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After all this, it was something that Shota never thought he would have to encounter after everything they went through, but it was something he supposed he should have expected eventually. Here he stood, leaning against his desk during break, arms crossed as he watched the way his girlfriend conversed with their newest senpai. That senpai who liked the flowers that Sawako was growing. His blood was boiling, and his fingers tapped furiously against his forearms. "She doesn't have to look so happy," he mumbled under his breath.

"I know," came a grouched response.

Kazehaya looked over to see Hama sitting at his desk blatantly glaring at the two who seemed to be beaming an aura of complete sunshine, an aura of complete comradery. "Why don't you do something about it then? He comes here to talk to you, doesn't he?" though he knew it was childish, Shota was beginning to feel that he didn't have to hide this part of himself to the shorter male, as he was much like this himself.

"Obviously, I would if I could," Hama huffed. "But, Riichirou said 'Kuronuma and I have something in common and it's been ages since I've been able to talk about this with anyone else, so I want to do it as much as I can'."

"Eh?" Kazehaya rose a brow, unsettled as his eyes flew back to a sudden laughter shared between the two. "Well, I mean, it's not you have anything to worry about, right? I mean, you know, he liked guys right? So he won't have any interest in Kuronuma."

"So, because she's interested in guys, you don't trust your partner, Kazehaya-kun?"

"Er, no, that's not what I meant," the dark-haired boy scowled.

Despite it, Hama heaved a sigh, "Well, it just so happens that Riichirou is interested in the female persuasion."

Shota blinked once, twice, "Huh? Then, what about-?"

"It's a long story," Hama replied curtly. "Either way, I'm not happy. Even when he comes to see me, he's not like that. He even ditched me the other day to take care of those damn flowers."

All of a sudden, Kazehaya was starting feel a bit guilty. If he was ready to go home, Sawako would leave those plants behind and head home with him. But, this wasn't the case with Riichirou and Hama. "Well…" he started, pausing in thought until Riichirou began to make his way over, the smile still evident on his face as he walked up to Hama.

"Break will be over soon," the older boy stated.

Hama was obviously upset, and didn't even try to hide it, "Your point?"

Riichirou shrugged, "Wanna head up to the roof?"

"What's the point? By the time we get up there, class will start."

"Then, we'll just ignore class."

"You mean skip?"


Suddenly, a blush settled on the young man's cheeks, "Then, instead of going to the roof, let's just go home."

"That's going to be a bit difficult, Hama."

"I'll just tell them that my condition is bothering me and that I need you to help me home."

"'Condition'?" Kazehaya echoed, not being able to help that he could overhear the conversation. "What 'condition'?"

Hama looked over, seeming rather annoyed and bluntly stated, "I have a health issue that is rather personal between me, my physician, and my family. Riichirou and Ryoma know because they have been close to me all of my life. You, however, don't need to know."

"Hama, be nice, he was probably just concerned," Riichirou frowned at the younger male. "If my classmate told me they had a 'condition' I'd be concerned as well. Are there signs I have to look out for? Is there something I should know what to do in case something about it happens? You don't have to tell, just simply let him know that it isn't a life threatening issue."

"Fine," Hama practically growled, looking over to Shota. "It's not life threatening."

"Ah," the poor boy, who had fallen victim to circumstance it would seem, stood where he was, looking a bit uncomfortable as he tried to reply with a simple nod of the head and an attempted smile. "Right. Good to know."

Riichirou sighed, looking to Shota apologetically, "I'm sorry, Kazehaya-kun. Don't feel any insult that comes from this idiot."

"Hey!" Hama stood up, scowling at his boyfriend. "Watch it, Rii!"

Eyes narrowed, and Riichirou took a step back, "You know what, Hama? Maybe we should take you home. You're being rather bitchy right now. I thought your monthly was supposed to have ended already."

Cheeks flushed brightly on the short male, shoving his senior roughly, grabbing his bag and stomping out of the room, leaving the elder to stand there, heaving a heavy sigh, closing his eyes and letting his head fall back as he took in a breath. Kazehaya slowly sat back down, his own cheeks ablaze at the stares from the few left in the class during break, as well as Sawako's. His eyes met hers and he mouthed to her that he would tell her later. She gave him a look that he knew meant that she didn't know, but she nodded an ok and smiled.

