Team seven

Naruto woke up to the sound of tapping, he sat up whilst rubbing his eyes before he looked to the window to find a small sparrow tapping at his bedroom window. He pulled the bed sheets from himself and walked to the window in only a pair of boxers and opened the window to find the bird had a message attached to its leg. Naruto took the note carefully, holding the small bird gently so as not to hurt it. Finally getting the note off, Naruto let the bird fly off from his hand. Unravelling the note he read it out loud to himself, still slightly sleepy.

"Be at the academy for 1pm" the blonde frowned and then it snapped, he was to meet his team today as Anko was unavailable to pick them up, it was now down to him. He looked over at his alarm clock and saw he had a few hours to kill. He quickly got a shower and got dressed, eating a small breakfast of honey-loop cereal before he armed himself with his usual weapon, making sure he had plenty of wire.

"Three and a half hours to kill before I pick up my team-mates … time to go and kill something for dinner tonight …" Naruto spoke to himself as he walked out of his tree-house, locking it behind him.

"Now … what should I get … boar …. or snake?"

At the academy - 1pm.

"Team seven will consist of Haruno Sakura, Hyuga Hinata and …" a Chunin spoke, a horizontal scar reaching cheek to cheek and running over his nose. He had a light tan and brown hair, pulled back neatly into a ponytail.

"Who else, Iruka-sensei?" asked a girl wearing a red dress with long flowing bubblegum pink hair, a Konoha Hitai-ate holding her hair back from her face.

"I don't know Sakura … all I can tell you is that Mitirashi Anko is your Jounin instructor … which probably means ..." the now identified Iruka explained before the door to his class room opened and a blonde haired boy entered the room clad in all black, including the black ANBU armour.

Naruto surveyed the room with a critical eye, arms crossed over his chest.

"Ah Naruto! … its good to see you, finally got your Hitai-ate too I see …" Iruka greeted the blonde.

"I'm doing well thank you Iruka … I'm just here to pick up my team-mates … Anko sensei is on a mission" Naruto replied to the Chunin with a smile. Naruto heard the door of the classroom slide open, Naruto turned his head to Find Mizuki, Iruka's teaching assistant walking into the room with a stack of papers.

"What are you doing here brat?" Mizuki sneered at Naruto.

"Nice to see you too, here let me help you with those paper's" Naruto said seriously, never taking his eyes from Mizuki's. Naruto reached out as if to help but instead, he simply slapped the stack of papers from Mizuki's arms and smiled as they scattered all over the floor.

Naruto's features shifted dangerously as he grasped the hilt of one of his Wikizashi, drawing the blade and inch from its scabbard, all the while giving Mizuki a sadistic glare as he spoke, every word dripping with hatred for the silver haired Chunin.

"Better watch who your speaking too … next time ill put you in hospital again"

Mizuki glared up at Naruto as he hurriedly picked up the scattered papers.

Turning back to the class he spoke as he picked out faces he knew of in the crowd "I'm here to pick up Haruno Sakura and Hyuga Hinata for team seven … Anko could not make it to pick you up today so if you would follow me ladies, I will explain everything you need to know about our training and missions together from now on as team seven" the blonde explained as he waited for the girls, who got up from there seats and started to walk down to the front of the class when a voice shot from the far end of the room.

"Who are you?"

the blonde looked over to the boy who had spoken, finding a boy with bitch black hair, spiking out at the back of his head and dark eyes, wearing a dark blue shirt and a Hitai-ate around his forehead … Uchiha Sasuke … Naruto knew who this kid was … and wasn't going to stroke his ego by giving him anything.

"That's not really your concern now is it?" the blonde said. He motioned for the girls to follow him and swatted the stack of papers from Mizuki's hands once again on his way out of the door.

Iruka sighed and gave Mizuki a small glare "You should know better than to upset him, especially knowing who he is and who taught him"

Naruto lead the two girls out of the classroom and to the roof of the academy. Once he had them sat down he leaned against the railings and waited for the two girls to take a seat on the steps in front of him. He looked them over with a critical eye, taking not that Sakura didnt seem to care much and Hinata flinched under his gaze. He then started to speak with a smile.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto … and I am your new team-mate and ill also be helping Anko-sensei train you properly … we both want you prepared for shinobi life" Naruto introduced himself with a smile.

