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Chapter 1 - Making the Call

"Candace, there's nothing we can do now. Perry told us to go home and stay there."

"Yeah? Well, I'm not taking orders from a platypus!"

Jeremy sighed. His girlfriend, Candace Flynn, was frantically pacing the length of her room. She had been agitated every since Perry had run off to deal with the robot invasion, and she showed no signs of getting better.

It had been a jarring experience, returning home from his college trip with his dad to find a giant portal on the tallest building in the Tri-State Area spilling out robots left and right. His dad was driving them past the park, marveling at the sight, when his son had spotted Candace, her brothers, and their gang of friends gathered together in the park. With them appeared to be Perry with a weird fedora on. Worried, he had his father leave him there, quietly walking up to Candace when Perry ran off in another direction.

It was only when they were back in the immediate safety of her house did Candace tell him the whole story. Of the Second Dimension, of Perry being a secret agent, of the robots that were threatening to take over the entire world. It had seemed so unbelievable, but hearing the panic in her voice, Jeremy did not hesitate to believe her.

Although he did hesitate in trying to console her at the moment...

"Especially not my platypus!"

Because she was still on somewhat of a tear.

Jeremy turned toward Candace's dresser, where Stacy and Coltrane had parked themselves during the argument. "Guys, you wanna help me out here?"

Both teens looked up from their private conversation and simultaneously shook their heads in dissent.

"Really, guys?"

"Jer," Coltrane said, "You know once she gets on a roll you can't stop her. I thought you would have learned that by now."

"Yeah, she's kind of like a wolverine," Stacy added. "You know, hairy, crazy, retractable claws."

Coltrane looked at her, amused. "Wrong wolverine, Stace,"

"Oh, right."

"In any case, Jer, you might want to pay attention to your girlfriend, who is currently trying to jump out her window."

"What?" Jeremy wheeled around to see Candace's leg halfway out the window. "Candace!" He quickly grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her back into the room. "Are you crazy?"

"If I stay cooped up in here, I'll be even crazier!"

Stacy grimaced in mock pain. "Yeesh, I just shivered a little."

A sudden tapping came from the bedroom door, and the entirety of the room froze, Candace still in Jeremy's bear hug.

"You expecting a raven over, Candy?" Stacy asked.

Ignoring her best friend's comment, Candace slipped through her boyfriend's arms and made her way through the door. Heaving it open, she found-

A toy helicopter, suspending in the air at eye level. A small walkie-talkie was taped to the underside of it.

Candace raised an eyebrow at the confusing sight. "Ummm...what is this?"

"We gave this to you when you broke your leg, remember?"

"GAH!" Stacy jumped, expertly landing in Coltrane's arms. "It talks!"

"I think the walkie is talking, Stacy," Coltrane amended.

"Yes, the walkie is talking. Ferb and I need you to come downstairs, Candace. Everyone else too."

"Phineas," Candace said, "If this is another hair brained idea, I swear-"

"It's not, Candace...not technically. We need your help with something."

She let out a small growl, her frustration clearly showing. "Fine. Come on guys. Let's see what sort of fabulous thing my brothers are going to do today." With that, she left, following the toy chopper down the hallway, her friends falling in stride behind her.

"You know, I would normally leap at the chance to ask where Perry is, but I don't think this would be the appropriate moment," Coltrane admitted.

"Yeah, you think?"

"Sorry, Stacy! I just haven't done it yet!"

Jeremy raised his hand in the air. "I haven't done it yet either."

"Wait, I thought you did it when they were-"

His accusation was cut off by a sudden tug on his ear, rattling him from his thoughts. Seeing that Jeremy had been given the same treatment, he saw that Stacy was the person presently holding his ear.

"Would you two shut up?" she savagely whispered. "Can't you see Candace is fragile enough as it is? Bringing up Perry is not going to make it better." She let go of their ears, relieving them from her grasp.

"Sorry, Stacy," Jeremy apologized, rubbing the side of his head. He turned to Coltrane, whose face matched his in agony. "Geez, speaking of not paying attention to your girlfriend..."

"Quiet, you."

They arrived together downstairs, where Candace was busy staring at a giant hole in the wall right over the couch.

"Umm, isn't the frame supposed to be there?" she asked the chopper.

"Yeah, but Ferb and I found this passageway a little while ago." Phineas sounded a bit agitated over the static. "Candace, we don't have time to explain everything now. Just come down here."

"Come down where?"


"I think he means the hole, Candace," Stacy explained.

"I know he means the hole!" The red-haired teen was quickly losing her patience again. "There is a safe place to land, right?"

"Yeah, there is." Phineas sounded distracted, which did not make his sister feel any better.