"All right, class will resume soon," Pin drawled as he stepped in, seeming utterly bored as he threw a notebook on the desk. "You brats better get ready. Huh?" His eyes fell on Riichirou curiously, "Who the hell are you?"

"Ah, sorry, Sensei," Riichirou bobbed his head in greeting. "I was here to visit someone, but they ran out on me."

At this, Pin laughed, "Trouble in paradise? Your girlfriend leavin' ya? Come talk to me after school, I'll help you out! I'm wise when it comes to these things. I even got these two together." His boisterous howling grew as he pointed to Shota and Sawako, making the two of them turn are dark shaded red.

"Pin!" Shota slammed his hands upon his desk with a glare. "Don't spread lies!"

However, the man didn't stop his laughter until the rest of the class returned, seeming a bit wary of the senpai they began to become familiar with standing there without their classmate. Riichirou chuckled himself before looking over to the young man he had bothered that afternoon. "I'm sorry, you've had to put up with so much today because of me."

"Ah, no," Kazehaya settled down, sitting in his seat with a modest glance. "It wasn't any trouble."

"Eh, Riichirou, you're here?" Ryoma called out, raising a brow as noticed Hama missing; having just entered the room with a gaggle of girls.

"Yes, but I'm leaving now," the black-haired male replied. "Hama stormed out to, what I'm sure is, the infirmary. I'll be going and escorting him home."

"Huh? Is something wrong?"

"Well…I think his 'condition' is acting up. I mean, he was saying something about using it as an excuse just a minute ago, but I think it really is bothering him."

"I thought it was settled for now," Ryoma frowned.

"Yes, well-"

"Hey, hey, hey!" Pin shouted, glaring with a huff. "Get to class and get in your seats! I won't let you showoffs hog classtime, understand?!"

"Aren't you the showoff?" Ayane murmured, earning a laugh from Chizuru.

"Right, sorry, Sensei," Riichirou gave a bow, whispering to his friend. "I'll text you later when he's better." Ryoma gave a nod, sitting down as the older boy left the room, leaving the class buzzing and Pin upset over losing his attention.

"Ah, Kuronuma," Kazehaya called his girlfriend's name as he stood beside her desk. The day had ended and the young miss appeared to be in deep thought as she slowly put her notebooks away.

At the sound of the young man's voice, her head whipped up to meet his eyes, cheeks flushing brightly before she averted her gaze, "K-Kazehaya-kun?"

Shota wasn't sure if he liked that response. He fingers tapped the edge of her desk, he leaned over ever the slightest, and maneuvered himself to see her face. "Kuronuma, is something wrong?"

"Eh?" she looked up, surprised. "W-Wrong? No. Why would you ask?"

The fact that she was now staring into his eyes, despite just a second ago having had ignored them, eased Shota ever the slightest. He inched back, a smile on his face, "It just looked as though you may have been bothered by something. I guess I was wrong. Sorry."

"Ah, no, no," Sawako shook her head, hand gripping onto his sleeve. "Thank you, for worrying."

Shouta felt his cheeks heat up, he wanted to pull away from Sawako, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead, his attention turned over his shoulder to the door, and he murmured, "Do you have to take care of the garden today?"

"Eh? No, Okamoto-senpai took care of everything this morning."

At this, Kazehaya flinched, frowning, "Kuronuma, you…do you talk about just gardening with him?"

"Just…" suddenly, the young woman's cheeks also became quite flushed. "Er, we may have spoken about some other things…"

He had to bite his tongue, Shota knew this. There was nothing he could do right now, in the classroom that they were supposed to be leaving. And, if Sawako wanted to make friends with this senpai, he couldn't stop her. Being someone to hold back their loved one like that would be considered disgusting… He sighed, earning a concerned glance from his girlfriend. He did, though, he wanted to keep her all to himself, and not even allow her female friends to spend time with her. At the end of the day, he would race to her side, but there are others he has to share her with. Did this seem like he himself didn't have friends? Other than Ryuu?

He sighed once more, "Kuronuma."

"Eh?!" she squeaked, stiffening up straight at her name.

At this, Kazehaya couldn't help but to chuckle, "Will it be all right if you came to my place today?"

To Be Continued...!

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