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Gingalain: Hell yeah! Well, here we go!

Nanael: WAIT! Who are you?

Gingalain & OC: Huh?

Nanael: I'm the Holy Angel Nanael and I want to know who you are!

Leina: Just stop that Nanael. He is going to tell us who he is. Am I right?

Gingalain & OC: uh...

Melona: Yeah! Go on handsome!

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Queen's Blade & White Demon

Arc: 0
A New World and a granted wish
Chapter 1:


Sunday. 7:00 am, the end of an imaginary 21th century.

It was a pretty normal day in Japan. The sun climbed through the windows of an apartment in which two people lived. Those two people were siblings. The boy being 16 and the girl being 15. Normally, such young children would never live alone. But after what they have witnessed, losing a sister, losing a mother, losing themselves through separation and the disappearing of their uncle, they only needed one another.

They had become one.

The name of the boy was Ingo 'Neah' Vieth but, over time he was called Silver. The girls name was Kaithlyn 'Kai' Vieth.

Both of them traveled around the world to find their long lost relative, Marian Vieth, a member of the church that separated the two. They knew that this person hadn't passed.

As the sunlight shined through the windows, the sound of an alarm clock filled the empty space of the apartment room.

~ ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ~

The eyes of the boy snapped open as he heard the sound of the alarm clock. A complain was the first thing that slipped past his lips, "ARGH! I'm awake! I'm awake! Goddammit!" His response was his hand meeting the 'off' switch on his alarm clock. His tired eyes looked over the numbers of the clock. Letting a realization seep in rather quickly.


He swiftly hopped out of bed after this, bringing most of everything with him.

"Crap, where are my clothes? I have to hurry!"

Putting on his clothes, he rushed out of the house not realizing that it was Sunday, it not even being a school day. But his teacher wasn't a normal person, they both met her as they arrived in Japan. She claimed that she had met their uncle and that she knew where he was.

On the way to this person the boy just hoped that his teacher, Welveria, would not be mad at him or force him to do things he didn't like. Something maybe along the lines of kissing her feet or massaging her shoulders or backside.

"CRAP! I'm way to late... teacher is going to kill me! I really had not read the book that Kaithlyn found the other day. Argh! I don't have the time to think about this. I must hurry, before she gives me another taste of her Fortune-Telling skills. As if I would ever have something with a Maid. Yeah, right." He complained again and accelerated his speed of running.

Ingo was still running on his way towards Welveria's place, but the beautiful view was enough to halt his actions.

"I love this place. This is the spot where everything happens, people go from the one island to the other island.."

Ingo was still watching the scene and totally forgot the time or the reason he was running.

"HEY YOU! WATCH OUT!" A stranger shouted irritably, Ingo not paying him any mind as he drifted off into his own thoughts.

Ingo woke up in a unknown void and heard someone speaking to him with a voice which was neither female nor male...

"Welcome, you stupid fool who doesn't know his own place."

Ingo looked behind him and saw a strange gate, the being that was talking to him pointed to something behind him.

The strange gate had some odd inscriptions and strange-looking human statues of busty girls, which were standing on two stone pillars and looking up to an engraved image of beautiful warriors fighting each other to become queen.

And suddenly the doors, which stand in the middle of the gate, open and an unknown force that resembled black hands grabbed Ingo. This energy then began to drag him into the darkness, his screams echoing in the darkness.

"Pipe down. This is what you wanted, isn't it?" the unknown being spoke again with a thrill voice.

The boy started to grab the closing gate doors as he was dragged in, but is was futile. He could not hold himself. And just as the doors closed completely, the boy heard the unknown being speak one more time...

"I will show you the truth, about your wish."

But Ingo could only understand the part with 'I will show you the truth' and with that said Ingo was pushed back into the eternal darkness...

On an unknown place, a girl was wandering through a forest on the way to the Queen's Blade tournament with a special reason in her mind until suddenly she heard something moaning. The name of this girl was Sylphi, she was a 16-year-old girl who wanted to win the Queen's Blade tournament to end the war which was slowly devouring the world.

"What was that noise?" she grab her dagger and slowly went to the place where she heard the moaning sound. As she was walking through Underwood she came to a forest opening where a tree stood in the middle of a flower field.

"Wow what a beautiful place..." Sylphi was enjoying the area. Then she suddenly spotted someone lying under the tree. She decided to take a better look at the stranger whom was lying under the tree, so she drew closer. Sylphi was surprised at what she saw though.

A silver-haired boy lay injured on the earth below. "Oh no, what should I do? Should I take him back to the inn where I met Leina?"

Her final decision was to take the boy to the inn and when she arrived, Leina payed her a surprising visit.

"Hey Sylphi! I wanted to ask you someth-" Leina then rushed into the room where Sylphi stood by the young man.

"L-L-Leina!" Sylphi cried out as she saw Leina, because at the moment the girl was sitting on a half-naked, unconscious young man. Sylphi was somewhat afraid that Leina would get the picture in the wrong way.

Leina was stunned and blushing at the same time as she saw the half-naked boy with Sylphi on top.

"It isn't what it looks like.." she began to blush like a red apple.

"…" Leina was just speechless. She could not comprehend this. Her friend was only 16 and already having sex with strangers.

"Sylphi..y...you ... are ... are you going to sleep with this boy...? Or what are you doing...?" Leina asked shakily, still red from embarrassment and a little jealous of her friend's boldness.

Sylphi began to cry desperately with tears in her eye's. She leaped off the young man hastily at the sight of Leina.

"I'm not going to sleep with anyone until I'm married! I found him in the forest lying under a tree! He was injured so I brought him here to take care of him!" She squeaked.

"Oh!" Leina coughed awkwardly, "I see.. I'm sorry." She apologized with a bow to the ground, relieved and somewhat embarrassed at herself. "You found him in the forest? Maybe he got attacked by some Goblins or Bandits. Come, let me help you." Leina said after she saw how Sylphi took care of that young man again.

"uh uh ... okay... thanks Leina..." Sylphi responded, nodding as she hugged Leina. Then together, they began to heal the stranger.

To be continued...

Gingalain: Okay it's a little short. but I don't have much time at the moment.

Nanael: BUH! Why that we want to know your name finally and how you look!

Leina: Nanael! Calm down he already told us his name and gave us an advice how he look.

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Gingalain: Of course do you think I use my real name as my OC char name? Well I would maybe someday. It's sound like a nice Idea.

Melona: But Gingalain your OC Name dont sound japanese he sound more like ...

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Gingalain: Thats right!

Melona: So one question I have! Can I have fun with both of you later ? *does a seductive pose*

Leina: *Hit Gingalain & Ingo with her fist's*

Gingalain & Ingo: X_X *K.O from Leina's Punch*

Nanael: OWWW now they are unconscious. *giggle*

Melona: Owww I just got to start have some fun with both of them.

Leina: Not now. After all it will be a harem and we all will have some fun have with both I think. Well Good Bye for now.

*All Queen Blade character make a seductive pose goodbye pose

Gingalain & Ingo: S-S-S-Stay tuned...