Haldir did not wish for his sister to ride with him to Helms Deep, for he knew that the battle would take the life of many elf and men.

I followed my brother, my leader and my commander, to the doors of helms deep, and was among the first to call out with my horn. As we stepped through the wide gate and marched past ranks of children and old men, I realised that I was looking upon Thoeden's army. We stopped and again I steeled myself a glance toward where Théoden king was descending the steps. "How is this possible?" He murmured, Haldir stepped forward bowing.
"I bring word from Elrond of Rivendell, An alliance once existed between Elves and Men, Long ago we fought and died together. We come to honour that alliance." Simultaneously, with nothing but a briefly whispered 'turn' we twisted and stood to salute. In the awed silence that followed there was a pang of a snapping bow string, elfin and human eyes turned to face me, and Haldir grinned, I glared at the offending Bow in my hand, indeed, her battle worn string had snapped, and I groaned. Causing the tense silence to break.

After the strings had been mended and friendships forged, I was introduced to the heir of Esildor, "My sister, Astariel, it was not my wish that she accompanied us."
"Astariel, breaker of the silence. You live up to your name, young elf." I almost smirked.
" She makes it her habit." Haldir replied.
"You were the elf who said that I should." I replied. Now it was Haldir's turn to smirk.

The dwarf Gimli stopped in his slaughtering, "Legolas! Two already!" we both turned and I saw Legolas grin
"I'm on seventeen!" he replied before turning back to face the fray.
"Twenty three." I murmured. Legolas stared. "If you're counting, twenty three."
"You count."
"Always Have." I replied.
"You're only I child, are you not, not yet 50?"
"37, this month." Yes, only a child

"Togo hon dad, Legolas!" I glanced once, before ducking a blow from an Urukai Berserker. On the ground an Urukai rushed the wall, a flaming torch in his hand "Dago hon! Dago hon!" But it was too late, beneath my feet, the wall exploded and I was launched backward.

"Nan Barad! Nan Barad! Haldir, nan Barad!" Ah sweet echoes of death, how soft the sound.
"Echuia Astariel." A voice, one I recognized swiftly as Legolas' sounded above my head, a flash of Pain in my stomach and I leapt upright, staring around wildly.
"Haldir!" I cried, knowing that the pain I felt was nothing compared to my brother. I raised my gaze to the battlement where Haldir stumbled backward.
"Haldir!" called Aragorn, and I saw him leap forward, I fought to join my brother, but Legolas' hand snared around my wrist.
"Baw! Im boe neledh" (No I must go to him) I cried, and collapsed to my knees as pain, the pain of an axe imbedded itself into my brother's spine. The world grew foggy, and then suddenly black. "Haldir…"

Riding in front of Legolas, sorrowful, and relaxed against him, I was eyes and ears for the party as we rode to Isengard. I weighed almost nothing, so small and light that curled onto his lap, the horse beneath us could bear the weight of three My brother is dead, I have nothing left to live for, but perhaps I might yet find a shred of hope in the calm blue eyes of an elf who had refused to let me run foolishly to my death. Maybe there was something to live for.

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