Tamer Evolution
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

You might have guessed it: I do not own Digimon.
This fic takes place some months after the end of Tamers.
Now just read the fic, I have no clue what else to write here...

"Starting now."
"Okay, looks good. It seems to work as we planned."
Loading pattern.
"Finally. The day of our triumph is near now."
Pattern loa-
"Why did it stop?"
"Don't know. All units are working at maximum power."
"Maximum? this is just the starting sequence! They shouldn't be working at all!"
"Well, they don't seem to ca- Oh my God. Look!"
"What does this mean?"
"Shut it off! NOW!"
I am.
"I... can't... The system won't accept my commands!"
I am aware.
"The main power switch!"
"DO IT!"

There is a polite knock at the door.
Mikino Makino carefully opens the door a bit and sighs.
"You must be Takato and Lee. Oh, and Juri." she whispers.
"Sorry that we are this late. But we just heard of it." Lee whispers.
"Should we return later? Maybe you want to be alone right now." Juri asks.
"No. No. Please come in. Actually your timing is rather good."
"It is?" Takato asks, unable to hide his surprise.
"Yes. You will see."
With these words, Mikino walks out of the room.

Takato gulps.
Hospitals make me feel sick somehow. he thinks.
Then he sighs, knowing that the others want him to make the first step.
He gently pushes the door open and looks into the room. Then he instantly closes the door again.
"What's wrong?" Lee asks him.
Takato simply shakes his head while some people walk past them.
When they are gone, Takato opens the door again and quickly moves into the room.
As soon as the others see what he had seen, they hurry, too.
Juri quickly closes the door behind her and sighs.
"Renamon!" Takato hisses.
He blinks when the Digimon doesn't react.
Then it dawns on him. The sadness of the whole scene suddenly hits him.
"Oh my God."

Juri gasps and fights back her tears.
"So it is true."
She looks at Ruki lying in the hospital bed.
All kind of hospital equipment is connected to the young Tamer.
It looks horrible seeing a strong girl like Ruki in such a position.
At least she is sleeping.
Then she reminds herself of the newspaper article.
No. She is not sleeping. She is... gone.
Finally her eyes focus on Renamon.
The golden fox is kneeling at the bed, her upper body resting on the bed.
Juri can see that Renamon's eyes are open.
Then she notices how thin and weak the Digimon looks.

"Renamon! Can you hear me?" Lee whispers.
"Come on! What happened?" Takato urges the Digimon.
Lee frowns when he sees Renamon's face. Tears roll down her cheeks.
"I'm sorry Ruki. I failed." she whispers, gently nuzzling Ruki's cheek.
"Don't say this. I'm sure you have done nothing wrong." Lee tries to calm her.
Renamon suddenly whirls around and pushes Lee away.
The boy staggers slightly, but he knows that she has held back.
Hasn't she? Or... has she become so weak...?
"You don't understand! I failed! It has been my duty to protect her!" Renamon yells.
"Renamon! Why are you saying this?" Takato asks.
"You... can't possibly understand it." Renamon sobs and sinks to her knees.
"Guilmon would understand. Terriermon would understand." she whispers.
Then she looks up at Juri and frowns.
"Leomon has understood it." she continues.
"What is she talking about?" Juri asks and frowns.

"You know the answer."
The group whirls around and faces the door.
"Yamaki!" Takato hisses after a while.
He almost didn't recognize the man without his black suit and the sunglasses.
Yamaki sighs and closes the door behind him. Then he locks it.
"The top priority of a human is survival. It's an instinct." the man tells them.
Slowly he walks to Ruki's bed.
"Your partners on the other hand have overcome this instinct."
Looking into Renamon's eyes, he lifts his hand and moves it towards the unconscious Ruki.
After some moments, Renamon nods weakly.
"The Digimon have vowed to protect you. No matter what happens." he whispers.
Carefully Yamaki checks Ruki's pulse and the devices monitoring her life signs.
"Renamon thinks she failed her Tamer because she hasn't been able to prevent... this."
"And it's true! We beat the Devas! The D-Reaper! And now... THIS!" Renamon cries.
"Please listen to what I have to say. That's all I ask for."
"You! You have done this!" Renamon suddenly hisses.
"Unfortunately you are not completely wrong." Yamaki admits.
"What are you talking about? What have you done?" Takato yells.
"Will Ruki survive?" Lee asks.
"And what are you doing here? Trying to finish the job?" Juri hisses.

Takato and Lee stare at Juri.
"Hey, I don't think he'd do that." Takato whispers.
"True. But then why did he come here?" Lee asks.
"We have to talk. Much has happened since the day we last met." Yamaki says and nods.
"So? Talk!" Juri barks.
"Not here. The whole group should be there. We will need all the help we can get."
The group looks at Yamaki and frowns.
"Hirokazu. Kenta. Shiuchon. Ryo. And their Digimon." Yamaki whispers.
"Bad luck. They're in the DigiWorld." Takato mutters.
"What?! Then this will be tough. What about Guilmon and Terriermon?"
"Is this some new plan of Hypnos to delete the Digimon again?" Lee asks back.
Yamaki sighs and shakes his head.

"I wish it would be that easy." he mutters.
He finishes checking the devices monitoring Ruki and nods.
"Just as I thought. There is nothing we can do here at the moment."
"So, Mr. Know-it-all, what do you suggest now?" Juri asks critically.
"I suggest we meet at the Makino household. All of us." he says and looks at Renamon.
Renamon only looks at Ruki and shakes her head.
"I will stay here." she whispers and nuzzles Ruki again.
Yamaki sighs. Before any of the others can react, he draws a small pistol out of his pocket.
Even while Renamon starts to get up, he fires a small projectile at her.
The pistol makes no sound, and Renamon only staggers frowns.
"What have you-" she whispers.
Then she collapses onto the floor.
"A tranq dart. She has to come, too." Yamaki tells the group before they can ask anything.

"Maybe it's best this way." Lee whispers and points at Renamon.
"Are you insane?" Takato barks.
"Just look at Renamon! I bet she hasn't eaten since Ruki got here!" Lee shouts.
"But how are we supposed to get her out of here?" Juri asks.
Yamaki tells them to wait and leaves the room.
After a while he returns with a wheelchair and some large thin blankets.
Knowing what has to be done, the Tamers lift Renamon's body into the wheelchair.
"My God. She's so... light." Juri whispers, realizing that Lee must have been right.
Quickly they hide Renamon's body under the blankets.
"I have told Ruki's mother to stay here. She knows where we are going." Yamaki tells them.

"What about Ruki? Will she-" Juri asks and bites her lower lip.
"Don't worry. Her condition won't change. She is in good care here." Yamaki assures her.
"One question before we go." Takato mutters and stands in front of Yamaki.
"Of course. Just ask it."
"Why are you doing this? I mean... you're helping us, right? But why if-"
Yamaki holds up his hand.
"This has been Hypnos' work. I have tried to stop it." he tells him.
"How can we be sure of that?" Lee asks.
"Believe me. Hypnos has even dared to fire me just to get rid of me."
Takato and the others exchange curious looks.
"I hate to say it, but I think we just have to believe him." Lee finally mutters.
"We have to hurry. I want Guilmon near me when Renamon wakes up again." Yamaki mutters.
For the first time today, the Tamers smile.
Then they follow him through the corridors of the hospital.

Author's notes:
I do know that you are dying to know what has happened to Ruki.
Or how the Digimon came back.
Believe me, I'll answer all of these questions.
This fic is a kind of experiment for me considering the mood and theme of it.
But it perfectly reflects my current mood, so you can expect updates soon.
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