Why a Raven is like a Writing Desk

A fanfiction by Hightopp Madness

"I'll be back before you know it."

"You won't remember me."

Mirana gazed over her gardens in a quiet daze, reminiscing. Yes, Tarrant had been right, apparently.

For the first few years, he had actually believed her. They all had. She was Alice, after all. She could be late, but never absent. But as Time kept still, the years seemed to pass without notice. Except Tarrant's madness kept progressing.

After three Underland years, Tarrant held onto denial as the rest moved into acceptance. He left his smile on, but it was cracked. His sayings went from "She'll be back before I know it. I know she will!" to, "She promised she'll be back. She's just a little late. Naughty Alice... she promised me something you know..."

And as the tenth Underland year passed, his phrase was captured in tears and madness as he would sit stoically at the tea table, whispering the truth.

"She's not coming. She broke her promise to me and she's not coming and I should have made her stay why didn't I"-

"Hatta!" Mirana exclaimed at him. His madness, however, kept him babbling until the tears won the battle over his vocal cords. The he would silently move his lips, his eyes always a dreary gray. The color had faded gradually over the last decade.

Alice had broken him.

Alice sat by the willow in Hyde Park. She did this often, as often as she visited the Ascot's tree. Alice was crushed when she realized that the rabbit hole had been filled in. She idly wondered how much dirt that task had required. Her hand grazed the tips of the blades of grass, soft and still.

It was the color she loved the most, she supposed. It was the green hue. The hue of HIS eyes. The man whose name she never had a chance to learn. The man who she will never get to see again. The man she loved with all her heart, enough to give up any hope of being anything but a spinster.

In her world, it had been only four years. She had only come home to London about three months ago. No, not home, she thought. I will never be home, she lamented in her mind. Home was where HE was. Her crazy mad wonderful Hatter. A tear slipped off her cheek, and it landed into the grass as she imagined his face.

Oh God, she thought, it feels as if I am falling.


And that was the moment the rabbit hole reopened underneath her.