyone care about what happens to me?" Naruto stated as if it were fact.

"Well you're wrong … the Hokage asked me to train you … so that's one person who cares … and I accepted, so that's two people … besides I can relate to your pain of being pushed out of the village" said Anko as she retrieved her blades from the boar, her back turned to the small child.

"You too?" the boy asked quietly.

"Yep, how did you think I ended up here in the first place?" Anko asked.

Naruto glanced at Anko carefully and walked over with his makeshift spear when Anko spoke up to him.

"Might as well leave it … the blade is in bad condition" she said as she walked over to him, pointing at his 'spear'.

"But I need some sort of weapon don't I?" he asked as he looked at her and then around at the forest.

A kunai landed between Naruto's feet, making the seven year old jump slightly.

"There … you get one Kunai for now … when you advance in training you'll get another … and then another … you have to earn your right to use these tools under my guidance … do you understand?" she spoke in a tone that clearly, she meant business.

"Understood Anko" replied the boy with a small smile of determination.

"It's Anko-sensei to you brat" she said as she ruffled the blondes hair with a slight smile ' maybe this will be more fun than I first expected' she thought to herself as she lead Naruto to the tower at the centre of the forest of death.

Authors notes.

So here it is, re-done, added to it and I will work the story a similar way as the old version. Let me know what you think, cause I'm torn between re-doing the entire story or scrapping it completely.

Anyway I hope it is better than it was and i'd like some feedback, also I'd like to just say that the teams will be the same and although I appreciate some of the helpful ideas people have given me, I see Naruto as an only child with no family, I'm not a major Sakura fan myself, but I have plans for her. I don't do harem stories an I detest in any way shape or form the idea that Hinata should be with anyone but Naruto.