New Year's Eve

"Dammit," I muttered as I lost my contact,

"crap!" I said louder,

"everything okay?" Chase called from our bedroom,

"no, can you get my glasses, please," I asked, Chase came in a few seconds later with them, I put them on and sighed,

"I look stupid," I said,

"well I think you look fine," Chase said,

"well since it's New Year's Eve, I can't get a new pair of contacts for the next few days," I grumbled, Chase just rolled his eyes,

"hurry up and get ready, everyone's gonna be here soon," he said and kissed my forehead, he left and I followed a few seconds later. We had an hour before everyone was due to arrive, "ok, you get the twins ready, while Noah and I clean everything up," I said to Chase, he nodded and went to the twins room,

"Noah!" I called,

"yes?" he asked, coming out of his room,

"gotta help me clean up," I said, he just nodded and followed me to the lounge room.

We frantically ran around trying to sort everything out, which wasn't easy with two 9 month olds crawling everywhere and crying if Chase or I were too far away. Chase handed me Benji as Seb crawled determinedly to the bookcase and the doorbell rang, I opened the door to Vince and Michelle just as Benji grabbed my glasses and "Seb, no!" was heard from the lounge room followed by some thuds,

"hey," I said frustrated, trying to get Benji's hand away from my face,

"hey Hales," Vince said, he took Benji from me and I smiled gratefully,

"come in, come in," I ushered them in, I headed to the lounge room,

"Chase! Nothing better be broken," I warned,

"it's all good," he said struggling to hold Seb as Noah put some books back on the shelf,

"ma ma ma ma," Seb babbled and held his arms out to me, I took him and turned to Michelle and Vince,

"would you like a drink?" I asked, they nodded and laughed good naturedly at our stressed out faces.

A few hours later everyone had arrived, we were all sitting eating dinner outside, "who would of thought that little Chasey would ever have kids and be engaged," Dean said with a laugh, I blushed slightly, "you're just jealous," Chase laughed,

"of what?" Dean asked, Chase just gave him a look,

"Chase!" I said loudly and hit him on the head,

"ow, you know it's awesome," he said lewdly,

"you are gross," I said as I turned red,

"you know you love me," he said,

"yeah, I guess I do, though I really don't know why sometimes," I muttered, the conversation fortunately went back to normal after that embarrassing moment and I was able to feed the twins and enjoy my dinner.

A/N: There we go, another chapter, just a short fun one for me to write, sorry it took so long, couldn't think of anything to write and also got a new laptop for Christmas, is there anything someone would like for me to write, so I have some ideas, please leave any suggestions, thanks! So, watcha think?