-My second fanfic! I'm proud to say that xD

Anyways, this is a fanfic for Paul Blart: Mall Cop if you do not know already…

It was hectic as the people were scattering themselves around the mall to get out. Paul Blart was finishing his lunch and the new mall cop trainee, Veck was nowhere to be found. The fire alarm sounded, yet nobody could seem to locate an unlocked door.

Paul's POV:

"Calm down, ma'am. Everything. Will. Be. Fine." I told a husky looking woman, while angrily talking through my gritted teeth. I, myself, had really no idea what in the world was happening so there was really nothing to say to reassure anyone. I took a mini Snicker's bar from my mall-security guard-outfit-shirt pocket and ate it. A small kid in the ball pit sat helplessly crying without a parent in sight. I went over to him and he turned his head to look at me. After talking to him, it turned out he was an orphan – a runaway from the orphanage and roughly 5 years old. He begged me to let him stay with me, so I gave in, telling him he could be the "miniature mall cop". He laughed happily and his tears left his face. At that moment, I realized just about everyone had found an open door and that the fire alarm had stopped sounding. I had this weird feeling in my stomach…like there will still other people in the mall. I had found out that his name was Drew.

Drew's POV:

I was sitting in the colorful ball pit crying about, well evvvveryyything; my life mostly. Then, the nice police officer man found me and now I am his "miniature mall cop". He is so nice and he even let me have a donut, but for some reason, he seems to be very worried about something. I keep thinking that I see some heavily tattooed man in the window of Hallmark, but I can't be sure. I told Paul just a second ago and his face expression showed even more worry. "W-w-what's happening," I asked, now feeling uncomfortable as Paul picked me up and ran to the Nike store. He got this hockey club off of a mannequin and picked it up. He found me a bat, and told me to use it if I really needed to. It sounds stupid but I think it might just help in moments…like now. I caught a glimpse of yet another tattooed man, but this time, he was bald. I gasped and then the man saw me. "P-p-pauuuul!" I said, stuttering and desperate as the man reached for a gun he had in his back pocket. Then Paul came up behind him and the man mumbled something-I-can't-repeat. Suddenly, Paul knocked him in the back of the head with his hockey club. I guess it really does come in use, I thought, laughing inside. The tattooed man was unconscious, I noticed as Paul removed the man's gun and held it. Then he picked me up again, hurrying to search the other parts of the mall of the other man. Instead, we bumped into a woman that looked like she was in her mid-thirties with dreadlocks and a small, but powerful-looking handgun tucked in her back pocket, like the other man, the bullets probably already intact. I guess she didn't see us – yet. Just then, I noticed a deep cut in Paul's arm, probably where one of the men had hit him. Paul crouched down behind a trash can and took out a Powerpuff girl band-aid from his pocket and put it on the cut. Then, I heard a gun fire coming from the other side of the trash can. Paul tried his best to be quiet and put me on the floor then grabbed the gun he'd taken form the other man in the Nike store and stood up, ready to defend himself and I but more than that protect the Orange County Mall and everyone inside of it (like it said on the plaque in his room).

To Be Continued. I'll update this soon as I can. please read & review, all comments welcome!