Sora walked down the hallway, looking at the thick columns that supported the heavy, stone roof. He had been traveling with Riku, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy when a sudden blackness had enveloped the gummi ship. And now... he was here. Wherever here was. He blinked and stopped but the echo of footsteps continued. He turned around to find someone walking towards him. At first he thought it was Riku. He had on the same strange clothes Riku had worn when he had been consumed by the darkness but he wasn't the same height. Anyway, Riku had rejected the darkness. The figure also was wearing a strange helmet with a glass front that completely obscured his face. He stopped when he was about fifty feet away from Sora "So, you're the one who became his successor. You look kind of like him."

Sora was confused. Who was he talking about? "What do you mean? Who are you?" The figure paused a moment, tilting his head as if wondering that himself. Then he summoned a keyblade. That was a suprise and Sora stepped back, bending his knees and summoning his own weapon in preparation for a fight. The keyblade also bore some resemblances to Riku's previous weapon, Soul Eater. It gave off the same feeling as darkness as well. The figure prepared to fight as well. "You don't look like an amateur but you still are too weak." Vanitas (for that's who he was) moved forward with frightening speed. Sora barely rolled out of the way and yelled "I never fight alone! Valor!" There was a burst of light that made Vanitas shield his face. When it faded, Sora's clothes had changed and he wielded the keyblades that connected him to his friends: Oblivion and Oathkeeper.

Vanitas shrugged "Alright, so you're wielding another keyblade and have a new set of clothes, I don't see what difference that's going to ma-" He stopped as Sora shot up to the ceiling with a seemingly relaxed jump. He kicked off the roof and slammed into Vanitas, who put up his weapon to block. The sheer force of the blow pushed Vanitas backwards. "Wha?" Sora kicked off Vanitas and dropped to the ground before launching himself forward with a punishing series of blows. "The darkness will always be defeated by the light!"

Vanitas dropped back, panting. "Is that so?" He began to charge and the darkness grew. Sora stopped and backed up. "Wisdom!" He threw Oblivion into the air as Vanitas teleported behind Sora. His keyblade pierced Sora whose image flickered, then faded. He turned his head to the right to see that Sora had moved so fast it had left an image. He was sliding along the ground and was a good distance when he leveled his keyblade at Vanitas. "So, another set of clothes, what's this one gonna do?" Sora grinned "This!" He launched a series of magic bolts at Vanitas, circling around him as he did so. Vanitas kept up with Sora, deflecting the shots. "You're gonna have to do better than that!"

Sora stopped for a moment "Alright! Thundaga!" The air above Vanitas crackled and sparks began to fall. Then he powerful bolt of lightning struck the spot Vanitas had been standing, leaving a smoking hole. Sora turned to meet the teleportation, Oblivion reappearing in his other hand "Master!" He used Oathkeeper to block Vanitas' attack, then used Oblivion to launch Vanitas into the air. He jumped to meet him there, seemingly stronger in air than on the ground. His yellow clothes blurred as he spun around, sucking Vanitas in. Then, right before it was finished, Vanitas struck. His keyblade didn't wound Sora's body. Instead, it wounded his heart. His clothes returned to normal and his second keyblade disappeared, leaving him with only the Kingdom Key.

Somehow, Sora could sense Vanitas smirking. "So the light always wins, huh? What an idiot." Sora growled and launched himself forward but his attack was easily parried and a blast of ice froze Sora's right arm. Sora fell to his knees as Vanitas kicked the keyblade. It shattered easily. "I don't know why the master was so worried. You had a few tricks but that was it. And now, you're gone." His keyblade sunk into Sora's heart, pulling it out. Sora collapsed on the ground as Vanitas walked away.

Then Vanitas paused and turned back. Sora's body had not become a heartless, nor had his heart disappeared. Instead, a great amount of darkness burst out of Sora's body. His heart floated back to his body and was reabsorbed. Vanitas was astonished. "What is going on?" His surprise grew as Sora rose to his feet. He looked weak and his head hung low. The darkness was getting more and more concentrated. Vanitas got angry and walked back to him. "Stay down!" This time, Vanitas intended to destroy Sora's body. However, as he swung his sword, Sora's arm blurred and his hand grabbed the keyblade. Vanitas struggled but he couldn't move his weapon anymore. Then Sora's other hand blurred and Vanitas was launched backwards by a blow to his face so powerful that it shattered the glass on his helmet.

He sat up and watched as the darkness flowed into Sora. The keyblade wielder of light hunched over and his body was covered in shadow. His eyes became two yellow orbs that seemed to glare at Vantias, even as Sora produced a maniacal grin. Vanitas stood and resummoned his keyblade. "What are you?" Sora didn't answer. Instead, he backflipped into the air and soared towards Vanitas, an ability that caught Vanitas off balance. He held up his keyblade in anticipation of an attack, only to have Sora grab it with both hands, flip over Vanitas, and slam into his back. Vanitas spun to meet Sora, only for him to disappear. Flickers of motion were evident everywhere. Vanitas glared "That's not enough!" Sora flew at Vanitas from the front, only to have the dark wielder disappear, reappearing above for a counter attack. Then his eyes widened and he looked forward to see Sora. Somehow, Sora met him in the air. A blast of dark magic made Vanitas stagger but he was held in the air by an impossible number of slashing claws. He opened his eyes to see Sora floating above him, gathering magic. Vanitas raised his hands but he was too late. The blast hammered Vanitas into the floor where he struggled to get up. Sora slammed down onto him and beat him until Vanitas finally stopped moving.

"Well, that was surprising." Sora turned to see an elderly man walking towards him. "I've never seen a creature quite like you." Sora's grin widened and he bared his claws. He began to charge Xehanort...