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So this story was in 2011. Winnie did die and Jessie visited her grave back in 2002. He visits every year but stays out of sight of her descendents. This part is a must read! In 1917 Winnie Jackson had a son named Will. 1939 Will was married and his daughter Lola. 1963, Lola Hayden has her daughter Diana. In 1995 Diana was married to Travis Owens and had their daughter Lillian Catherine. Now in 2011, she's sixteen and has no clue about what her great, great grandmother went through when she was fifteen. No one does, not even her son Will.

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Chapter One

I laid out in the soft summer grass while the sun warmed spots on my skin that wasn't shaded by the trees I was under. I twirled a white daisy in between my fingers as I stared up at the quivering leaves.

I turned my head to the side and noticed the toad that always seemed to be around here. I sat up slowly and tilted my head to the side.

"You are the same toad aren't you?" I asked him.

He just croaked and didn't move from his current spot, less then two feet away from me.

"I'll take that as a yes." I crossed my legs over each other. "I don't know why you always show up here. Shouldn't you live in like a forest or something? There's one right over there." I pointed to the thick woods.

It had no response to that.

"What am I doing? Talking to a toad. I should just text someone instead of being out here."

I got to my feet and pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. I walked away from the toad and sat down on the chair on the porch.

Heh Daniela, what's up? I texted to one of my friends.

I shut it and relaxed into the chair. When I glanced down to the ground I jumped a little in surprise. The toad was on the porch by my feet. I rubbed my eyes and blinked twice. It stared at me with it's large eyes.

"What the-?" I was interrupted by my phone vibrating in my pocket. I took a quick glimpse at the toad before pulling it out.

Not much. Can we hang out today Lily?

I sighed deeply and replied back. No. It's been twelve years since my great, great grandmother died and the whole family is getting together tomorrow. Tonight I have to help set everything up.

Why does it have to be at your house?

Because she grew up in this house. Plus her grave is in the backyard.

That's weird how she was buried in your backyard, you have to admit that. How can you sleep at night?

There's a reason my parents didn't tell me what the tombstone was for until I was fourteen. Of course that still gave me nightmares.

Uh yeah! Shit Lily, I feel bad for you. It's like another funeral isn't it?

Sorta. Hopefully it doesn't last as long as one.

Who's all coming? You're hot cousin Kelvin?

Wrong side of the family. With my mom's side, we've had only children for more than five generations. I have no uncles, aunts, and cousins on that side.

I was going to be there for you but since there's no one to flint with…sorry Lil. You're alone on this one.

I can't blame you, I wouldn't do this for you.

Gee thanks. TTYL!

Yeah talk to ya later.

It was just in time too. My mom stuck her head out the window. "Lily, come on inside. I need some help sweeping the floors."

"Okay mom," I agreed.

I went inside to join the medium brown haired woman. She had loose curls in her shoulder length hair and crystal blue eyes. I had the same looks except my hair went to the bottom of my shoulder blades. Right now it was braided over my shoulder. My mom had a broom in hand then gave it to me.

"Thank you dear," she smiled sweetly. "I'll be in the kitchen washing the dishes if you need me."

"Heh mom?" I called to her before she walked off. She turned to me. "Where's dad right now?"

"Picking up all of the food for tomorrow."

"Oh. Will he be coming back soon? I'll be mad if he tries to skip out on cleaning the house again."

"He won't, I'll make sure of that," she grinned evilly.

A sharp shiver went down my spine as she turned away again and went to the kitchen. I thought it would be a good idea to believe mom and just get to work.

After smacking the dust and dirt out of the rugs, I slide them back into the house and into place. I had to sweep and mop the floors. Now I have to put everything back including the rugs and furniture. My dad was mowing the lawn and cutting the shrubs. My mom was basically scrubbing every inch of the kitchen and bathrooms. Whenever we have company coming over she goes cleaning crazy. After every time this happens the house smells like lemon for a month. It is a little over whelming but after doing this for as long as I have, you learn that you can't complain.

I had my mom help me put the table back into the dinning room and set the chairs back where they belong.

"That should be it mom," I stated, whipping my forehead. We had all of the windows open and it was hot out. My parents don't like to use the AC in this old house but it's going to be cool once I go to bed, which is good since heat rises. No one goes up stairs during these hot days. "Am I done?"

She took a quick look around the completely spotless house. "It should be, but you better go ask your father if he needs help. You know how well he works when his allergies are kicking his butt."

I nodded and headed back outside.

