Naruto of DBM 9
Chi Chi x Naruto x Videl
Story Start

In the country side there was a wilderness known as Mt. Pazou, a mountain range known for it's legends about demons and other creature inhabiting its forests. Though one person was discouraged by this rumors.

Riding in a vehicle with the Capsule Corporation a teenage girl no older then sixteen years of age was on a mission. Her appearance consisted of blue hair done up in the style of a ponytail with a single violet strand; her clothing consisted of a pink skirt and shirt with and pink and violet striped pink length dress with the name Bulma on it, with purple socks, blue sneakers, and a red ribbon in her hair along with a pair of shades. A circular gray device with radar like screen sat between the handlebars of the vehicle, it began to bleep fiercely, the girl smiled and slammed hard on the accelerator. As the girls sped down the road the last thing she expected was a single lone figure on the woman.

A young man with spiky blond hair wearing a black Gi and a red belt. She had hunk her horn to warn him out of the road only for a bright light to envelop her.

''You were lucky...I used a low power attack.''

The girl awoken to voice and the smell of tea. She sat up and her hand immediately went for her waist.

''Your Dragonballs are in the kitchen. You can retrieve them when you leave.'' He stated in an airy manner and yawned as the girl tensed.

''Who are you? And how did I get here? Where's my motorcycle?'' she began listing off as she fell back into her usual temperamental behavior.

''I brought you here and as for your motorcycle it's in pieces. Sorry about that.'' he added as an afterthought. An unfortunate side effect of not being active for awhile and just reacting of course.

''Damnit! And I just bought it too...wait a minute. If it's in pieces then how did I come out without a scratch? You still didn't answer my question as to where?''

''Out back...but you didn't answer my question.'' he said with a cheeky grin. ''Like why a young girl like you would have for use of the dragon balls?'' Naruto asked as the young girl let out a sigh.

''You know of the legend right?''

''Seven Dragon Balls in all. Gather all seven and the eternal dragon Shenlong shall be summoned. The dragon god will grant any wish your heart desires as long as it's within it's power.''

"Yeah, they say the last person who gathered 'em became a king. I'm gonna wish for the perfect boyfriend." Bulma blushed, imagining a lavish fantasy, then snapped back to reality when she heard Naruto comment.

''Well that's rather selfish,'' he pointed out which seem to set off the girl's temper.

''What was that?'' She snapped as Naruto elaborated.

''You could wish for anything and you would go with something so selfish? I mean come on, do you know the good that such a wish could do for the world and you go for perfect boyfriend? Have you ever considered the fact you would be the perfect girlfriend? The good you could possibly do for the world? Better yet, how did you even find out about this? This isn't something you can just go and look up on the internet''

The last statement went over the girl's head. ''Look, whoever you are not that this conversation wasn't engaging, but I have places to go. I'll be taking my dragon balls and leaving now. You wouldn't happen to one would you?''

''Oh you mean this.'' the blond said as he reached out behind him to a box on the ground and pulled out the four star dragonball. ''This was a gift to me by a man called Son Gohan. I had found myself wondering these woods and he took me in. He actually left to go visit his old master and won't be back for quite awhile. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I left and came back with my own description of the legend itself in action. With all this chattering the tea I prepared ought to have been cooled by now. Try some,'' The blond offered as the girl hesitantly picked up the cup and looked at it.

''If I wanted to kill you I would have done so by now. ''

A bit reluctant the girl tried to the tea, then hmmed delightfully as she enjoyed the taste. ''What flavor is this?''

''A special made blend. I call it emerald tea. Trying to figure out what the emerald is though will drive you crazy. I'm curious as to how you've been tracking the Dragon balls though? You don't seem to be the tracking type.''

''Well I'm not just a cute face.'' She looks for something then notices it on the table. ''Aah here we go. My dragon ball Radar.'' She turned it on as the images of orange dots came to life in comparison to a green background. ''I noticed that the balls give off a fain electromagnetic pulse, so I constructed it!''

''The three grouped together would be our location obviously. What about the one closet to our position.''

''1200 Kilometers to the west.''

''Damn...that's a journey in itself. We've been talking all this time and yet we don't know each others names. I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto.''

''I'm...Bulma...'' She introduced herself as Naruto raised an eyebrow in disbelief wondering if she was just messing with him.

''Bloomers? Really?'' He asked with an amused smile.

''I didn't pick it okay!'' She snapped in response to the face Naruto was making and he couldn't help but chuckle.

''Jeez no need to get so snappy. Now that I think about it. Weren't you riding a Capsule Corps vehicle?'' he said, trying to prod a bit more out of the girl so he wouldn't accidentally mention something he shouldn't have known.

''Well you're looking at the proud inheritor of the CC legacy. Briefs, Bulma.'' she stated with a proud grin as once more something popped up in Naruto's mind.

''Well damn...did your ancestors loose a bet or something?'' He asked, snickering all the while.

''Hey! I'll have you know the names of the Briefs family trails all the way back to my great grandpa Boxer Briefs!''

Naruto could no longer hold back his amusement and laughed his ass off. Of course Miss Briefs wasn't so happy about. After finally calming down the blond had suggested they take off early tomorrow morning.

Chapter End

Yeah, I know this seems a lot like my other Naruto x Dragonball story but for those of you who have seen Dragon-ball Multiverse then you realize this is going to be based off Universe 9. No Goku main character, Vegeta redemption, or Super Saiyans. Mostly human bad-assery with a side of Naruto. I might do a Universe 16 but other then that I don't have any plans for any of the other universes.

And no Naruto and Bulma won't be paired in this one. Though if anyone has any idea for numerous Multiverse spin-offs I'm willing to hear them. Anyway I'm waiting to get farther in the main story and just summarize the events in the following chapters to avoid a word for word copy.

That and this not an Unleashed Story. Naruto is still a traveler, there is no Kuiinshi, and his origin and other things are going to be slightly different.