She peered down the hole, looking for any sort of handhold or ladder. "Phineas, do I have to just jump dowwww-" The suction from the passageway had picked up Candace and send her tumbling down into the tunnel.

Coltrane stood still, not totally realizing what just happened. "Man, is it always like this over here?"

"Pretty much," Stacy answered. "Although it usually involves more busting and less sucking."

"Less sucking? What-"

Coltrane never got around to finishing his comment, for Stacy had kicked him into the hole, sending him down after Candace. She looked back at Jeremy, who raised his hands in defiance.

"I can go down myself, thank you very much." With that, he fell into the hole after Coltrane, with Stacy right behind.

The first thing that Candace noticed after careening down the skinny tube was that she ended up in a large cavern, with machinery and tech everywhere. The second thing she noticed was her boyfriend landing on top of her.

"Hey, Candace," he said, waving at her. "Good thing you were here, right?"

"Yeah. Super."

The third thing was Stacy landing on the both of them.

"Ahh! Gosh darn it, Stacy! A little warning?"

Stacy rolled her eyes, her hair unsettled from the trip. "Yeah, I'll do that next time I plummet down a tube into someone's basement."

The fourth thing was Coltrane landing…a few feet away, on another chair.

"Wait," Coltrane uttered, shaking his head to get the cobwebs out, "Didn't I go second? And why am I over here…?"

"That's not the point!" Candace yelled as she dusted herself off. "The question is where the heck are we?"

"You're with us now."

"Gah!" She turned suddenly at the noise to find her brother hooking up what seemed to be a remote control to a chariot.

A very…familiar chariot.

"Phineas!" Candace yelled. "Did you built those chariots again?"

"No, actually, we didn't. Sort of."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

It was only then did she see where she had exactly ended up. All of the tech and gadgetry she had glimpsed before had the same exact color scheme: bluish- green and yellow. It had the exact same scheme as-


"Yeah, that's right," Phineas said. "This is his headquarters, apparently. He had some sort of replication thing that duplicated all of the inventions and things we did over the summer. Pretty cool, huh?"

"Wait a minute." Coltrane was still over at Perry's main control panel, marveling at everything that was going on. "You guys did all of this?"

A crash came off from their right, and Isabella's head popped out from a pile of metal. "Not the lair, but all of the stuff that's in front of you Phineas and Ferb originally did."

"Yeah, and now Dinnah Bell's got us to help him hook up these thingamajigs!" Buford shouted from atop of a monster truck.

"Buford," Baljeet said from the inside of the car, "they are remotes. They are not 'thingamajigs'."

"They're whateva' I wanna call them, Nerd!"

"Hold up," Candace exclaimed. "What are you guys doing, exactly?"

Phineas looked up from his wiring, looking his sister square in the eye. "Well, we're going to send out our stuff to people who want to...help us."

"Help you with what?" she said slowly.

"...With the robot invasion. We're going to fight them."

There were a few moments that passed where the only sounds heard were the buzzing of a blowtorch or the clinks of a wrench fastening a bolt.

And then Candace responded calmly...


OK, perhaps not so calmly.

"Did we not go through the same things today? Did we not almost get fried by a bunch of robots? Did we not almost get eaten by a giant, hairy...thing? Did we not go through about a gazillion other dimensions to get back to this one? And you want to go back out there?"


"This had got to be one of the worst ideas that you've come up with, Phineas! I'm not going to let you do this!"


"I am responsible for you guys, since Mom and Dad are not here! So you guys have to listen to me!"


"What?" She turned on the spot to see Jeremy had grabbed her arm, a pleading look on his face.

"Can we talk for a second?"

"No, I'm kind of busy at the-"


Candace had not seen such a serious look on Jeremy's face before. He took this momentary surprise to pull her away from the boys, who were shortly joined by the rest of their group. After walking away a little, he turned back toward her, and she fully expected some sort of calming speech about not yelling at her siblings.

"Candace, I thought you wanted to do something about it! You should be helping them!"


"I do...want to do something! Not this, though! I'm not going to help them with this crazy scheme of theirs!" Candace shouted, waving her hands in the air. "You realize how much they could get hurt?"

"Don't you think they know that, Candace? They probably wouldn't be doing this if they didn't. Don't you know your own brothers?"

Despite the logic behind his argument, she was not having any of it. "They're just kids, Jeremy! What can they do?"

Jeremy stared at her incredulously. "Candace...what can't they do? Do you see what they've done?" He gestured toward the lines of inventions currently being set up by the kids. "They've built all this! And this is just from the summer! They're getting ready to use this stuff to do something that people are scared to even think about!"