My poor dad, he's allergic to hay and he's doing yard work, across the street from a farm. I understand that he needs help.

I followed the sound of sneezing, groaning, and snipping to the side of the house. I spotted my dirty blonde haired dad trying to shape the bushes. My dad has brown eyes and wears big glasses since he's nearly blind. His hair was short and curly. I went up to the tall man and tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned to me and sneezed again.

"Bless you."

"Thank you. You need something?" he asked, sounding miserable.

"Mom wanted me to come out here and help you."

"Oh this is my last job. But, since it's so cool in there, I'm sure your mom would like it if you went into the forest and got some wildflowers to put around the house," he mentioned, jerking his head to the woods behind him. "Here, you can use the plastic bag to put the flowers in."

"You had me and 'cool' dad. I'll be back in a little while." I didn't bother to ask why he had a plastic bag with him and just took it. I hurried into the forest, my dad sneezing behind me.

In all honesty, I don't spend a lot of time in this forest. I've only been in here a few times and that's when I was either with my parents when I was little or with my friends goofing off because we were sugar high. Every once and a while I have dreams about this place. I know my way around because of those dreams. In them I'm running, stumbling over my feet. I don't know what I was running from but I remember the feeling of terror ripping through my heart. At the end of those dreams I come to a small clearing, with this fountain at a bottom of a large tree with…something written into the side of it. I would look to see what it says but then it would end as something came up behind me.

I rubbed my arms remembering when Daniela and I came out here, cans of pop in hand. I was looking for the fountain, but I didn't tell her that. She was making howling noises as I easily navigated my way through the dark forest. We were both very hopped up on sugar so I thought, 'Let's go out into the forest,' so we did. Of course we went running out when something close, howled back. I haven't been in here since then. I've never been alone before in this place.

I took in my surroundings. The smell of moss and damp wood was in the air, but not overpowering. It was light and natural. The taste of dew was in the atmosphere as well. All you could see was trees, broken branches, and the occasional patch of wild flowers. When I saw them I picked them and set them nicely into the plastic bag. Everything looked softer since everything was slightly wet. It was nearly completely silent beside the twigs snapping under my feet, the birds flying around, the breeze ruffling the leaves of the trees above me, and…the soft sound of water?

My blue eyes grew as my gait became wider and I went a little faster. Could it be what I think it is?

I burst through the clearing and laid my gaze upon a small fountain at the bottom of the tree. "Oh my god! It's-It's-wow!" I hurried over to it and kneeled down. The water was clear and was cool, I could feel the coolness coming out of the little hole the water was getting poured into. It was almost like a mist.

It looks awfully good, a drink of cold water on a hot day would be nice. I stared down through the water as I lowered my hand to put it into the water. Why does it feel like I don't want to though? But I do. Yet I don't.

I shrieked a little and I felt my phone buzz. I covered my heart and gasped for air in shock.

"Damn," I whispered as it continued to buzz. I pulled it out and pressed the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Lily, it's me," my boyfriend Duke said.

"Heh, what's going on?" I asked, leaning up against the tree.

"When's this party tomorrow? I forgot when you told me."

"It's not a party Duke. It's basically a family reunion for my great, great grandmother's death. You probably don't want to go to that," I smiled playfully. "I'll be there, all alone, to hear the old stories of my great grandma."

"Are you trying to guilt card?"

"Depends. Is it working?"

"It's a family thing Lily."

"Come on," I moaned. "This is your job as a boyfriend, help me get through family functions! I would go to something like this for you!"

"No way. I don't do the family scene."

I huffed. "If you weren't so hot I'd break up with you."

"But I am, so you won't."

I rolled my eyes. "No, I won't. Will you at least come over once it's over. It's been a while since we've made out in the back of your car."

"That, my dear, I will agree to. I'll bring one of my hot cars."

"Of course. Talk to you tomorrow 'kay?"

"Sure, sure. Bye Lily."

"Bye Duke." I hung up and sighed dreamily. Duke Olson is the most cute, athletic, and richest guys in the whole town. He's my boyfriend. He's the dream boy for every girl in town and he asked me out. I'm so lucky!

I turned back to the tree and gawked at it in awe. I found it, I finally found it. I've been having these dreams since I was fifteen and I finally found it. I ran my hand over the softened bark and got to my feet.

"I'll be back tomorrow," I told it. I think I have a thing with talking to things that can't talk back. "I've been trying to find you for too long to not."

I started walking away from it before taking one last look over my shoulder at it. I noticed the letter on the tree, 'T'.