The First Day- Part I

I woke up as I heard footsteps running down the hall, my bedroom door swung open and an excited 6 year old launched onto my bed, I laughed as I grabbed him and tickled him, his laughs filled the air and subdued as I stopped tickling him. "Do you know what day it is Noah?" I asked my son,

"yes! First day of school!" he chirped happily,

"so we better get up and get ready," I said picking Noah up and swinging him off the bed gently, he giggled and ran off.

I looked at the clock, 7:15 am, an hour to get ready, "Mum!" Noah called, I walked out to the kitchen, Noah was sitting at the bench, "yes Noah Andrew Towns?" I questioned, standing on the opposite side of the bench and leaning in, "its breakfast time," he whispered,

"really? What would you like for breakfast?" I whispered back, knowing the answer,

"coco pops!" he said triumphantly, I laughed and got his breakfast ready as he told me what he wanted to do today at school.

As Noah ate I went and got a quick shower and dressed in my new work uniform, when I came back to the kitchen, Noah wasn't there, "Noah!" I called,

"Mum!" he called back; he was in his bedroom,

"what will I wear?" he asked as I walked in, I had already prepared an outfit yesterday, I went into his wardrobe and pulled out the long sleeve shirt, denim shorts and converse high tops, Noah grinned, I laughed and walked out to get myself breakfast while Noah got dressed.

It was 7:50 am when Noah came out, he was dressed and had his bag and lunchbox in hand, "what would you like for lunch and recess?" I asked, Noah thought for a minute, "peanut butter sandwich, biscuits and a banana?" he asked,

"ok," I agreed and made the required lunch.

At ten past eight we were ready and heading out the door, as we got in the car, Noah finally asked, "why are you wearing those clothes?" I smiled,

"well I'm starting a new job today." I answered, buckling him in,

"what job?" he asked,

"I'll get to rescue people and help them," I said, he grinned,

"cool!" he said in awe, I just smiled and got in the front seat.