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Chapter 1

It was a normal day at Camp Half-Blood as Percy joined the other cabins at the pavilion for breakfast. After scraping off an offering for Poseidon, he sat beside his half brother, Tyson. It was capture the flag later, and Percy was not prepared. It had been a while since he had trained; he'd been quite busy with the new campers.

"Hey Tyson," Percy said looking at the Cyclops beside him, "You got up early." Tyson turned and nodded his head, he couldn't speak as he had food in his mouth. Percy chuckled, wondering how he managed to fit that much food in his mouth.

Just as Chiron stood up to start speaking, there was a flash and Percy was surprised to see his godly cousin, Hermes. Hermes had on his Godly uniform and George and Martha were still arguing as usual. After hitting them both on the top of their heads, Hermes turned to the campers, who were staring at him in shock.

"Morning everyone, hey Chiron!" Hermes said cheerfully.

"Lord Hermes," Chiron said with a small bow. Hermes smiled before continuing.

"Zeus, God of the Gods, Lord of the… blah, blah, blah… Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Thalia Grace and Annabeth Chase are requested to come to Olympus immediately."


Poseidon sighed, every time he came to Olympus it was the same arguments. The 'meeting' taking place was not going to well. But this always happens.

"You are a lying, cheating, annoying, idiotic…"

"Will you just shut up woman, I am getting a headache from all of your complaining!"

"Maybe I would stop complaining if you stopped sleeping with other women!"

"Maybe I would stop sleeping with them if you were less annoying!"

"Why you…" Zeus and Hera were still screaming at each other when Poseidon blocked them out and turned his attention over to Ares and Aphrodite, who instead of making out, like usual, were yelling. Hephaestus was watching them with an amused expression, obviously wishing that he had a video camera. The couple had started with arguing over the importance of clothing and somehow it had come to this:

"He was in love! Your stupid war killed him!"

"He was a pussy; I don't care if he was in love!"

"You idiot, love is more important than war!"

"Love more important than war? That is the worst joke I have ever heard!"

"Joke? You think love is a joke?"

"Woops…no honey…"

Poseidon shook his head, never tell the goddess of love and beauty, that love is a joke. Because if you do, then you will either die or have everyone in the world hate your guts.

"Well then Ares, if you think love is a joke, I will prove you wrong in the most horrible way possible." Aphrodite said every word threateningly, and Ares gulped. He definitely had a reason to be scared, as Aphrodite slowly made her way closer to him, before whispering in his ear. Poseidon didn't hear what she whispered but Ares paled, and nodded his head at whatever Aphrodite said.

Unusually, Hades' presence had been requested at the meeting and let's just say, he wasn't having fun. He and Demeter were arguing about something. Well, Demeter was yelling, Hades just looked… bored.

"That boy needs more cereal! I am telling you, he will be better off with that in him!"


"Imagine it! Maybe he wouldn't wear so much black!"


"He also needs to give his hair a cut…"


"Hades, really! Nico is just - "

"Nico is perfect, just leave the boy be."

"Maybe you're the one who needs cereal…"


Poseidon chuckled before looking over at Hermes and Apollo, they sensed his gaze, looked up and winked. Poseidon raised an eyebrow, watching his nephews as they picked up a random remote and started pressing buttons. Apollo snickered and grabbed a yellow raincoat and lifting it over his head. After a while Hermes picked up an umbrella and held it above him. Confused Poseidon looked up and instantly laughed, earning himself a few curious glances and a warning glare from Hermes.

"Mind telling us what you find so amusing Poseidon?" Demeter's voice cut across the room.

"Heads up."

Instantly all the gods and goddesses raised their heads and were splattered with black paint, well everyone except Poseidon, who blocked the paint and Hermes, who had the umbrella. Instantly there was an uproar, screaming at Hermes and sounds of frustration. Hermes was ignoring the yelling as he laughed at the angry faces surrounding him, Poseidon shook his head and chuckled once more.

"Enough!" Zeus' voice rang out above the chaos, "That is enough!" Silence fell as the Gods and Goddesses sat in their respectful thrones. Once everyone was seated and waiting Zeus sighed and shook his head at Hermes. "Please go get Perseus Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Annabeth Chase and my daughter from camp, Hermes. Bring them back here immediately."

"Hermes, why are we at Olympus?" Annabeth asked curiously and all the demigods nodded, wondering the same thing. It wasn't normal, that a god came to Camp Half-Blood and told them Zeus wanted to see them. Quite frankly, both Nico and Percy were scared. They had good reason to be.

"Well I would tell you, dear niece, but that would ruin the surprise..." Hermes trailed off, leaving a few very confused demigods.

"You don't know, do you?" Percy asked, raising his eyebrow at his godly cousin. Hermes instantly turned his head and glared at Percy. Question answered. Thalia laughed and Hermes turned his glare to her.

"Now cousin, I will find out soon enough," Hermes nearly growled. Thalia once again laughed at him. Hermes shot her a death glare. "I will know!"

"Of course you will, Lord Hermes…" Annabeth said, trailing off at the end, "Unless Lord Zeus dismisses the others, including you, and wants to talk to us privately, th-"

"He won't do that," Hermes said, effectively cutting her off, "We are approaching the throne room now." Hermes stepped ahead and pushed a huge metal door open, revealing the Gods and Goddesses inside. All the demigods entered the throne room and bowed to Lord Zeus.

"You requested that we be here, Uncle," Percy said after a moment, shivering as Zeus regarded him coldly. He took a step back so he was in line with the others and Annabeth took his hand, leaving a disgusted Athena watching them. Poseidon smirked at Athena's expression, he himself had decided that if those two were in love, so be it.

"Yes nephew, I did send for you, I have an important task for all of you to work on," Zeus finally said, "My family and I tend to argue so much, that we need to learn to act more like a family. So I have decided to turn us into teenagers again."

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