"But we've had four years at the academy, we're already ready for missions" said Sakura as if what the boy before her was saying was complete crap.

Naruto smirked "So you think your ready for this life?"

Sakura nodded adamantly.

"you know … a previous team some years ago thought so too … they thought they were capable of starting missions straight away and they were capable, however … on their third c-rank mission they were ambushed by Nuke-nin … leading to two of the three Genin being slaughtered mercilessly before their sensei could step in … all because their skills were still academy level … do you know who's team that was?" asked Naruto with a small smile as he looked up at the sky, leaning back with his hands on the railings.

"Who's t-team w-was it?" stuttered the shy Hyuga.

"Namikaze Minato's, the fourth Hokage when he was just a Genin … under the training of the toad sage, Jiraiya" Naruto said as his eyes trailed down to the two girls, their mouths agape with shock.

"They died needlessly because they didnt sharpen their skills like Minato did and that's why they died and he was able to hold off the Nuke-nin long enough for Jiraiya to arrive and deal with them" Naruto told the story with a small smile.

"But the leaf was at war then! We wont encounter other ninja on c-ranks!" Sakura protested.

"In the blink of an eye a war can start … Konoha has enemies … and a lot of them … Uchiha Itachi, Orochimaru of the Dentetsu no Sannin … the list goes on … and that list includes Iwagakure … another of the big five hidden villages … and our relations with Kumo are strained … and as for our relations with kiri are none existent ... the fact of the matter is ... that no matter how unlikely it is that you'll encounter enemy shinobi ... it can and still does happen regularly" Naruto explained.

"That's why we wont be taking C-rank missions until I know we are ready … that's why Anko-sensei and I have a plan for your training … we will start training tomorrow at 8AM till 12PM followed by a break for lunch until 1Pm … then we will be taking D-rank missions until 6Pm, Monday to Friday, the weekend is free for you to relax, train or whatever" Naruto explained, causing the girls eyes to widen.

"All that time? You cant be serious!" asked Sakura. Clearly she was expecting a few hours of training a week and a few missions whilst having plenty of time to relax.

"I'm deadly serious … and if you're late, you will do extra training on top … if you fall behind, you'll end up in hospital, especially with Anko-sensei's physical training techniques, believe me I know first hand" Naruto warned the two girls "Anko-sensei isn't going to hold your hand on missions ... she expects us to be able to handle ourselves without her help ... and she will make sure that you can ... she will break bones if she has to ... it will happen"

Both girls suddenly looked uneasy and unsure of themselves all of a sudden.

"Hey … so long as you both put the effort in, there's no reason as to why you shouldn't get strong, I've been training with Anko-sensei for five years straight" Naruto laughed "she's tough but she's good"

There was an awkward silence until Naruto broke it.

"So tell me about yourselves? Likes, dislike, hobbies and dreams … that sort of stuff" Naruto smiled brightly at the two girls "Hinata, why don't you go first?"

"W-well … I am t-the heiress t-to the Hyuga cl-clan and m-my likes include ci-cinamon buns, m-making my own he-healing salves a-and m-my favourite animal is a f-fox" the girl paused before she took a deep breath and continued "I d-dislike ignorant p-people … rapists and the H-Hyuga elders. I g-get nervous around l-large groups a-and I t-tend to fidget a lot … m-my dream is t-to b-become a good K-Kunoichi and earn th-the r-respect of m-my c-clan" the petite girl said as she fidgeted with her fingers.

"Cool … and you Sakura?"

"I like to relax with my friends … which I now can't do … I like to read, solve puzzles and I like Uchiha Sasuke and hope to gain his approval of my skills as a Kunoichi. I dislike perverts, including rapists, insects, loud people and now I dislike you … very much" said Sakura with a blank stare at her new blond team-mate.

Naruto openly laughed "You dislike me now, wait until tomorrows training, if your lucky, Anko will start you both off slowly and ease you into training … but there's absolutely no chance at all of that happening … you either learn quick or die with Anko-sensei"

If Sakura looked annoyed before, she was scowling now, clearly she was living in a dream world of grand missions, saving princesses, battling evil men and saving the day when reality was much much more bloody and violent, as was human nature … clearly she still had the mindset of a child playing ninja … it would be fun watching her break. Naruto spared a glance at Hinata and noticed she was staring at Sakura with an odd look, clearly she was much more mentally prepared for the road ahead.

