Nezumi was always off doing whatever he wants. He would leave early in the morning, before Shion woke up and came home late at night, only to get at least one hour of sleep. This worried Shion because he knew this would affect Nezumi's health.

"Nezumi," Shion said to him. "Don't you think you should take a little break every now and then?"

Nezumi looked at Shion, his eyes weary and barely able to remain open. He gave a weak smirk to the boy.

"You always seem to be the one taking care of me, even though you live in my house," He answered. "I guess I can take a break for now."

Shion smiled at his answer.

"Good, now get a good night's rest, okay?" Shion said to Nezumi as he gave him a good night kiss. Shion led him to their bed, and Nezumi knocked out the second he was under the covers.

In the morning, Shion was happy to awaken with Nezumi by his side. It was a rare occasion since he was always out, but Shion understood it was all done to keep him safe.

With that, Shion went to the kitchen to make breakfast. He had decided to make something special for Nezumi, but he wasn't exactly sure what he would like. So, he decided to make some delicious bread for him.

Meanwhile, Nezumi was just beginning to wake up from his sleep. He turned over and noticed Shion wasn't in bed. Nezumi drowsily got out of bed and headed downstairs. If Shion would be anywhere in the morning, it would be in the kitchen.

Nezumi saw Shion in the process of making breakfast. He went up to him, still half asleep, and lazily hugged him from behind. Shion jumped at his hug, a bit startled.

"Nezumi! What are you doing up?" Shion asked. He was supposed to be in bed, asleep.

"Shion," Nezumi said his name as if he were in a dream. "I've missed you so much…"

"Nezumi," Shion said. It was sweet of him to say such things, but it was unlike the Nezumi he knew.

"Shh," Nezumi ordered him to be quiet. "I just wanted to tell you…that I love you…"

Shion gave smiled and answered back, "I love you to, Nezumi."

Shion noticed Nezumi's eyes were closed and his breathing was calm. This could only mean that he had fallen back to sleep.

After placing down the tray with bread, Shion helped Nezumi get back to bed. Shion smiled at Nezumi's cute sleeping face. He kissed his forehead before heading back into the kitchen.

Shion would always remember what Nezumi had said to him.

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