It was finally the big day that everyone had been waiting for. Jade, Cat, and Tori had won a competition to perform the National Anthem at a huge football game going on at the Rose Bowl today. Beck, Andre, Robbie, Trina, and Sikowitz were all sitting in their VIP seats, anxiously waiting for the game to start so they could see their friends perform. Suddenly, the excitement was interrupted by Jade storming over to them, when she was supposed to be in her dressing room with the other girls. She looked out of place but gorgeous in her dress. Andre looked over to an awestruck Beck. He was trying hard not to stare at her and actually say something. All Beck could manage was "Um…uh…wow." Andre decided he would have to do the talking for him. "What's the problem, Jade? Why aren't you with the other girls?" "TORI'S the problem, THAT'S what!" "What happened?" "She won't come out of the freaking bathroom! We've tried everything! Cat said she won't go out there without her and I am NOT going out there by myself!"

Finally, Beck piped in. "Relax, Jade, I'm sure we can just—" "YOU have to go in there and pep talk her!" Jade pointed straight at Andre. "Um, I don't know about that—" "DO IT!" the entire group practically demanded. "Okay, okay! Geez! Let's go, Jade." Jade grabbed Andre's arm and dragged him just a little too quickly to the dressing room, clearly just wanting to get this whole situation over with.

Once they were in the dressing room, Jade silently pointed to the bathroom. "GO." "ANDRE'S HERE! YAYYY!" Cat squealed, clapping her hands. "CAT!" Jade barked. Finally, Andre took a deep breath and walked over to the bathroom door. "Tori?" "I'm not coming out!" "Come on, Tori, at least let me in there?" "GIRLS ONLY!" "Then why don't I come in there and kick your ass?" Jade threatened. That seemed to make Tori unlock the bathroom door.

Andre walked in and saw Tori standing in front of him in her white dress. She looked beautiful, but at the same time, very fragile and scared. He had never really seen her like this before. "Come on, Tori. You gotta get out there and sing with Jade and Cat. They're not gonna do this without you. This is your dream!" "I—I can't do it, Andre!" Tori was trying not to cry in front of him. That and she didn't want mascara streaks down her face while on a JumboTron. "Tori, I know you can do this." "How do you know? How do you know I won't walk out there and fall on my face, or—or mess up in front of everyone and be totally humiliated?" she said, her voice beginning to crack. Andre didn't really know what to say to reassure her. He honestly wasn't very good at this stuff. "I know because—because you're Tori. You're Tori Vega! You could mess up every other note and you'd still look amazing! You could go out there and do the Macarena and people would still clap!" he finally saw her smile a little. He put a hand on her shoulder. "Tori, you're—you are brighter than any star in the sky. Now go out there and shine." That was all he could say, because, before he knew it, Tori grabbed his face and kissed him. Whoa.

Tori pulled back and smiled. "Thanks, Andre." Andre currently couldn't form any words. He kind of just stood there and gave a little smile. The moment was interrupted by Jade yelling. "TORI, you better get out of there RIGHT NOW! WE'RE UP!" "Get out there!" Andre hugged Tori and led her out the bathroom door. After they left, he walked back to his seat, smiling to himself. Maybe he was good at pep talks, after all.