She folded her arms, turning away from him. "Well, I'm not helping them."

"Well, I am," Jeremy said, glancing back at Phineas, who was busy dispatching orders to the rest of the group. "They're going to need all the help they can get. If you don't want to help out, that's fine. But I would think that their own sister would be more supportive."

He walked off, heading to Stacy and Coltrane to put more controllers on the inventions, leaving Candace to her thoughts.

It certainly wasn't her fault that she was just looking out for her brothers, right? What they were doing was dangerous stuff. It was ludicrous compared to the inventions they built every day.

The ones that currently resided inside the base.


It was still dumb. They couldn't be going forward with this whole plan, right?

She looked at the main control panels, seeing Baljeet and Phineas going over some plans on a blueprint, their faces wrinkled with concentration.


She looked off to the right, seeing Isabella and Coltrane put the finishing touches on the wiring of the lemonade machine.


She glanced further to the right, to see Stacy, Buford, and Jeremy going down the line of mechanical bulls, flicking their power switches to on.


And that's when it hit her.

They all knew.

Of course this wasn't something that they were going to dive into without any sort of plan. As annoying as her brothers were, they were two of the most meticulous planners she had ever known. They had probably looked inside and out for any sort of problem and corrected it if they had found any. They knew the risks that they were taking. They knew every time they built a crazy contraption.

This understandably didn't make her feel any better. They were just kids. Kids. Normal kids would be outside playing in the backyard, or going out to the movies, not preparing to go fight robots that could hurt them. It was insane.

And then the second wave of realization smacked her.

This weren't normal. They weren't normal. Normal was thrown out the window when her brother was born. Normal was thrown out when Ferb had walked into her life all those years ago. Normal was certainly not where she was standing right now. She couldn't remember the last time she had a normal day.

But finding normalcy didn't matter now. Her family and friends were preparing to start something that, personally, terrified her. The very least she could do, she thought, was be slightly more supportive. Or perhaps a little less ridiculous.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she failed to notice the work had stopped. Everyone was now huddled at the main screen, talking amongst themselves. Candace walked forward toward them, just as Phineas was finishing his apparent explanation.

"…And then we'll do the three messages, and hopefully everyone will come out and help us."

"Why are you guys not sending out one big message?" Stacy asked.

Baljeet rotated in his chair, facing the rest of the group. "We have already exhausted a lot of the power building the remote controls. That, plus the portal that's constantly draining power from the city, makes for strain on whatever we have left. One Tri-State Area-wide message might cut off the power entirely. It is more optimal for us to do shorter bursts of talk over a few of the inventions rather than all of them at once."

"We just need someone to do the message for the older people," Phineas said. "They probably won't listen to me."

"I'll do it," Jeremy replied. "I'm sure everyone will-"

"No. I'll do it."

Everyone turned to Candace, who had suddenly stepped forward, disbelief on their faces.

"Are you sure? I thought you said this was a bad idea?"

"Oh, I did," she scoffed, waving them off. "And trust me, I still do." She looked around at all of the faces surrounding her. "But it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to change anyone's mind."

"Candace..." Jeremy laid a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

"I'm...fine," she replied, answering her boyfriend's silent question. She stared at Phineas, hoping her face wasn't showing any sign of her uneasiness. "Just tell me what to do."

"Well, we'll send out the inventions that are going to go to the teens right now. Once they get to their spots, you'll talk to them. Then Isabella's going to speak to her troop and the rest of the Fireside Girls, then I'll say my piece to the rest of the kids."

He pressed the red button on his panel, and a few of the inventions behind them began to rise up toward the ceiling, heading toward their respected holes to be deposited above ground. "They'll be able to head to wherever the people currently are right now. It should only take a few moments to for them to get where they need to go."

Phineas glanced at her sister, who was now occupying the seat next to him. "You ready?"

Candace grimaced slightly. "Ready as I'll ever be. I'm just not sure what to say."

"That is why we have prepared a brief statement in case you want to use it," Baljeet declared, handing her a small piece of paper. Candace quickly glimpsed over it.

"I don't even know what that word means, Baljeet."

"If ya wanna learn it, it better be quick; look!"

The group looked up to the main view screen at Buford's statement; the red dots that were once steadily moving across the digital map had stopped, confirming they had reached their respected destinations.

It was now or never. Phineas peeked out of the corner of his eye at his sister, whose look of anxiety surely matched his. They caught each other's gaze, and slightly nodded to each other.

"All right, Candace, here we go." He pressed a button on the main control panel, and a microphone slid up out of the desk, stopping right in front of Candace's mouth.

"Whenever you're ready."

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