For those of you who keep track of my writing, all like, two of you, you know that this is my most popular fanfiction. WELL, let me tell you, this will not go on much longer. This story will end VERY soon, but do not cry! DO NOT CRY! :C This is book one! It's a series, and I have set points in the overall plot that I end on. I'm forewarning you all, so when I end this with a few unresolved things, you don't hunt me down and kill me in the face! The next book in the series will bring all these villains to the front, as this first book was just setting the stage. IT WILL BE DARKER. It will also not focus solely on Alice and Tarrant, but will have entire chapter arcs about Mira, Chessur, Mirana, and Time. There will also be character death, character injury, and seriously sad things.

I will not be putting this book up until I catch up with my other stories. I've been letting 'Re-stringing a Bow' fall to the wayside, and the readers for that one are starting to get antsy. And my poor Snape story hasn't been touched in a year, and I have five chapters built up on that one! The story I'm focusing on the most though, is my Deadpool one, 'Seems So Slow'. I'm also going to be working hard on my Rorschach one, 'Who Guards the Guardians', my Loki story 'Judas: A Tale of Such Sweet Sorrow', and my Abe Sapien story, 'The Dreaming.' Hope you guys like comic books, too. Because I'm about to spam your inbox with updates.

For those of you who don't, might I suggest my Hunger Games story, or better yet, another Alice in Wonderland story, since all of mine are practically comic book stories! Oh! And how can I forget? I'm starting some raw drafts of a fanfiction for Star Trek: The Next Generation for Data, and a little something for Captain America. Loki is still better, though :P.

Alrighty, then. I think that covers everything. It's 4:30 A.M. where I live right now, so imma go to bed, since I have my awesome night cap on, and I finally found my missing thimble.

Love to all of you,