This is my first Road Rovers fanfic so be nice

Reason: I wanted to do this cause I think Exile and Hunter would make a perfect couple, don't judge...I think that I believe is right.

Rated: M


After Shag has finished drinking from the toilet Exile rushed in there. After that he went to his room but it wasn't his room it was hunter's, he has let Colleen stay with him.

Exile then backed out slowly out of Hunters room then he went to his own room. He just got into bed and went to sleep or at least tried to fall asleep. He tossed and turned in the bed and the next thing he knew, he fell asleep and he was dreaming, it was about someone he loved for a long time but was too afraid to say it.

Exile grinded his teeth at the Middle of the dream.

[Exile's Dream]

Exile and the other rovers were sitting down eating Shag's food. Hunter was sitting next to Exile and Blitz was next to Colleen. Once they were done eating Hunter noticed that Exile had some food on his mouth. "What is it comrade" Exile said.

"You got some food on your mouth, here let me get that off" Hunter. Hunter licked on Exile's lips and everyone gasped. "There" Exile said wanting him to have a clean mouth.

Just then He gently grabbed Hunter's face and slowly placed it close to his face then stuck his tongue out and placed it in Hunter's, both closed their eyes. They kissed for 10 seconds then pulled away. They all then left the table like nothing happened.

All the rovers went to their rooms, Hunter went to Exile's room instead of his own. Exile walked to his mirror and said:" I'm I gay, he thought. Hunter then went to Exile and wrapped his arms around him, rocking him back and forth.

"Comrade, I think I'm gay" Said Exile. He started to cry. Hunter then pulled Exile to his chest and patted his head. "Shhh, it's okay" He said. Exile cried on Hunter's chest. Hunter rubbed on Exile's back. "What are you doing comrade" He said while sobbing.

"Just relax, Exile" Hunter. Exile took a deep breath and stopped crying "I love you comrade" The husky said. "Exile, can I show you something?" Hunter asked. "Sure comrade" He said. "Okay, close you eyes and go sit down on the bed" The Labrador said.

Exile nodded then they both went to Exile's king sized bed with Hunter guiding him. As soon as Hunter got him to sit on the bed, he went into the bathroom and he closed the door behind him.

Hunter then began to take off all of his clothes, he then puts on some perfume called" Sexy",he sprayed some all over him. Hunter came out of the bathroom and puts his hands on his hips. "Okay, you can open your eyes now" Hunter said.

Exile opened his eyes and he was drooling with his eyes wide open. "Well, how do I look?" He said slowly spinning around.

"Comrade, you look amazing" Said a stunned husky. "Thanks" Said Hunter after giggling. Hunter then walked over to Exile, picked him up and pulled him close to his body.

Hunter then started to place his tongue inside the husky's mouth and he was stroking him back, he also led Exile to the bed and they both laid down while kissing. Hunter rolled over, now Exile was on top, Exile began to take off his shirt making his fantasy lover stopped for a moment.

Once Exile took his shirt off Hunter could see that he had a perfect body, he ran his hand across it feeling the inner circles of his chest. "Man, that feels so good" Hunter said as his eyes went up into space. Exile began to take his pants off including his boxers, this turned Hunter on, he also began to take off his own clothes revealing his god-like chest.

Now they both were completely naked, they grabbed each others faces and began kissing. Hunter had put one leg over Exile's right leg and the other on his left then began to stroke his cheek, Exile did the same to him.

He was also kissing the husky fully on the mouth while Exile started to stroke Hunter's fur. Hunter let out a moan. "I love you Comrade" Exile said. "I love you too Exile" Hunter said back.

Exile began to scoot up to his pillows, Hunter followed him as they kissed with their tongues. Hunter backed away, laid down on his stomach and lifting his tail. Exile scooted behind Hunter, grabbed his member and placed it into his tailhole, he began to pound into him.

"You like that huh?" Exile said with a playfully evil smile. "Very much" He said between humps. After three hours of sex. Hunter and Exile were panting hard considering their hardcore sex. "We should get sleep" Exile said before stretching his arms.

"Yeah" He said agreeing with the husky. They pulled back the covers and they both got into bed. Hunter and Exile cuddled close to each other then gave one another a kiss on the lips as a good night.

Exile's dream had ended at the sound of his alarm.

I really enjoyed making this chapter. More chapters soon and please fill free to comment. This chapter based on the songs "Make My Heart by Toni Braxton and "Dream Lover by Mariah Carey.