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Chapter 11

(Alyssa-Athena, Hanna-Hestia, Arielle-Artemis, April-Aphrodite, Aiden-Ares)

"What about this one?"


"This one?"


"How about th-"

"No, April, not that dress," Alyssa sighed, looking at her sister in annoyance. She would have preferred to settle down in the couch, with a nice book, than go shopping for dresses. Actually, she would rather do just about anything, if shopping wasn't involved.

But when April wanted to shop, you shop. There is no arguing with that girl on that topic and Alyssa had learnt that the hard way.

"Hey guys," Hanna yelled, as she entered the shop, dragging Arielle behind her. Alyssa sighed again, this time in relief. Finally, some normal people!

"Well, I see you were pulled into this version of the underworld as well," Arielle said, with a slight smile.

"Yep," Alyssa grinned at her new friend, "I ain't going to survive this."

"Definitely not."

"Alright, let's choose a dress, try it on and get the Hades out of here," Hanna said, launching herself towards the long dresses section. Arielle followed her and grabbed Alyssa's hand, not wanting to be murdered by the dresses.

Hanna wrinkled her nose and fingered a hot pink dress, "Disgusting."

Alyssa smiled and Arielle nodded in agreement.

"Alright, look at me," Hanna said, waiting as the other two turned to her, "Well … Arielle I think a dark blue would suit you and Alyssa … A red, no… grey! Grey would bring out your eyes. And I think I'll go with some soft brown or even lavender colour."

Arielle's and Alyssa's jaws dropped in amazement. How did she do that?

"Hmmm, here you go Arielle," Hanna shoved three dark blue dresses into the shocked, auburn haired girl's arms and gave her a push towards the changing room.

Alyssa laughed and followed the two girls, her and Hanna sitting down on the chairs outside the room, waiting.

Both of the first two dresses were thrown over the door before the girl's even saw Arielle in them.

"Right, what do you think?" Arielle asked as she stepped into view. She wore a long elegant blue, with dark highlights. It was a one shoulder with beautiful beaded accents. When Arielle turned, the dress showed off most of her back but it was so beautiful on her.

"That.. that's really pretty Arielle," Alyssa told her friend, laughing at the relieved look on Arielle's face.

"WOW! Awesome! Alyssa's turn!"

"Wait! No!" But Hanna had already left, looking through the section with the greys. Arielle emerged from the changing room, back in her jeans and singlet, holding the blue dress.

"I am going to burn this as soon as the dance is over."

Alyssa laughed again, she had no idea what it was about these two girls, but they made her feel happy and comfortable, and she was glad to have them as friends.

"Alyssa!" April ran towards her, and Alyssa's jaw dropped. Her sister was wearing a red gown, with a side split which showed off her leg and the dress was very low cut at the top and showed off April's back. The red gown also had a short train and Alyssa didn't want to admit it but her sister looked beautiful.

"I'm getting this dress and going, I have to meet Aiden at the coffee shop up the street," April said, gesturing with her hands, "I'm going to ask him to the prom."

"Yeah sure, bye," Alyssa smiled, internally wanting the girl to hurry up and leave.

"ALYSSA!" Hanna yelled from the changing rooms, holding up two greyish-silver dresses. Alyssa smiled, making her way over to her friend and grabbing the dresses. She changed into the first one quickly and instantly hated it, it showed off too much skin.

As for the second one, well Alyssa happened to like it. Really like it. It was a beautiful silverfish-grey mermaid dress. Only it hugged her body to her mid thighs before dropping in a skirt style. At the seam line, where it dropped was a floral style assemble and it was strapless, only showing off half her back.

"Guys," she said, showing off the dress. Hanna was also wearing a dress that was strapless and different and really suited her. It looked like a short, lace dress with the beautiful light, lavender sort of colour material wrapped around the top, with an empire waistband and left to hand at the bottom.

"Yay and yay," Hanna sang, "We're all sorted, let's go!" Both Arielle and Alyssa laughed in agreement, taking the dresses off, paying for them and heading towards an ice cream shop, bags around their wrists.


"I'm back," Annabeth called into the house when she got back from the dress shops. Thalia had refused to come, so Annabeth chose a dress for her.

"Did you get ice cream?"

Annabeth huffed. "Gods Nico, you're going to get fat!" That was a lie, the boy was still very skinny and it unnerved Annabeth.

"I've baked cookies," Sally Jackson surprised Annabeth by entering the living room with a tray of blue, chocolate chip cookies. Nico took one look at them and was there faster than Annabeth could say 'hi'.

Unsurprisingly, Percy bolted out of his room five seconds later. Without a shirt.

Thalia looked away in disgust but Annabeth just smirked and kept on watching. Let's just say, with years of battling, training, ect. Percy had become rather … muscled.

"fghesjt djvnaiel," Nico said. Annabeth and Thalia stared at him, eyebrows raised while Percy fell on the floor laughing.

"Wsah?" Nico tried talking again, but still couldn't. This caused more staring and more laughter.

"Pcrys!" Nico screamed, lunging at the older boy, still unable to form words, "Im' guin ta kli ou!"

Percy stopped laughing, looked at Nico and ran out of the room. Nico chased after him, trying to scream unrepeatable words. Emphasis on trying.

Sally looked at the two remaining demigods.

"What in Hades..?"

"Don't ask Miss Jackson, just don't ask."

And from the park outside the girls could hear Nico scream a single sentence,


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