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"New kids?" Shota thought out loud in his seat that morning before class started. He looked up at Sawako and she nodded.

"Why do we need new kids?" Chizuru grumbled, sitting atop the desk beside Shota's.

"It's not like we need them," Ayane sighed. "They just come. It can't be helped. Apparently their parents work together and moved to this area, so…"

Sawako's head popped up with a surprised face, "They aren't siblings?"

"That's what I hear. I also heard that we're only getting two, the third one is a senior."

"Well, this could be a good thing," Kazehaya offered.

Kuronuma nodded vigorously, "Yes! I think it's a wonderful thing! It's great to make new friends!"


"You say that now, Kazehaya," Chizuru grinned, "but, what will you do if they're all guys? Coming here to sweep Sawako off her feet away from you?"

The mere mention of the hypothetical situation caused both Shota and Sawako to blush and bristle; Sawako out of embarrassment, Shota out of anger. "I won't let that happen!" he snapped.

"I-I t would never-!" Sawako waved her hands in defense. "O-Only Kazehaya-kun-!"

"All right everyone! In your seats!" the teacher called out as two teenagers followed him in. The students did as they were told, shuffling around to rearrange the seats back in their appropriate order. Kento smiled at Sawako and she returned it as the two newcomers stood side-by-side at the front. Kazehaya felt a bit of dread inside as he noticed that both were, indeed, boys. The girls watched in awe at the bishounen. Soft looking pale skin and such thin frames… The taller one stood with his hands in his pockets, his shirt not even tucked in, and the top button of his collar was loose; where the shorter one seemed to be kept tidy, shirt tucked in and hands cradling both elbows behind his back.

The one on the left had slightly grown out brown hair that flipped a bit at the tips and dark green eyes. He smiled, his voice sounding smooth and melodic, "My name is Matsuda Ryoma. My birthday is September 27. I'm sixteen and you can call me Ryoma, Ri-kun, Rima-chan, or Matsu. I love science and technology. I hope to major in robotics."

The one on the right had short, black curly hair and dark brown eyes, though seemed to be Sawako's height. He spoke second, though some had to refrain from giggling as his voice was a bit soft despite speaking loudly, boisterously, "I'm Nakano Hama! July 15! Sixteen years old! Call me Ha-chan, Ha-kun, or Hana-san! I like art and literature! Also!" he pointed at the class a hand on his hip as he shouted, "A senior by the name of Okamoto Riichirou is totally into sports! You may want to hit on him and date him! Too bad! He's my boyfriend! Don't you dare lay a finger on him!"

The class fell silent. Boyfriend…?

"Er," the teacher adjusted his glasses, "Matsuda, Nakano, why don't you two take those empty seats in the back row, behind Kazehaya?" The man looked over into the young man's direction, "Kazehaya, please raise your hand."

"Y-Yes sir," Shota stammered as he did as instructed. These new kids were strange, but...he was sure it would be fine. Everything would be fine. Be fine. Fine.

Hama smirked as he grabbed Ryoma by the wrist, tugging him along towards Kazehaya's direction. Hama stopped just in front of Kazehaya, grinning, "Kazehaya?"

"Ah," he nodded, blinking in surprise, taken off guard. "Y-Yeah. Kazehaya…Shota…"

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" the other boy ruffled Shota's hair with a chuckle before taking the seat behind him, Ryoma sitting to the right of Hama.

Maybe we should be more worried about them sweeping Kazehaya off his feet rather than Sawako… Ayane thought dryly as she watched the red faced Shota try to fix his hair.

That morning was spent in total review for the newcomers, which made Chizuru very appreciative for she really…really…really…needed it before the test in a few days. When lunch came around, Kazehaya and Sawako pushed two desks together, their friends crowding around and the break was spent the way it normally was, save for Sawako looking over her shoulder every five or so minutes at the new boys.

"Excuse me," a voice called out into the classroom, gaining the attention of the students that didn't go to the cafeteria. It was a young man with pitch black, long, wild hair, the tips barely touching his shoulders; his blue eyes seemed lazy as he leaned against the doorframe, arms crossed at his waist. Though he spoke out politely, his voice seemed irritated, like he was looking for a fight or something; and his height rivaled Ryu's (who was currently out getting bread). "Is Nakano Hama in this class?"

"Riichirou!" said brown-eyed teen jumped up and rushed over to the other, his friend following slowly at his own pace as he let out a sigh. Hama embraced the taller male's midsection, forcing the crossed arms to break free before a hand came down to ruffle the curly locks. Hama was laughing, "Riichirou, I missed you~!"

"Idiot," Ryoma cut in, slouching. "You just saw him this morning before we came to class. You should be used to him not being with you every second since he's a senpai."

Hama huffed with a pout, "Kairi doesn't understand because he doesn't have a girlfriend!"

