A Magikarp's Dream

Author: Please note, I do not own Pokemon. If I did... *Get's Dreamy Eyes*

Random Magikarp Appears: Uh... please forgive her! What she meant to say was that she does not own Pokemon and hopes you enjoy the story!

There are millions of Pokemon out there in this gigantic world. Each one is unique in there own special way. But the one thing that we ALL have are dreams.

My dream? Mine is to finally have a true friend (or friends if I'm lucky) who I can call my own.

You see, the life of a Magikarp is usually dim and is laced with unhappines. My kind is looked down upon by millions of humans and pokemon alike. To them, we are useless dimwits who are utterly weak; not even good enough to be edible.

That train of thought in individuals lead to us being bullied, mistreated, and outcasted by others.

Despite these thoughts, there are some (I hope) in this world who acknowledge us for who we TRULY are inside: beings capable of great knowledge and strength that have feelings too.

THOSE types of people and Pokemon are the ones I wish to become the friend of. Not the one's who will mistreat me and my kind.

Unfortunately, the type of being (or type of beings) I wish to befriend are very scarce (if any at all) in this huge world. How do I know this? Well... it's because I have been treated badly all my life, and still am. Not alot of people wish to be the friend of a dumb old Magikarp... but I've still kept a flare of hope in my mind and heart that one day I can finally achieve my one and only dream:

To finally have a true friend.

Author: *Sniffs* May I please say, that's so sad! I'm very sorry...

Magikarp: It's ok! But I bet no one knew we actually cared... *Sighs*

Author: Poor Magikarp... But I hope you enjoyed the story everyone! May I please say, if it's horrible, I'm very sorry! I'm not really good at writing these types of stories-

Magikarp: Please wait a minute! You wrote this story and made me depressed? *Begins To Glow And Change In Form*

Author: *Lets Out An Anime Style Sweat Drop* On no...! Anyways, please try and treat Magikarp's nicely, ok? Bye~!