She was sitting at the table sipping her coffee when hands slipped over her eyes.

Guess who?

Someone who is about to get a frying pan lodged in their skull.

Aw, Lizzie, I'm too awesome for you to hit me! I even brought you flowers!

The hands were removed from her eyes and a dozen brightly colored tulips were set on the table in front of her.

Happy Day of the Independent Hungary, mein liebe.

She smiles and touches the soft petals. He leans down expectantly and she presses a soft kiss against his lips.

Thank you, Gilbert.

He flashes a bright smile and pecks her on the cheek before he moves across the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee. He sits down at the small table across from her and sips his coffee as the warm breeze floats in through the open windows.

How was your trip to Berlin?

Awesome! It was great to see Luddy. But it's nice to be home.

He cracks a smile. Never in a million years would he have thought he'd be living under the same roof as her by her consent, much less actually in a relationship with her.

She smiles because she knows what he is thinking, and reaches across the table to intertwine their fingers. He brushes his lips briefly across her knuckles and smiles another million-dollar grin. They sip their drinks in the pleasant silence.

So we'll be heading to Berlin for German Reunification Day, right?

Of course! We wouldn't miss it for the world.

They sit at the table, their hands holding each other's, laughing, talking, stealing kisses. Later they'll fall asleep in each other's arms and sleep deeply and undisturbed, for that elusive someday has come, and tomorrow is even brighter than today.

Author's Notes:

Part Seven/Finale/Epilogue. ^^ I apologize for the epic shortness; it's an epilogue, it can be short, right? /shot/ XD

But anyway, this concludes the series! They got their happy ending, and I'm pretty pleased with the conclusion. I hope you are too!

Historical/Cultural Notes:

The Day of the Independent Hungary is celebrated on June 16th to mark to removal of the last Soviet troops from Hungary, as well as to honor those who died in the 1956 revolution.

German Reunification Day (or German Unity Day) is October 3rd.

Tulips are the national flower of Hungary, hence why he got her tulips. ^^

I hope you all enjoyed the series and that this was a worthy conclusion!