"What about you then?" Sakura spoke harshly.

"My Name is Uzumaki Naruto … I like training, ramen and my friends … I dislike perverts, Mizuki-teme and the general populace of the village … My dream is to become Hokage and surpass all the previous Hokage" Naruto said with a smile.

"Now that introductions are out of the way … empty your utility pouches and shuriken holster's contents onto the ground …" Naruto said as he pushed himself off the railing and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Why?" asked Sakura, not keen on just dumping her possessions on the ground.

"Just do it, it will save you time tomorrow … and quite possibly a lot of pain too, as I am much more lenient than Anko-sensei" the blonde explained with a slight tone of annoyance.

Sakura sighed as she, along with Hinata emptied their weapons and equipment onto the ground and then watched as Naruto knelt down and inspected Sakura's first. Naruto knelt and picked up a kunai from her pile before he spoke to her.

"Sakura … your kunai are blunt and this one" he held the kunai in his hand up "is bent to fuck … your shuriken are blunt, wire is tangled and knotted and you don't even have a first aid kit or soldier pills … and why the hell is there more make-up and perfume than anything else?" he gave the girl a stern look "Are you serious about being a Kunoichi? Because by looking at this … its not convincing … bin it! … all of it!" he said sternly as Sakura huffed and started to pick up her equipment.

Naruto moved over to Hinata's pile and knelt down to inspect it "Hinata … you have only six Kunai, ten shuriken and a basic first aid kit and at least you have a neatly kept reel of wire but … why do you have so few kunai and shuriken?" asked Naruto, he was annoyed with both the girls lack of or poor condition of equipment.

"M-my clan only al-allows us t-to c-carry s-so many we-weapons" Hinata explained nervously.

"That was lesson one, equipment check and maintenance of said equipment … you both failed. Lesson two … What in Kami's name are you both wearing?" Naruto asked, shaking his head.

"What's wrong with our clothes?" Sakura demanded, clearly quite annoyed.

"What's wrong? I could see you easily in the dark with those clothes and if I can see you, assume the enemy can as well … you might as well wear a neon orange jumpsuit next to that dress … and I can smell you if you wear perfume" Naruto said, giving Sakura a very direct stare at the end.

"The bright colours have to go … thankfully, know just the place to go for the things we need" Naruto said as he stood and motioned for the girls to follow him. He lead them into the market district of Konoha when Naruto stopped and turned to his new team-mates. He gave Sakura a thoughtful look before he spoke to her " Sakura could I see your utility pouch for a second?"

Sakura sighed in annoyance but handed over her utility pouch, only for Naruto to throw it into a trash can "I told you to bin it"

"Hey! that's got all my make-up in it!" she nearly screamed as she moved toward the bin to retrieve her belongings.

"Go on then, fish it out the trash, I dare you to turn up tomorrow wearing make-up or with make-up … Anko-sensei will literally kill you, she detests Kunoichi who spend more time looking good than improving their skills" Naruto warned the pink haired girl in a deadly serious tone.

Sakura growled at Naruto … how did she end up on this team anyway … she was supposed to end up with Sasuke …

"Follow me, I'll show you where to buy real weapons … not those cheap toys the academy tells you to buy" Naruto said as he lead the girls into an old store and continued to lead them to the front counter where a woman was stood with long black hair and piercing green eyes . Upon seeing Naruto the woman smiled and greeted him immediately.

"Back again I see Naruto-kun, what will you be needing?" asked the woman in a friendly voice.

"I need both of my new team-mates measured and outfitted properly, the academy obviously isn't drilling in the concept of stealth like it used too" Naruto said as he leaned on the counter, looking up at the woman who looked past Naruto's shoulder to see what she was working with before she looked back to Naruto and gave him a bored look.

"It's lovely to see you again too Aki-chan" Naruto smiled at the woman who laughed.

" Okay, come out to the back girls, ill get you both kitted out properly" Aki said as she motioned for Hinata and Sakura to follow her. All three girl disappeared leaving Naruto in the main shop, waiting patiently. After about twenty minutes, both his team-mates and Aki returned, both girls now dressed in all black much like Naruto.

