It's not that anybody cares, really, about this story, but I'm now updating it…finally.

Paul POV

So, instead of Drew or me getting shot, the balloon figurine outside of the closest store got deflated by the gun's bullet. I forgot about Drew (I guess) because a heavy-set lady with a skateboard picked up a crushed up what is that thing called and threw it at me. I cussed loudly enough for anyone to hear and thought 'excuse my language' in my head. The lady was yelling stuff to a man that looked like Veck, but had long hair and a scarred face. Soon Drew was behind me and the lady and man had quieted down. I couldn't figure out where they had gone until I heard the fire alarm go on again. There was a fire this time and you could see it from a mile or so away. You looked down from the 2nd floor, where we are, and the Rainforest Café's sign was in flames as were the plastic animals and trees in the fake jungle setting thing they were trying to portray. Drew was shrieking his head off because of his fright, I guess. As the flames kept getting bigger and bigger, I tried to calm down the kid. He reminded me so much of Maya minus his looks, whining, and life story. I picked him up and carried him quickly down the stairs towards the raging fire and flames then stopped in my tracks as I looked over to the wig stand where Amy would be on a normal day. Today, Black Friday, was her birthday and everyone, especially me, was not able to be celebrating with her.

Drew POV

I couldn't shut myself up no matter how hard I tried. That was, until I heard the dreadful sound of sirens outside. Paul seemed to stop breathing when he heard his cell phone ringing. I took it from his pocket and answered it since he didn't seem to be making any move to do it himself. "Hello," A gruff and urgent voice said through the phone. "Uhh, who is this?" The voice said again when I didn't reply to him. "Drew, Miniature Mall Cop." I said. "What the hell!" The man said. My eyes bulged, I think. The women at the orphanage always told us NEVER to use words like that, you know. "Just give the phone to Paul already!" The voice ordered. I shoved the phone up to Paul's ear and put the phone on speaker.

The conversation went a little like this:

Hello? Paul?

Yes sir, it's me.

Are you in the mall?

Where else would I be, sir?

Get out, Paul, I'm sending the SWAT inside. They can handle it better than somebody who failed the state trooper test.

Wait, no…It can't be! Officer Howard? Sir, I-I-I, didn'tknowitwasyou! No, the SWAT can't help. I need to protect this mall without federal law protection and that crap.

What? I think we're going in and out! Well, if you're going to stay in the mall, here's some information. It's crucial, so shut up and listen Paul. They have hostages in the bank. Veck is the leader of this shenaniganthey're pulling, those idiots.

Okay, I'll go try to see who they have in there, sir

Hurry up. Your freakin' life depends on it.

If mine does, then Drew's does too.

Drew? Who's Drew?

The kid you were on the phone with before you talked to me. A kid, a runaway orphan I found in the ball pit before all this crap-load of a mess began.


Hello? Hello?

Drew POV

Paul seemed to have lost connection with 'Officer Howard' when he turned to face me again. "We have to go inside the bank - to get the hostages' safety secured," He told me, feeling in his pants pocket to find a sugar stick. He ate it quickly and got up. I guess he wanted me to follow him..?

So, I got up and followed him, tiptoeing so nobody could hear my footsteps although I was pretty sure they could hear Paul's heavy ones on the shiny title.

Paul POV

As we reached the corner of wall, the bank sign stood out of the wall un-light up. I could hear muffled voices through the wall. Maya's voice stood out more than the others and I wondered how she could've gotten captured as I checked my watch. Then I realized it; it was just about time for her shift at Footlocker to start. A million thoughts ran through my head and I thought I felt a tear on my sweaty face and Drew must have been looking because he asked me what was wrong. I just shook my head sadly and turned around again to see if I could see through the glass in the bank's window. Unfortunately, the windows were tinted. So, I got up and started towards the door of the bank which was propped open. There were those black rope thingys strung around until they reached the desk in the far corner of the room. I tried to slip under them as soon as I saw Amy, Maya, Leon, and Vijay. But, the rope snapped and I heard somebody get up from their chair abruptly and that same somebody get their gun ready to fire. "Go!" I whispered to Drew, pushing him away. He scampred quickly and quietly out of the door just a split second before Veck came in and saw me…