"Don't call me that," the brunette growled. "I'll get a girlfriend when I get a girlfriend. Even then I won't be as clinging as you. I'm sure there aren't any couples in this school that could even compare."

"Who cares about them?" the shorter scoffed. "Riichirou and I are the best couple here, aren't we?"

The senior rolled his eyes, "I only came to check up on you. I need to hurry up and get going so I can eat, too."

"But, why~?" Hama whined, pouting.

Riichirou just laughed before placing a kiss to the younger's forehead, "You'll be fine, Ryoma will take good care of you."

"Unless he pisses me off," the brunette smirked. "Then, he's on his own."

"How dare you!" Hama gasped before feeling his hair being tousled by a large hand. He looked up and saw Riichirou frowning at the other students who were watching them, completely engrossed.

"Apparently we're causing an unwanted scene," he murmured. "I'll be going now."

"A-All right," Hama sighed, retracting his arms to instead wrap around his own waist as he miserably watched his boyfriend leave with a wave and a smile. He sighed once more before turning his attention to his class with a glare. They all immediately turned their heads back to their food and continued with their conversational whispers. He stomped to his desk, irritated, as Ryoma followed in his usual sloth-like pace.

Sawako kept watching. She was intrigued by these boys. She peeked up at Shota. Paused. Then tugged at his sleeve. "K-Kazehaya-kun?"

"Hm?" he turned to his girlfriend with a smile. "What is it?"

"C-Could, I..?" she glanced back over towards Ryoma and Hama.

Shota chuckled, "You don't have to ask for permission. How about we go together?"

At that, Sawako's eyes sparkled, "C-Could we?"

"Yeah," Kazehaya nodded before turning his attention towards the group. "You guys want to come to?"

Ayane and Chizuru looked at each other then back at the couple. Ayane shrugged, "Don't see why not. Sure."

"Thank you!" Sawako cried as she shot up, looking over once more at the boys before the group slowly made their way over.

Ryoma, who was sitting on top of Hama's desk looked over and smirked, "Looks like we have company, Hama."

The shorter one looked around his friend to see Kazehaya and three girls heading their way. He sighed, pouting as he rest an elbow on the desk, his chin in his hand. "So?"

"Uh-m, h-hello," Sawako greeted nervously.

"Hello~" Ryoma hummed. "My~ What pretty girls. Are any of you single?"

No one said a word as Shota stepped in front of Sawako, a scowl on his face. Ryoma laughed, "No worries! I don't steal. It's stupid to get involved with a cheater anyway, they'll just cheat on you right back~ So, I won't steal your precious girlfriend, ..Kun."

"Ryoma really is harmless," Hama murmured, not entirely in the conversation, but he couldn't ignore his friend's teasing.

Sawako peeked out from behind her boyfriend, raising her hand slightly, "Ah, I'm Kuronuma Sawako!"

"What a refreshing name," Ryoma grinned before looking over at Ayane and Chizuru. "And, you two?"

"Yano Ayane."

"Yoshida Chizuru."

"Nice names," he hummed in thought, "but, not as refreshing."


"Who was that sleepy guy you were talking to?"

Chizuru huffed, crossing her arms, "Why do you want to know?"

"Because he seemed nice and it's fun to make friends," he glanced down at the pouting teenager sitting at the desk that was currently his chair, "right, Hama?" The only response Ryoma got was a grunt. He chuckled. "Anyway, so, name please?"

"Ask him yourself."

"I-I, um, would like to be friends," Sawako mumbled as she tried to maintain eye contact with the brunette.

"Really?" Ryoma smiled, wide-eyed, sparkling. Then, he sneered up at Shota. "I suppose that means Kareshi-san wants to be my friend, too?"

Kazehaya didn't even say a word.

"Hey," Hama looked up, not looking at all pleased. "What do you guys really want?"

Sawako rose a confused brow, "H-Huh?"

"Just now you were watching like you were enjoying some freak show. What are your real motives?"

"We…just wanted to make friends…"

"Really, now?"

"H-Hey!" Shota snapped. "Don't talk like that to Kuronuma! She really just wants to make friends. Yeah, we watched but we're not used to PDA! You're new so of course you're going to attract our attention! We don't want a fight, and we don't want to mess with anyone!"

"Hey, calm down," Ryoma waved his hand at Shota before frowning at his friend. "Hama's just in a bad mood because it's his monthly. His hormones aren't completely kicking in yet."

"Oh, shut up!" Hama glared. "You've had them longer than I have so back off!"

Ryoma shrugged, "You'll have to come another day guys, sorry."

Kazehaya huffed, taking Sawako's hand and leading her away from the group, Ayane and Chizuru following.

Ryoma sighed, "You really need to learn how to control yourself, boy."

"I know," Hama grumbled.

To Be Continued...!

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