Sakura now wore a loose, short sleeved black shirt and black cargo pants, tapped at the ankle with dark bindings and black zori. Over her shirt was the same styled black ANBU flack jacked and she wore black ANBU style arm guards and greaves. For some reason she had a small smile on her face.

Hinata on the other hand wore exactly the same outfit except her shirt was a long-sleeve and she herself look pleased, if slightly embarrassed by the form fitting clothes Aki had picked out for her. She stood, fidgeting with her fingers.

"Well … how do you feel?" asked Naruto.

"Slightly stupid …" Sakura said.

"and you Hinata?"

"uncomfortable w-without m-my jacket" she managed to say with a blush.

"well if you dress like serious shinobi, you'll be treated as such" Naruto smiled at the two girls who after a moment nodded at his logic.

'Maybe getting rid of the jacket will do her confidence some good' Naruto thought to himself as he glanced at Hinata.

"10 of each outfit please Aki, minus the armour and zori, thy will only need a single set of those for now" Naruto said, turning to the dark haired woman who simply smiled and nodded in reply. Once Aki had everything ready and bagged, Naruto paid for the clothes himself and led the girls out of the shop, saying goodbye to Aki as they went.

"Right … next thing we need is to get you both proper weapons and equipment" Naruto said as he lead the girls off again and into an old run down weapons shop. The outside of the building was misleading however, as the inside was clearly a store of high quality forged weapons.

"Muramasa-san!" Naruto called out loud, gaining the attention of a very tall, broad shouldered and well muscled man.

"AH! Naruto! What can I do for you today … and by the way, I finished your special order!" the man greeted in a deep rumbling voice as he grinned at the blonde.

"I would like for you to equip my two new team-mates please, allow me to introduce you ladies to Muramasa-san, the absolute weapons master of Konoha! Muramasa-san these are my team-mates Haruno Sakura and Hyuga Hinata" Naruto motioned to the two girls.

"Ah! It is a pleasure to meet you both" said muramasa with a smile as he went about his task. After a few moments, he returned to the front desk and placed a number of items in two separate piles upon it.

"It is fact that an Iwagakure Genin can easily beat a Konohagakure Genin in a fight with only weapons … this is because the academy is comfortable with letting students practice with weapons that are badly crafted and are of a bad quality … Kunai and shuriken" Muramasa paused pointing to the sets on the counter "are essential for trapping, distractions and hand to hand combat …now … normally your academy toys are made of iron, cheap nasty metal that chips, rusts and bends easily … these are made of the highest quality carbon steel … twenty five each and fifty shuriken each two reels of wire each, a set of soldier pills and a medium first aid kit each too … is there anything I've missed Naruto?" muramasa finished, looking up from the two stacks of items.

"Explosive notes, smoke bombs and blank scrolls Muramasa-san" Naruto said from the shops small book stand as he skimmed through a magazine on weapon forging.

Muramasa then added two blank scrolls on each stack, followed by ten explosive notes and three smoke bombs each. Hinata and Sakura were wide eyed at the pile, they never would have guessed that Naruto carried all this equipment on him.

"All done Naruto! … and here are your special order's" muramasa said, gaining the blondes attention as he places a two and a half foot long package on the counter. Naruto replaced the magazine from where he had picked it up from and walked over to the counter.

"Girls, take a pile each … what's the damage to my wallet Muramasa-san?" asked Naruto with a grin.

"Not too bad this time, only five thousand one hundred and sixty two Ryo" Muramasa laughed.

Both girls looked at each other awkwardly as Naruto paid the man, further shocking the girls that the price hadn't fazed him even slightly and he even tipped the mammoth of a man for his services

"Thank you Muramasa-san …" Naruto spoke before leading the girls out of the shop, both carrying two separate bags, one for their new clothes, the other held their new weapons.

"All these weapons … you carry this amount on you all the time?" Sakura asked in slight shock.

"Nah ..." Naruto replied as he lead them off "I carry double that amount ... oh and your expected to have all that equipment with you on every mission and training session ... no exceptions"

Both girls gawked at him as he walked in front of them before he stopped and turned to them with a smile.

