I was so excited after watching the first episode of My Little Pony: Season 2. It felt great to refresh upon my favorite ponies. We'll skip introductions. Anyway, my story began yesterday…

My mother, who knew I was a fan, sent me a copy of Season 1 before I went to college. I was so excited or as they say, jizzing, all over the place. Today, I got the brown box. I took in the smell of the cardboard and quickly opened it like some kid on Christmas.

The cover art showed Twilight Sparkle and her friends with the logo "My Little Pony" on top of their heads. I've never seen the cover art for the My Little Pony DVD. All I know is that this DVD is a good luck charm from my Mother, who's in New York.

I opened the box and saw the shiny disk and slowly placed it in my laptop. I grabbed my headphones and let myself drift away. Suddenly, a Zalgo like picture of Pinkie Pie popped up.

"Damn screamer. I should've known."

I exited out the DVD-rom and opened my internet tab. But the picture popped up again. This time, it was a creepy picture of Applebloom. It said "DON'T YOU DARE…"

An eerie song was playing in the background. I was shitting bricks. It wouldn't let me exit. The picture slowy faded and then…the computer began to show clips of Pinkie Pie murdering Rainbow Dash.


I screamed as I realized my favorite Fan-Fiction. It looked like it really came from the show…that's what really bugged me. But overlayed on top of the clip was the demonic Applebloom. She or he or it was just staring, mocking me. I smashed my laptop. I didn't care about all the important things on there. Then Applebloom came in my room. She said, "Y u smash your laptop?"

She said it in a demonic voice.


Then Pinkie Pie appeared in back of me and smashed my head with a hatchet.

I realized they killed me. But then I woke up! Then they killed me again. Then I realized I won't be waking up from this dream. But how can you read this if I am dead. Who was phone?

Moral: Don't buy anything from Amazon. Nuff said.