"Hmm tell you what … seeing as I've emptied just under half my wallet … why don't I treat you both to a late dinner at the Akimichi restaurant?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"I suppose so … its been a long day … and I feel I should just go with the flow to make things easy" Sakura said as she sighed, clearly fed up with the days events already.

Hinata on the other hand was fidgeting slightly but nodded anyway, out of the two girls Naruto knew he'd get on best with Hinata …he then lead them into the restaurant and they took a seat at a table.

"So … how long have you been Genin?" asked Sakura, mostly out of boredom as she looked over the menu.

"Four years … two month officially … I've been doing D-ranks since yourselves started the academy" Naruto explained.

"Um … I h-haven't s-seen you around the v-village b-before ..." Hinata spoke up, joining the conversation.

"Yeah do you live in a hole in the ground or something?" Sakura questioned with a slight smirk.

"Nah I live in a tree … and I don't live within the village populace, I find it more peaceful that way" Naruto replied, never taking his eyes off his menu.

Both girls looked at each other and back to Naruto strangely

"A tree?" Sakura asked confused.

"Yeah you know those massive brown things with the leaves ..." Naruto said, looking up from his menu with a blank expression.

"You are so weird" Sakura replied with a shake of her head.

Naruto just smirked and winked at Hinata who blushed, not able to hold back the small smile threatening to turn into laughter. A waitress soon made her way over to take the groups order and left to get their drinks.

"Well look here … we seem to have stumbled upon team seven ..." came a familiar voice from behind the two girls, Naruto looked up to see the same kid that had demanded his name in the academy classroom flanked by a boy with a grey jacket, red fang tattoo's on his face and a small puppy hanging out of his zipped up jacket. On the other side was a boy with dark sunglasses and a trench coat covering most of his body and face from view. Naruto wasn't stupid, he knew exactly who all three boys were, but he wasn't about to give in to the Uchiha boy's rude demand.

"Sakura what are you and the Hyuga wearing?" Sasuke asked with a sneer.

"Oh its my new outfit, do you like it? Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked hopefully.

"Hn … you look more idiotic than before" Sasuke sneered once more before he crossed his arms over his chest.

Hearing this both girls visibly deflated, looking down slightly, not unnoticed by Naruto.

"You!" the raven haired Uchiha pointed at Naruto, who was still looking at his menu and continued to do so, ignoring the boy.

"I'm talking to you!" Sasuke said annoyed as he ripped the menu from Naruto's hands and flung it across the table. Naruto sighed and looked at Sasuke with a sense of boredom.


"And you should show an Uchiha the proper respect due … when I talk, you listen" Sasuke demanded with a glare.

"Is that so? … well then when I see an Uchiha that has earned my respect, I will do" Naruto replied with a serious calm to his voice.

"You would do well not to make an enemy of me … My name is Uchiha Sasuke, remember it … for one day you will be my subordinate" Sasuke stated as if it were a fact set in stone.

"Now … tell me your name!" Sasuke demanded for the second time that day.

"Okay, first you rudely demand my respect and name, you insult my team-mates and make a scene in a clan owned restaurant … how do you think he feels with you making a scene in here?" asked Naruto gesturing to the other two members of Sasuke's team.

"As if I care about their feelings, They are both below me and will only to slow myself down" Sasuke said, glaring at Naruto.

Naruto stared at the Uchiha, completley at a loss for words "If that is the case then you truly are a monster" Naruto said directly to Sasuke, then looked to the two boys beside him who were glaring at the Uchiha themselves.

"Gentleman, if I were you, I'd keep a close watch on your team-mate just in case he gets you killed to save his own worthless hide" Naruto said seriously with a tone of sympathy before Sasuke snarled and stormed off, the other two following behind him reluctantly.

"T-thank y-you Naruto" Hinata said quietly.

"Yeah … thanks" Sakura said quietly, her head still downcast slightly.

"Hey! don't you dare listen to the likes of him … you two are twice the person he will ever be! … besides, I think your outfit's make you look more professional and attractive" Naruto said seriously, both girls looking up at him with slight blushes.

"Food!" Naruto suddenly said excitedly as the waitress delivered both their drinks and order together, causing both girl to deadpan at his outburst.

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